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  1. Version 2.0.5


    Convenient GUI manager for player and group permissions. Allows assignment of player permissions. (online or sleeping) Allows assignment of group permissions. Allows one-click removal of all players from a group.(group page - "Remove All") Allows adding/removing a player from groups. Supports unlimited plugins/permissions/groups Up to 60 plugins per-page. Up to 40 permissions per-page. Up to 40 user groups per-page Permissions. permissionsmanager.allowed - Allows players to use GUI. Plugin can be used with this permission, or by any Admin : Auth Level 2. Chat commands. /perms OR /perms player - Opens GUI player list, allowing a player to be chosen. /perms group - Opens GUI group list, allowing a group to be chosen. /perms player <playername> - Opens permissions GUI for the specified player. /perms group <groupname> - Opens permissions GUI for the specified group. Console commands. EmptyGroup <groupname> - Removes all players from the specified group. Configuration. Global. Chat - Title colour Chat - Message colour GUI - Label colour GUI - On colour GUI - Off colour GUI - AllPerPage - Sets All/None option to per-page, or per plugin. Options - GUI Transparency 0-1 Options - Plugin BlockList - ex. "playerranks,botspawn" Block list must be lower case, comma separated, no spaces, and no final comma, as above. Useful tool for picking CUI colours - RGB Decimal. FAQ. Q: I'm trying to revoke permission(Y) for a player, but it says "Inherited". A: The player is in a group(X) which is also granted permission(Y). Solution: Revoke permission (Y) from group(X) or remove the player from group(X). Q: I removed a player from group(X), but they still have permission(Y). A: This is the opposite of the above. This player must have been independently granted permission(Y) at some time. Solution: Revoke permission(Y) from the player.
  2. Version 1.2.85


    Assists in finding ESPers that unearth stashes, it also allows admins to make placing bait stashes easy and simple, by automatically filling predefined items in random, and disables the ability for admins to accidentally unearth stashes whilst enabled. It will also automatically delete all contents of an admin stash when unearthed, which assists in admin abuse and/or exploitation of hackers. Supports Auto Demo Recorder (ADR) Supports Better Ban System Supports Server Armour Features: Notifies to discord when stashes are found which doesn't belong to players (or clan if using the clan plugin) Records the number of stashes found in a certain, configurable timeframe. Sends discord notifications when the above happens Admins can place "server" stashes, and they will be auto-filled with the /stash command. When a player unearths said stash, the contents will be automatically removed. Stashes can also be autogenerated and placed automatically. And can be replaced as they are found in another random location. It auto bans based on condition. Example: If a player finds 5 stashes that don't belong to them within 1 hour, they are auto-banned with a preset reason. It works with ADR as well and can trigger demo recordings based on conditions It works with ServerArmour to handle bans, else native bans. Battlemetrics will soon be supported. Permissions: stashwarning.admin - allows admins to use the stash placement system. Chat Commands: /stash - Enables manual stash placement tool. Stashes cannot be unearthed when enabled and stashes will be automatically given. /stashshow- Toggles On/Off - Will show admin the location of all plugin related stashes. /stashdestroyall - This will destroy all server stashes create by, or with this plugin. /genstashes- This will force generate all stashes that are missing. /regenstashes- This will remove, and then replace all stashes from this plugin. Config explanations: "API: ADR reason" The reason that will be given to ADR, and is sent to discord along with the recording. "API: ADR recording length in mins" How long the recording should be in minutes. "API: ADR Trigger recording when stashes found/triggered more than" When the recording should trigger, Example: If set to 1, the recording will trigger when the player has triggered/unearthed 2 stashes. "Discord: Color" Color for the embed message, see here https://gist.github.com/thomasbnt/b6f455e2c7d743b796917fa3c205f812 "Discord: Embed Title" The title of the embed inside discord. "Discord: Send Stash Toggle Msgs" If notifications should be sent to discord when an admin toggles the stash command. "Discord: Webhook Server Name" The server where the notification is sent from, useful for when you have multiple servers. "Discord: Webhook URL" https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/228383668-Intro-to-Webhooks "SteamID for in-game chat icon." This will be used to assign against placed stashes for tracking. Do not change this to a user on the server, leave as is if you don't have another steamid. "Embed count buckets in hours" This should be a string, comma-separated. This will be the bucket embeds in discord, to show the count of stashes found for the user, inside the hour brackets. Example: 0, 24, 1 = would give you a count for all stashes, stashes in the last hour, and stashes in the last 24hours. See below "Stash Items" The items that you would like to be automatically filled when a stash is placed. The number would be the max quantity, this will be randomized when placing in a stash to remove predictability. "Stash Item Slots To Fill: Max" The maximum amount of slots to fill "Stash Item Slots To Fill: Min" The minimum amount of slots to fill A random value will be chosen between the above two values. "Auto Ban False Positive Distance" Default: 5 - Stashes found in this distance will be considered false positives. (Useful where multiple stashes are unearthed in one spot.) "Auto Ban False Positive - Include in count?" If the above false positives should be counted in the triggers. This affects auto bans as well. "Ignore Admins" If admins should be ignored when unearthing stashes not belonging to them. "Auto Ban Delay In Min" Delays auto bans by X minutes. "Delete found server stash after X seconds (0 = Disables)" Will automatically delete server stashes that were found, after X seconds.
  3. Version 1.1.1


    This is a tool I made as I found CUI to be very difficult when beginning to make Rust Plugins. This tool allows you to make any type of UI in unity, and export it to Rust Format, using this tool allows you to go back and make any minor adjustments needed as everything is saved in the project file. Never leave your self guessing on how far you can go with UI, this tool will allow you to make super sleek looking UI in just minutes! Features Create Panels, Images, Labels, Buttons, and Input Fields Pick one of the four fonts and get a preview live Use any sprite from rust, and directory auto set by exporter UI Materials, be able to test UI with materials live Auto Custom Image Uploader, exporter will upload your image to imgur and the exporter will put the link in the proper section Export UI from Unity to Rust, with two different options (Plugin Library/No Plugin Library) Automatic Offset/Anchor Support, no longer need to fight with numbers in your head Automatic conversion for Font Size, Text Alignment, etc Installation Download Unity 2021.1.5f1 Extract the zip file to a spot you would like to keep the tool Find the ImgurToken.txt in the same folder as the UI scene, follow instructions in the file. Open the project file in the folder that you extracted, and navigate to the top find Rust -> Download Sprites and follow the instructions After that you are all done, now its time to get creative and make some killer UI Notes for those who purchase: - When using custom images, please put them in a custom folder in the assets folder. - Make sure you set your game tab to 1920x1080 otherwise your scene view will look all wonky - Make sure that you are on the right unity version, and if you are showing unity errors google them before contacting me. - Rust CUI Input Fields do not have a background or placeholder text, to add a background use a panel. - If your UI is not lining up in game, its because you did not anchor your UI! This is very important, so make sure you are anchoring before exporting. View an example, and if that's not enough check out the video below! Advanced UI made in minutes Optional Plugin (Export Option):
  4. Version 1.0.4


    This is an Ember module for Ember websites. This is not only for Rust, anyone who has Ember script can have it. You can share things you have changed on your server just like the PlayRust.com's ChangeList page; https://rust.facepunch.com/changes/1 Dependencies Ember (Required) https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5620 How to Install? Just copy paste it to Ember -> Modules folder next to other modules (if you have any) - (or upload it and unzip it to your website) Than go to this address to activate it: website.com/admin/change-list/setupdb-20201223-17 You should replace website.com with your domain name.
  5. Version 1.4.1


    This addon will create / add a leaderboard for your Ember based Rust website. It is using PlayerRanks by Steenamaroo. It supports multiple servers. Dependencies Ember (Required) https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5620 PlayerRanks (Required) https://codefling.com/file/14-playerranks/ Thing You Should Know Leaderboard for Ember is made by us, not by the owners / creators of Ember. Updates of Leaderboard for Ember will be made buy us, not by the owners / creators of Ember. If you have any problem or anything to ask about Leaderboard for Ember, please let us know. Expectation This is not a drag-drop module that you can use easily. Buy it, if you are sure you can do it. It is not hard, you need some time to set it up becuase you have to use a plugin to create Data. Module is easy, drag-drop but you have to do the SQL connection. How does it work? The plugin you use sends the data from your Rust server to your SQL DB and th is module reads that data to show those informations on Leaderboard page. You can make changes on Leaderboard Admin Page. You can decide what to show on the Leaderboard or not. You can go to player profile by clicking on their nicknames. You can sellect the category to list players or you can click on the categories of the Leaderboard. New Installation 1. Put the TrkerLeaderBoards folder into the ember module folder 2. Go to the leaderboard settings page in the admin menu 3.Make your edit or press the save button at the bottom of the page to save default settings 4.Open config.php in the TrkerLeaderBoards folder 5.Add your servers to the servers array as in the example 6.If you are going to use the database where ember is installed, you do not need to add it to the remote db area. 7.If you did not enter remote db, stat table will search in ember's default database --To use a remote database-- Remove comment lines by deleting / * in $ remoteDB field In the $remoteDB field, define your database information as in the example Write the database name you defined in the field corresponding to the remote db field in the $ servers field. (Don't forget to remove the // mark from the remote db) Fill in the stat_table field and save Update Process Back up your old module before updating files It will be sufficient to update the settings in the config.php file in your old module according to the new config.php file. If you want to use a remote server, read the remote server connection section above Warning For remote server connections, you may need to grant remote connection permissions on the server you will connect to. In this case, tables using the link will not be able to load. If the table is stuck loading, check your config settings.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This addon adds category support to your Ember Shop. Ember does not support categories on shop currently and with this module, you can add categories for each package of each server you have. This is not a module, this is an addon. Installation is different than module installation. It is easy. You will be able to add categories to your Ember store packages. You can select store package category from: site.com/admin/packages/packagenumber Under site.com.com/admin/servers you can add categories to your servers. Multiple server supported. Dependencies Ember (Required) https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5620 Installation 1: Upload the BetterStore.zip to your host. 2: Unzip the Better Store zip file to Ember Installation Folder (Main Directory). 3: Go to this link (edit it with your website name before using it!!!) = https://site.com/api/betterStoreSetup Installation is done. If you need further help, just send me a message.
  7. Version 2.1.4


    This addon will make user profiles somewhere better than default for your Ember based website. Dependencies Ember (Required) https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5620 PlayerRanks (Required for In-game stats on profile) https://codefling.com/file/14-playerranks/ Features Social Links Commenting Profile Customization In-game Statistics (multiple servers supported) Owned Products Credit Transfer Future Plans Profile music. Customizable follow/unfollow and notification system for every actions. (we waiting for ember update.) Clan(team) system Clan statistics And more.. How to? You just need to drag - drop / copy - paste the Better Profile for Ember module to your Ember Modules folder, that is all, it will work. We have to verify your profile. After you purchase it, you just need to find me on DM, just send me a message, I will help you ASAP. Discord: Miu#3686 / glasiore#0085 Installation To complate installation, you should go to these addresses; If you just bought Better Profile for Ember you should do all steps, If you are updating it, you should only do the Step 2 and 3. Step 1: https://youtsite.com/admin/betterprofile/setupdb-20210117-1337 Step 2: https://youtsite.com/admin/betterprofile/setup/social Step 3: https://youtsite.com/admin/betterprofile/setup/20-01-2021 Step 4: https://youtsite.com/admin/betterprofile/setup/23-01-2021 Future Plans We are planning to add emojis, gifs, image, video link support soon. We are waiting for Ember updates.
  8. Version 1.0.3


    This addon will add FAQ and Rules Page for your Ember based website. (Actually you can use it for anything...) Dependencies Ember (Required): https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5620 Features Create, delete, edit Entries Create, delete, edit Categories Adding images - videos - embed codes of YouTube etc.. Customizable Font Awesome Icons Rich Text Editor Future Plans Just let us know whatever u want to see with FAQ Page How to? You just need to drag - drop / copy - paste the Better FAQ & Rules Page for Ember module to your Ember Modules folder, that is all, it will work. We have to verify your profile. After you purchase it, you just need to find me on DM, just send me a message, I will help you ASAP. Discord: Miu#3686 / glasiore#0085 Installation To complete installation, you should go to this address; https://site.com/admin/faq/setup/24-01-2021
  9. Version 1.1.4


    Allow the administrator to limit the number of authorized players per Tool Cupboard. It can also sync turret auth with Tool Cupboard. Features: Parameters "syncTurret: true" to make Turrets don't attack players who have Building Privilege. "limitPerRank => default" is the default amount of allowed authorization per Tool Cupboard. Permission "ToolCupboardAuthLimiter.rank.zero" players with this permission will upgrade (from default) the amount of allowed authorization per Tool Cupboard. "ToolCupboardAuthLimiter.rank.one" players with this permission will upgrade (from zero) the amount of allowed authorization per Tool Cupboard. "ToolCupboardAuthLimiter.rank.two" players with this permission will upgrade (from one) the amount of allowed authorization per Tool Cupboard. "ToolCupboardAuthLimiter.bypass" allow the player to bypass the limitation. Demonstration: Video coming soon... Live test: You can try all my public plugins on my servers at https://Rust.Maelep.be This plugin is available on the following servers: Maelust: Extended Official, Maelust: Wildman, Maelust: Escape From Rust. Warranty The customers benefits from a 28-day warranty from the date of the last sell of the plugin. This warranty covers bugs related to the script and, as far as possible, bugs related to Rust and uMod updates. Bugs: Bugs because of my script will always fixed as soon as possible. Bugs because of uMod or Rust changes will be fixed as soon as possible but I'm not responsible for the inability to continue to maintain the plugin due to incompatibility. No refund will be made.
  10. Version 2.1.0


    The Tool Gun now destroys deployed entities and constructions. Good-to-Know Only players under Building Privilege are able to recycle entities. Some entities will be refunded as material the first time if not knew in the database then, if possible, refunded as item if enabled in the config file. Config File My plugins are designed to adapt to your needs through a rich configuration file. { "Plugin Settings": { "Damages inflicted by the Tool Gun in percent (float)": 10.0, "Do refund as item when possible? (boolean)": true, "Amount materials refund in percentage (float)": 75.0, "Do only allow destroying unpickable entities (e.g.: Large Furnace)? (boolean)": false }, "System Settings": { "Show optional logged messages in the console (boolean)": true } } Permission ToolGunRework.use : allow using the Tool Gun as recycler. Scalable Designed and Optimized for Performance The plugins are developed with a primary objective to be very performant and scalable, thus limiting plugin-related performance losses and limited functionalities or upgrades. Premium Ready My plugins use an advanced system offering the possibility for administrators to create as many profiles as they wish in order to offer them to their players through a Premium pack. Multilingual My plugins are designed to be usable in different languages. English and Français are available by default. Administrators can add their own language. Colorblindness Friendly Interfaces are carefully designed to be as readable as possible by all players. Secured Database The plugins' database is backed up at multiple level and on a regular basis to ensure data integrity if a crash occurs. About Mælep: https://maelep.be Warranty and Updates The customers benefits from a 28-day warranty from the date of the last sell of the plugin. This warranty covers bugs related to the script and, as far as possible, bugs related to Rust and uMod updates. Terms of Service of Mælep The Mælep's plugins are in no way affiliated to Facepunch, uMod or Codefling. He should not be considered as a developer endorsed by Facepunch, uMod or Codefling. Any contribution or purchase made on this website is donated to Mælep. For more information, support or a purchase history, please use the support section available on the page of the plugin. Payment to Mælep is payment for the digital items contained in the purchase. This transaction is final and there is no refund. If you are banned for breaking the rules of Codefling, you will not be refunded. Requests for refunds due to delays, Rust and uMod update flaws or any other problems are submitted at the discretion of Mælep.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This is a script that can be used to automatically wipe your servers on a set schedule, changing either your seeds or level URL. You may need Administrator privileges on the system to setup & run this script depending on your server's setup. Files Batch script which turns on/off your server and deletes your chosen data/map/bp files Executable which will handle changing the seed/levelurl seeds.txt file which stores all your seeds/levelurls which will be randomly chosen every wipe (the name can be changed later) Requirements Rust Server(s) setup in a standard way on a Windows dedicated server. Administrator privileges on said Dedicated server. File editing software (Notepad++ works) Rust server(s) running as a service (you can use NSSM to set this up) Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (64 Bit, 32 Bit) How to Setup Open auto-wipe.bat Enter your server's service name Replace the example paths with the plugin and map file paths you want to be deleted on wipe Note: Using *.db will delete all .db files in the folder Open config.json in Notepad++ Replace the example server config path with your own server.cfg location Replace the example seed / txt file with the path of your own seeds.txt or levels.txt file (the name of the file does not matter) Note: Make sure to use double \\ just like in the example provided or it will not work! Optional: Change the value of replacement from server.seed to server.levelurl if you wish to change the server levelurl each wipe. Choosing your "Replacement" value This can be anything that you wish for the code to look for, but it is necessary that the seed or levelurl is the last thing on the line and it is separated by a space. For example, if you wanted to change something where the line started with +server.seed you can change the replacement property to match this. For most standard setups and usages, the default of server.seed will be sufficient. Open Task Scheduler in Windows Click Create Task Select "Run whether user is logged on or not" Select "Run with highest privileges" In the drop-down box select "Configure for Windows Server 2016" (may be different depending on server version) In the "Triggers" tab click "New..." and select your schedule In the "Actions" tab click "New..." and select the auto-wipe.bat file In the "Conditions" tab deselect any power options Populate your seeds.txt file If you're using levelurls, the same will apply just with different values Open seeds.txt (you may have called it something else) in Notepad++ Go to https://just-wiped.net/search-rust-maps and search for some seeds using your map size. Put each seed or levelurl on a new line Save the file Perform a Dry-Run Whilst your server is online with no pop, manually run the auto-wipe.bat to ensure that it is working as expected. If not, please go through all of the steps again and make sure you read everything! It is very common to forget double backslashes in the config file, or to have a typo in one of your file paths. This is a general method to setup your auto wipes, each setup will be different so you must ensure you adapt and change ALL file paths to match your setup and desires. I cannot aid you in making your server into a service, though it is highly recommended for all servers to do so as it will make your setup safer and more relaible. There are numerous tutorials available on YouTube if you desire to do so. If you have time, and would like to help better this product, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/pvssvoM3KxEPAxVj9.Thank you.
  12. Version 2021 Beta 02


    This is a script capable of controlling multiple bots from one program and with a single config file without ever connecting to your server over RCON. You may need Administrator privileges on the system to setup & run this script depending on your server's setup. Feature List Run multiple bots from the one script Change your config using the included "Config Editor & Generator" - no JSON knowledge needed! Lowest possible performance impact - there are no new RCON connections ever made to your server. Show players, max players, queued players, AND joining players! Threshold message - when your pop falls below XX%, show a different message such as your wipe schedule. Special variables that are replaced in your strings, allowing you to have any variable in any part of your pop bot's message. Global pop bots - add up the total players across your servers and show it on a dedicated bot! Detailed logging - always know what went on whilst you were gone. How does it work? This script works by querying the BattleMetrics API - even if you don't have a purchased RCON subscription! If you do, you'll be able to display the amount of players joining. Installation, Configuration, and Support https://gitea.soken.dev/SokenDev/PopBotPublic https://gitea.soken.dev/SokenDev/PopBotPublic/wiki/Home Update Intervals During the creation of your pop bots, you may be asked what "Update Interval" you would like. If you are running more than 4 bots, it is recommended you increase your update interval appropriately so that you do not spam Discord's API - a quick way to get your server banned that a lot of Discord-related Rust scripts do not account for. Additionally, Discord will attempt to kill the connection a few times before banning you, which could result in crashes! Not to worry though, this script has been built to be as reliable as possible and will automatically restart itself if you follow the steps under "Running the Script". Thresholds The threshold feature will wait for your pop to fall under a set percentage (referred to as threshold in the config), and display an alternative message so that you do not have to display potentially embarassingly low pop to your Discord members. If this is something you are not worried by, simply set the threshold to 0 and it will never trigger. It is important to remember that the threshold is a percentage not a set value! A threshold of 10 and a max player count of 100 will only show the threshold when there are less than 10 players online. The message shown can be changed by altering threshold_msg in the config, or you will be asked to enter the text you wish to display when using the config editor. Joining Players If you would like to show the amount of players joining, it is absolutely necessary that you have a BattleMetrics RCON subscription purchased. You will be asked by the config generator if you would to create a Pop Bot with BM Token or Pop Bot without a BM Token - if you wish to display the players currently joining your server, choose the former. If you do not wish to show this or do not have a BM subscription, use the latter. Obtaining a Discord Bot Token First, head over to https://discord.com/developers/applications and create yourself an application. It'll most likely need your server logo, the name of the server, and any other information you wish for people to see appear. Once that's done, select the "Bots" tab and press create a bot. You'll be presented with "Click to reveal a token" and a button that reads "Copy". You can just press Copy and it's on your clipboard ready to insert into your config file. Obtaining a BattleMetrics API Token If you have purchased a BM RCON subscription, this is for you. Head over to https://www.battlemetrics.com/developers. You want to select "New Token". Fill in the identifier with something such as "Pop Bots" and ensure it has the "Execute any RCON command" permission. The rest aren't used at all, so whether or not you grant them or not are completely your choice. You'll have only one chance to copy this token somewhere safe (such as the config.json file), so make sure you do. Luckily for you, this one token will work with all of your pop bots, so don't worry about generating a new one for each bot (unless you really want to keep things nice and tidy).
  13. Sparkless


    Version 1.0.0


    This plugin allows you to give players tools that will immediately extract a recycled resource. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features: The ability to prohibit the repair of the tool The ability to customize each recyclable item for each tool -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Console Commands: give.fire Example: give.fire hatchet Sparkless -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Configuration:
  14. Version 1.0.16


    This is a simple tool to help you catch ESPer's. Unlike methods in the past requiring cheaters to fall for traps, this one will be watching without having to give them any bait! This plugin is still in "beta" and is offered at a reduced price for a limited time. Since 1.0.12, the embed now includes a radar image to show violations (red line): The above embed shows the culprit, with quick links to Steam, Battlemetrics, and ServerArmour. Along with each violation that caused the trigger, the consist of the violation id, the time it happened, and steamid and distance from the culprit. It is highly recommended to use along with ADR, although not required, but can easily eliminate false positives by having the option to watch the player from the demo. Commands /testesp - this will send a test embed to your configured webhook. Permissions espdetection.ignore Ignores specific players who are granted this permission. Config options explanation General Max distance to check The maximum to check if the player is ESPing. (default 150 outside, 100 inside) Check Interval How often should a player be checked (default 1 second) Ignore Players Idle Ignore players that haven't changed position (default 15 seconds) Only track players with active weapons Track players that have equipped weapons only. (default true) Auto Demo Record (only applicable if Auto Demo Record is installed) Record Length How long should the triggered recording be (default 10 minutes) Discord Webhook Where the logs & ADR recordings should be sent to Webhook Title Title of the embed Violations Probability % Which % probability should trigger a Discord embed and ADR recording. (default 40%) Samples How many samples should be kept in memory, to calculate the probability (default 20) Weapon Specific Configs These change characteristics of weapons Weapon Shortname Max distance to check This overrides the general setting for the weapon only Track if set to false, a player will be ignored if he has this weapon equipped. (default true) Attachment Specific Configs These change characteristics of attachments Attachment Shortname Add distance while aiming As the name suggests, it adds extra distance to the previous configs, useful for when aiming with an 8x or 16x Track if set to false, a player will be ignored if he has this weapon equipped. (default true) NOTE: if you are using ADR, a good command to use when reviewing the demos are `debug.culling 1`
  15. Version 1.2.71


    Records players automatically that have been reported X amount of times, with the ability to automatically upload the combat logs & Demo files to a discord webhook. Disk usage whilst recording: +- 1MB per 1 minute. Discord has an 8mb upload limit and 100mb for nitro. Chat Commands: /record - Chat: This will initiate a self-recording. Console Commands autodemorecord.record [steam64id] [minutes] - Console: Usefull to record a player on demand, or a schedule from another plugin. autodemorecord.blacklist add [steam64id] [recordingMinutes] [intervalMinutes] - Console: Add a player to the blacklist, which will record them for [recordingMinutes] every [intervalMinutes] autodemorecord.blacklist remove [steam64id] - Console: Removes a player from the blacklist. Permissions: Permission autodemorecord.record is required for a player to initiate a recording of themselves. Useful for streamers, to provide them with footage at wipe end, or tournaments. The recording length will be "Auto record for X minutes" Config explanations: "Auto record after X reports": Will start recording the player when these many reports have been received. "Only record when reports within X seconds": Only record when the number of reports above, are received in this timeframe. 0 to record always when the above value is reached. "Save/Load reports to datafile on reload": Useful when you aren't using the above config, if you do it might not be necessary to save data overhead. "Auto record for X minutes": the number of minutes the player should be recorded for. "Discord MSG Color": Color for the embed message, see here https://gist.github.com/thomasbnt/b6f455e2c7d743b796917fa3c205f812 "Discord Webhook": You discord webhook all information should be sent to. "Discord: Notify if recording is started": Should a message be sent to the discord webhook when the recording starts? "Discord: Include report with start message?": Should the player's report be added to the recording start message? "Discord: Notify if recording is stopped": Should a message be sent to the discord webhook when the recording ends? "Discord: Include report with end message?": Should the player's report be added to the recording end message? "Upload Combat Log to discord webhook?": Should the player's combat log be upload to the above discord webhook as a txt file? "Upload DEMO file to discord webhook?": Should the player's demo file be uploaded to the above discord webhook? "Split DEMO files for non nitro discord (8mb chunks)?": This will split files and upload multiple files to discord for non-nitro discord servers. If you have nitro with an upload limit of 100mb, then you can turn this off. "Discord Webhook - Self Record" All self-initiated recordings will post to this webhook, if not set it will go to the main one. "Record if FlyHacked in last X seconds" This will initiate a recording when a player rejoins the server after kicked for flyhacking. "Save recording to server?" If set to false, it will not save to the HDD, to save space. Make sure you have a webhook setup, otherwise it will still save as to not lose any demos. API: If you want to trigger a recording from your plugin, you can do the following: AutoDemoRecord.Call("API_StartRecording", BasePlayer player, string Reason, int LengthInMin); All suggestions welcomed!
  16. Version 0.1.0


    This script will help you install and manage your local dedicated Rust server. Rust is a video game created by Facepunch Studios. This script and its author have no claim or rights to any content that Facepunch or Valve owns, operates or disseminates to the public. Installation & Walkthrough You can find a tutorial video on the installation process here on youtube! First Installation Download the current release by clicking on the link below, or by downloading direct from CodeFling. I will push minor updates github every so often and major updates to CodeFling. https://github.com/DJRedNight/RustyInstaller/releases/latest/download/RustyServerInstall.rar Unzip to a desired location on your hard drive. Run the RustyServerInstaller.bat file. Once your Rust server is installed, make sure to select OPTION 1 when it asks you to load a procedural map or a custom map. You want to run the procedural map first! Running Your Rust Server You can edit the startup parameters of your rust server by editing the JSON files in the root directory. If you want to use a custom map, be sure that the levelurl value is set to the absolute path including drive letter to your map file if its on your local machine. Relative paths will not work. Good: F:\Gaming\RustServer\.serverscript\RustyServerInstall\CustomMaps\NoobIslandV3_5.map Bad: CustomMaps\NoobislandV3_5.map Updating, Backing Up, & Reinstallation of Files You can choose to backup, reinstall, update or wipe files from your server using the main menu. However, to ensure that things do not break, STOP or QUIT your server first. This will ensure that no rollbacks, or corrupted files will be in your server.
  17. Version 1.0.2


    ADR Watch – Watches all events related to banned players, to easily catch evaders. Triggers recordings When a player enters a code correctly on a banned player’s locks When a player auths/deauths or clears a banned players TC When a player deauths on a TC NOTE: Requires Auto Demo Record
  18. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Block the use of certain tools when gathering an NPC, Player, Animal, Node, Tree, ETC! Control what tools they cannot use! Permissions: bettertoolblocker.bypass Configuration: { "Animals": { "bear.corpse": [ "knife.bone", "knife.combat" ], "boar.corpse": [ "knife.bone", "knife.combat" ], "chicken.corpse": [ "knife.bone", "knife.combat" ], "stag.corpse": [ "knife.bone", "knife.combat" ], "wolf.corpse": [ "knife.bone", "knife.combat" ] }, "Horse": { "horse.corpse": [ "knife.bone", "knife.combat" ] }, "Misc": { "cactus": [ "stonehatchet", "hatchet", "axe.salvaged" ], "dead_log": [ "stonehatchet", "hatchet", "axe.salvaged" ], "driftwood": [ "stonehatchet", "hatchet", "axe.salvaged" ] }, "Nodes": { "metal-ore": [ "stone.pickaxe", "pickaxe", "icepick.salvaged" ], "stone-ore": [ "stone.pickaxe", "pickaxe", "icepick.salvaged" ], "sulfur-ore": [ "stone.pickaxe", "pickaxe", "icepick.salvaged" ] }, "NPC": { "murderer_corpse": [ "knife.bone", "knife.combat" ], "scientist_corpse": [ "knife.bone", "knife.combat" ] }, "Player": { "player_corpse": [ "knife.bone", "knife.combat" ] }, "Tree": { "birch": [ "stonehatchet", "hatchet", "axe.salvaged" ], "douglas_fir": [ "stonehatchet", "hatchet", "axe.salvaged" ], "oak": [ "stonehatchet", "hatchet", "axe.salvaged" ], "pine": [ "stonehatchet", "hatchet", "axe.salvaged" ] } } Language: { "Blocked": "<color=red>You are not allowed to use a {0} to gather this {1}!</color>" }
  19. Version 1.0.1


    Automatically sends information about the server to the discord channel. How to use this bot? 1. install the higher node.js 2. download the bot files 3. file extraction 4. open the console 5. "npm i" <- type in console 6. open to config.js module.exports = { ip: "", // server ip (domain) port: 0, // server port channel_id: "0", // discord channel id color: "#7289da", // embed color token: "TYPE YOUR TOKEN", // insert your bot token here! updateInterval: 20, // it is seconds and an integer must be entered. watcher: true // you can hide to your server ip and port } 7. edit to config.js 8. "node index.js" <- type in console 9. check to console!
  20. Version 2.0.0


    This toolmap includes 99% of all working prefabs, objects and effects to increase your workflow while creating stuff in RustEdit. (State: Rust Patch November. 2020) The creator map was created to help all you RustEdit creators out there to increase your workflow and don´t let you stuck in the creation process because you search for hours for the right prefab or object to use. Sometimes it´s easier to see something to get an idea what is possible with it. Just copy/paste or drag and drop the stuff you need to the building areas at the lower edge of the map. I tried to locate every working object and testet every single of it. For proper use make sure, you have unlocked all prefabs in RustEdit´s config.json. Open the file "config.json" in your RustEdit root folder with a texteditor and navigate to the following entry: "Prefab List - Show all prefabs (WARNING: Some prefabs may not work or break the editor/your map)": false, Change "false" to "true" to unlock all prefabs and save the config file. I split everything up to different areas like building parts, deployables, effects, nature, rocks, aso, so you can easily find what you need. You have the possibility to run the map on your server to see how the different objects acting ingame. Useful to check how effects will look, or to see which objects are working in which way. To run it, you have to deactivate the ocean paths, because there is no ocean around the map. To do so, add the following commands to your server.cfg or server batch file: +cargoship.event_enabled false +baseboat.generate_paths false +ai.ocean_patrol_path_iterations 0 Some effects or objects may cause navmesh errors or null.exception errors while starting your server, but they will work and the server will start. But that affects maybe just 0.1% of all objects. It makes sense to have oxide and the Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll installed, because some things like the NPC spawners, IO elements and stuff are just working properly with this extension. You find the Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll here: https://github.com/k1lly0u/Oxide.Ext.RustEdit Please note that Rust and RustEdit are always work in progress. Patches and updates can change things. There will be new stuff, old stuff could be removed. I try to keep the Creator Map up to date dependent on the latest patches. Demonstration video:
  21. Version 1.0.2


    BIG THANKS! to Ted Pommes for featuring the map and explaining how to use it! This is a visual guide for viewing the topology for individual biomes. Load this up as a map, and explore each island as they populate depending on the splat/topology used. Server Details: Server Info: Has fauxadmin to allow players to fly around and look at each topology/splat/biome reference.
  22. Version 1.1.0


    Rust Map Loader This tool is still under active development, if there are any bugs please feel free to contact me and I'll sort them out ASAP Rust Map Loader is a simple tool that is meant to help automate the map testing process for mappers. It consists of 3 main things, the archiver1, the remover2 and the loader3. In it's current state, all map files inside the game and server directory will be deleted so please back them up beforehand. This tool will archive whatever map is being replaced at the time of operation, read below for process details. The archiver copies the map file from the server's map directory and renames it to the current 24h time. It then stores this file under \Backup\Archive\ The remover clears the server and client folder of all maps to ensure there is no world file mismatch. The loader copies the new map file to the server and client's map directory. Setting up and using Rust Map Loader is easy, all you need to do is edit uploader.bat and change: <Server Map Directory> and <Client Map Directory> respectively. Here's a quick example: set server=<Server Map Directory> set client=<Client Map Directory> Gets re written as: set server=C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\rsmfull\server\rsm set client=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rust\maps Please use this tool at your own discretion, and ALWAYS REMEMBER TO KEEP MANUAL BACKUPS. If you have any questions, comments, queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me through codefling or discord "General Tao#5086"
  23. Version 1.0.0


    This is a visual guide for viewing the topology for individual biomes. Load this up as a map, and explore each island as they populate depending on the splat/topology used.
  24. Version 1.0.0


    This is a visual guide for viewing the topology for individual biomes. Load this up as a map, and explore each island as they populate depending on the splat/topology used.
  25. Version 1.0.0


    This is a visual guide for viewing the topology for individual biomes. Load this up as a map, and explore each island as they populate depending on the splat/topology used.

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