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Admin 2 Team Chat 1.0.5

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About Admin 2 Team Chat

Admin2Team allows players with permission to chat to another players team

Chat will go to target players entire online teammembers , in RED to show its a not teammate chat



Admin2Team.use    - Allows player to use command

Admin2Team.seechat   -Player that can see other's teamchat




/tc  <targetplayer>  <message>

/tc toggle      ---- turns on/off teamchat view for players with perms



  "1. Prefix Color ": "#b936f7",
  "2. Prefix Name": "TeamChat",
  "2. Prefix Size": 15,
  "3. Message Color": "#9fa5a6",
  "4. Message Size": 17

Lang File


  "NoTeam": "{playername} is not in a team",
  "PlayerNotFound": "Player Not Found",
  "NoMessage": "You need to add a message",
  "NoPlayerName": "Player name not added , Who are you looking for ?",
  "NoPrem": "You dont Have Permission to use this command",
  "OffteamMessage": "[OffTeam to {playername}'s Team]",
  "TeamChatEnabled": "Other's TeamChat now Enabled",
  "TeamChatDisabled": "Other's TeamChat now Disabled"


Developer Hook


void OffTeamMessage(string sender,string target,string message)

to Catch outgoing message

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