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XPerienceAddon 1.4.2

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About XPerienceAddon


This is an addon to XPerience! You must have XPerience installed on your server to use this. 

XPerience Website: https://www.rustlevels.com/XPerience/


New Special Items: (requires XPerience V1.6.9+)

  • Option to set special items as soulbound (only recieving player can use)
  • Option to show Special Items in Welcome menu
  • Option to enable economics purchase of special items
  • Option to enable server rewards purchase of special items
  • Option to enable permissions for purchase options
  • Special Items can be purchased from Welcome Panel
  • Admin chat/console commands to give special items
  • Option to set percentage (%) chance item drop from actions

            Premade Items:

  • Can change skinID of each default item in config         
  • XP Scroll Small
  • XP Scroll Medium
  • XP Scroll Large
  • XP Scroll Massive
  • Option to set amount of xp gained per scroll
  • Option to set scroll rarity drop
  • Stat Book Small
  • Stat Book Medium
  • Stat Book Large
  • Stat Book Massive
  • Skill Book Small
  • Skill Book Medium
  • Skill Book Large
  • Skill Book Massive
  • Option to set amount of points gained per book
  • Option to set book rarity drop
  • XP Booster
  • Option to set percentage amount
  • Option to set duration in mins

            Custom Items:

  • Admin chat/console commands to create/delete custom items
  • Option to set custom name, type, rarity, award amount, skinID, economics cost, serverrewards cost, and duration
  • Option to include custom items in drop chance


Added Skills/Stats:

Miner Quarry Production

  •  Option to increase quarry production by % per Miner level
  •  Option to set production duration
  •  Option to set cooldown duration

Weaponry Free Ammo Chance

  • Option to fire free ammo from weapons
  • Option to set free ammo chance per weaponry level

Scavenger Chance to get more items from vendors

  • Chance to receive more items from vendors
  • Option to set percentage chance per scavenger level
  • Option to set percentage amount per scavenger level

Forager Chance to recycle item multiple times

  • Chance to for free recycle for items (gives materials but keeps item)
  • Option to set percentage chance per forager level

Other Features:

Target Damage Display:

  • Shows target health/max health in live UI when target attacked
  • Disappears when target is killed or after 5 seconds if not killed
  • Option to show last damage amount
  • Option to show names on bar

Death Records:

  • Option to enable Death Records
  • Track all kills/deaths from players
  • Shows victim, attacker, weapon, damage type, distance, and time
  • Players have their own Death Records profile UI (accessed from XPerience profile)
  • Option to set custom chat command for DeathRecords UI
  • Option to send death record notice to chat
  • Option to adjust chat font size and colors
  • Option to send death record to discord (Discord Messages required)
  • Option to show player turret kills
  • Option to give bonus XP for kill distance
  • Option to set bonus xp amount and distance multiplier
  • Option to list all entities you want to track in config

Player Notes:

  • Option to show XP gains 
  • Option to show Level Up
  • Option to show Rank Up 
  • Option to show Stat Level up
  • Option to show Skill Level up

Notify UI: (Player & Global)

  • Option to enable Player and Global Notify UI Bar
  • Option to show when player ranks up
  • Option to show when player levels up
  • Option to show when player increases stats or skills
  • Option to set timeout in seconds when UI bar disappears

DiscordMessages Support: (requires DiscordMessages plugin)

  • Discord webhook URL
  • Option to send player rank up to discord
  • Option to send player level up to discord
  • Option to send player stat level up to discord
  • Option to send player skill level up to discord

Welcome Panel:

  • Option to set welcome message on main UI screen
  • Option to set list of chat commands on command page
  • Option to show skill Item Drops (split into 2 parts forager/scavenger)
  • Shows all items listed in the forager and Scavenger skill lists
  • Shows percentage drop chance per skill levels
  • Option to show XPerience profile button
  • Option to show server XP/Level settings
  • Option to show Mods Installed
  • Option to exclude list of Mods Installed
  • Option to show Admin panel button
  • Option to show up to 3 custom pages (max 3)
  • Option to show Custom Item Drops list page (Requires Custom Item Drops V1.0.6+)
  • Shows all items in the Custom Item Drops plugin separated by lists
  • Shows percentage drop chance for default and vip settings per list

RustLevels Website: (Optional Feature)

IMPORTANT: If you want your server to appear on RustLevels you must join our discord at discord.rustlevels.com to receive a link to your auto generated ServerIDKey. This is now required for your server to connect to RustLevels.com

  • Sends Server data to RustLevels (Name / IP)
  • Option to set server banner URL
  • Option to set website URL
  • Option to hide player steam info
  • Sends XPerience player data to RustLevels
  • Sends Kill Records player data to RustLevels

RustLevels Details:

This Addon collects all player data from XPerience, Kill Records and other mods if enabled and sends it to RustLevels.com through SQL. All servers with this addon mod can be be publicly shown on RustLevels.com with their own page and player profiles if you choose. Once purchased you must submit your server's IP or DNS to our discord here: https://discord.rustlevels.com so that it can be allowed to access RustLevels database and receive your Unique ServerIDKey to place in your config file . Please allow up to 48 hours for your server to be accepted. 

  • Player steam badges can be hidden on RustLevels.com by config option. This will prevent steam badges for your server players being shown on our website. All player steam information is supplied by Steamworks API with permissions listed in steams privacy policy section 5.5 which RustLevels has no control over:  https://store.steampowered.com/privacy_agreement/


Chat Commands:

Server Admins Only

  • /xpglobalremove - removes all data from RustLevels that match your server (will be added back automatically on next data send)
  • /globalupdate - Sends a one time update of all players to RustLevels
  • /xpaddonreload - Reloads the XPerienceAddon mod
  • /newitem  "<name>" <rarity> <stat/skill/xp/booster> <points/xp> <skinID> <economics cost> <serverrewards cost> <duration>
  • /removeitem "<name>"
  • /xpitem <name/id> <playername/id> "<itemname>" <amount>

Console Commands

  • rustlevelsclear - clears all server and player data from RustLevels
  • rustlevelsupdate - updates all server and player data on RustLevels
  • newitem "<name>" <rarity> <stat/skill/xp/booster> <points/xp> <skinID> <economics cost> <serverrewards cost> <duration>
  • removeitem "<name>"
  • xpitem <name/id> <playername/id> "<itemname>" <amount>


Addon Config:

  "Welcome Panel": {
    "showonconnect": true,
    "autoclosetimer": false,
    "timeout": 10,
    "AnchorMin": ".5 .5",
    "AnchorMax": ".5 .5",
    "OffsetMin": "-300 -200",
    "OffsetMax": "300 200",
    "openwelcomepanel": "welcome",
    "welcomemessage": "Welcome to our server. This server has the XPerience mod installed which allows you to gain XP, Levels, and Points to spend in different Stats and Skills. Each Stat and Skill will give your character increased abilities. Check out the XP/Level Info page for more details and the Commands page for list of chat commands you can use. Click the My Profile button to view your XPerience profile and all the abilities you can earn. You can also view all the mods installed on our server by clicking the Mods Installed button.",
    "showcommandsbutton": true,
    "showskillitemdropsbutton": true,
    "showcustomitemdropsbutton": true,
    "showprofilebutton": true,
    "showsettingsbutton": true,
    "showmodsbutton": true,
    "excludemods": "RustCore,UnityCore",
    "showadminbutton": true,
    "showcustombuttons": true,
    "custompages": {
      "0": {
        "button": "Server Rules",
        "title": "Our Server Rules",
        "content": "* Rule 1 \n* Rule 2 \n* Rule 3"
    "commands": {
      "0": {
        "command": "/xpstats",
        "details": "Opens your XPerience profile"
      "1": {
        "command": "/deaths",
        "details": "Opens All Death Records"
      "2": {
        "command": "/xphelp",
        "details": "Opens Help page in XPerience UI"
      "3": {
        "command": "/xptop",
        "details": "Opens Top players page in XPerience UI"
      "4": {
        "command": "/welcome",
        "details": "Opens the Welcome Panel UI"
  "Connection Info": {
    "serveridkey": "",
    "sendtorustlevels": true,
    "hideplayerssteam": false,
    "websitebannerurl": "",
    "websiteurl": ""
  "Other Features": {
    "dmgbar": true,
    "dmgbarname": true,
    "dmgindicator": true,
    "dmgbartimeout": 5.0
  "Note Messages": {
    "xpgain": true,
    "levelup": true,
    "statup": true,
    "skillup": true,
    "rankup": true
  "Skills": {
    "minerquarry": 0.1,
    "minerquarryduration": 120,
    "minerquarrycooldown": 300,
    "weaponryammochance": 0.02,
    "scavengervendingchance": 0.05,
    "scavengervendingamount": 0.05,
    "foragerrecyclerchance": 0.05
  "Notify UI": {
    "playernotify": true,
    "rankup": true,
    "levelup": true,
    "statup": true,
    "skillup": true,
    "globalnotify": true,
    "rankupglobal": true,
    "levelupglobal": true,
    "statupglobal": true,
    "skillupglobal": true,
    "notifyuitimeout": 5.0
  "Death Records": {
    "enabledeathrecords": true,
    "senddeathtochat": true,
    "senddeathtodiscord": false,
    "logturretkills": true,
    "chatfontsize": 10,
    "attackercolor": "#FF0000",
    "victimcolor": "#00FF00",
    "weaponcolor": "#0000FF",
    "distancecolor": "#FFFF00",
    "enabledistancebonus": true,
    "xpbonusamount": 50,
    "bonusrangedistance": 25,
    "deathrecordschatcommand": "deaths",
    "discordwebhookurldeaths": "https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/228383668-Intro-to-Webhooks",
    "entityList": {
      "0": {
        "entity": "chicken",
        "name": "Chicken"
      "1": {
        "entity": "boar",
        "name": "Boar"
      "2": {
        "entity": "stag",
        "name": "Stag"
      "3": {
        "entity": "wolf",
        "name": "Wolf"
      "4": {
        "entity": "bear",
        "name": "Bear"
      "5": {
        "entity": "polarbear",
        "name": "Polar Bear"
      "6": {
        "entity": "simpleshark",
        "name": "Shark"
      "7": {
        "entity": "ridablehorse",
        "name": "Horse"
      "8": {
        "entity": "scientistnpc",
        "name": "Scientist"
      "9": {
        "entity": "tunneldweller",
        "name": "Tunnel Dweller"
      "10": {
        "entity": "underwaterdweller",
        "name": "Underwater Dweller"
      "11": {
        "entity": "scarecrownpc",
        "name": "Scarecrow"
      "12": {
        "entity": "zombienpc",
        "name": "Zombie"
      "13": {
        "entity": "customscientistnpc",
        "name": "Custom Scientist"
      "14": {
        "entity": "bradleyapc",
        "name": "Bradley APC"
      "15": {
        "entity": "patrolhelicopter",
        "name": "Patrol Helicopter"
  "Images": {
    "dmgbarimg": "https://i.imgur.com/XzoMdbI.png",
    "dmgbarimgname": "https://i.imgur.com/RhboH5w.png",
    "notifybar": "https://i.imgur.com/Cuea6lw.png",
    "welcomepanel": "https://i.imgur.com/6MejQCx.png"
  "Discord": {
    "enablediscord": false,
    "discordwebhookurl": "",
    "discordrankup": false,
    "discordlevelup": false,
    "discordstatup": false,
    "discordskillup": false

About RustLevels: https://www.rustlevels.com/

RustLevels collects data from Rust servers that use the XPerience, XPerience Addon, Kill Records, and other plugins. Each server gets added and updated automatically each time the server saves and displays all their player's data related to these plugins. Every server is setup differently based on the owners of each server so no two servers will be alike. RustLevels website will show all players that play on each server with their progression based on that server's setup. RustLevels is NOT responsible for any server progression or setup nor do they have any control over the player data displayed on their website.
(Player data is controlled by each server individually not by RustLevels)

You can subscribe to our discord mod update channel where we post updates when released at: [ https://discord.rustlevels.com ] The version numbers at the bottom left of the RustLevels website should match the Addon version your using at all times.

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