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About Arena Tournament

Event-tournament duels between players (1x1, 2x2, 3x3, etc)

Event goal

Players duel among themselves until the last survivor. In a situation with team muzzles, first they duel in teams, and then if there are not enough players for a team duel, then among themselves.


What features:

- Outsiders cannot enter the arena
- Tournament participants in the role of spectators do not take damage and have a hardened metabolism
- All things are saved and given to the participants after leaving the tournament, in the same form in which they were
- After the event, the player returns to the same place from where he teleported to him
- After a duel in the arena, all items dropped from duelists are cleaned
- There is an API for compatibility between plugins
- There is a blocking of prohibited chat and console commands in the tournament
- Very thoughtful matchmaking generator for duels
- Present UI
- There is a full-fledged plugin setting with great functionality
- There is an automatic start of tournaments after a certain time
- Easy installation and configuration



- Install CopyPaste [https://umod.org/plugins/copy-paste]
- Install ArenaTournament
- Ready 🙂


/qq - register for the tournament [optional, as there is a button with UI]


Admin commands:

/qg - launch a random tournament [admin or permission arenatournamentbeta.admin]
at.start - start random tournament [admin]
at.copy name of existing name of new - copy arena settings to create a new one [admin]


Creating a new arena:

Build an arena
Put resources in the closet so that it would be enough for a wipe and hide it
Place the spawn point of the first team using regular chairs [https://rustlabs.com/item/chair]
Set a spawn point for the second team using gaming chairs [https://rustlabs.com/item/secret-lab-chair]
Set a spectator respawn point using sirens [https://rustlabs.com/item/siren-light]
Save arena /copy name
Add the arena to the config using the command at.copy nameexisting namenew
Open plugin config
Change in the config in your new arena "Position [coordinates]" to random, but within the map (not outside the grid!)
Set up the arena (Important! Do not specify "Tournament Modes" more than you have specified spawn locations for each of the teams)
Restart plugin



[PluginReference] Plugin ArenaTournament;

private bool IsOnTournament(ulong userid) 
  return ArenaTournament != null && ArenaTournament.Call<bool>("IsOnTournament", userid);
private bool IsDueling(BasePlayer player)
  return ArenaTournament != null && ArenaTournament.Call<bool>("IsOnTournament", player);


Arena pack:

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