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About Remove Upgrade V2

Upgrades and removals with hammer, building plan and Garry’s mod tool gun

Chat commands
/remove - turn on/off the remove mode
/up - enable/switch/off mode upgrade

Console commands
remove.use - turn on/off the remove mode
upgrade.use - enable/switch/off mode upgrade

removeupgradev2.use - access to console and chat command [upgrade]
removeupgradev2.refund - returns items (box, furnance, chair, etc) [remove]
removeupgradev2.remove - access to console and chat command [remove]
removeupgradev2.up - access to console and chat command [upgrade]
removeupgradev2.vip - returns the resources spent on the construction [remove]

In the future, a feature will be added to improve the entire building through the cupboard


  "Allow friends to remove buildings": true,
  "Allow buildings authorized in the closet to break buildings": false,
  "Remove/upgrade duration": 60,
  "Allow removal during raid block": false,
  "Percentage of returned resources from buildings": 100.0,
  "Blocking the removal of an object after its construction after a certain time (seconds) [-1 - disable]": 7200,
  "GUI": {
    "offsetmin": "-200 80",
    "offsetmax": "180 100",
    "anchormax": "0.5 0",
    "anchormin": "0.5 0",
    "Background color": "0.97 0.92 0.88 0.18"


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