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The Imposter 1.2.9

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About The Imposter

TheImposter    allows players with permission to become an animal at will

The whole system depends on using Blood(ingame item) to make players Impose an animal

the amount of Blood in your hot bar will dictate time in the Impose



TheImposter.use      - use Imposter command
TheImposter.bear          -can harvest this animal's blood
TheImposter.polarbear     -can harvest this animal's blood
TheImposter.wolf          -can harvest this animal's blood
TheImposter.boar          -can harvest this animal's blood
TheImposter.stag          -can harvest this animal's blood
TheImposter.horse         -can harvest this animal's blood
TheImposter.chicken       -can harvest this animal's blood



/imposter      -    opens the Imposter UI  (I like to bind this command  ex "bind F6 chat.say /imposter" )


Console Commands

blood <playername/ID> <type> <amount>    -  gives player blood type by amount 


  • boar
  • bear
  • wolf
  • stag
  • horse
  • chicken
  • polarbear


Player Inputs

using Primary fire when in close proximity of other players will make animal attack


Config File

  "1. Blood amouut to use per second (must be full amounts cant be Decimals)": 1,
  "2. Use Multiblood System": true,
  "3. Blood gather amount per harvest hit": {
    "Bear": 1,
    "PolarBear": 1,
    "Boar": 2,
    "Wolf": 2,
    "Stag": 2,
    "Horse": 2,
    "Chicken": 3
  "4. Image URL list": {
    "Bear": "http://www.noobhub.co.za/bear.png",
    "Boar": "http://www.noobhub.co.za/boar.png",
    "Stag": "http://www.noobhub.co.za/stag.png",
    "Wolf": "http://www.noobhub.co.za/wolf.png",
    "PolarBear": "http://www.noobhub.co.za/polarbear.png",
    "Horse": "http://www.noobhub.co.za/ridablehorse.png"
  "5. Animal health settings": {
    "boarHealth": 150,
    "bearHealth": 325,
    "wolfHealth": 150,
    "stagHealth": 150,
    "horseHealth": 150,
    "chickenHealth": 25,
    "polarbearHealth": 420

Lang File

  "NoBlood": "You dont have Blood in your HotBar",
  "NoPerm": "You dont have the Permission to use this",
  "NoVanish": "You cant Do this in Vanish",
  "HasActiveItem": "You cant Animal Attack with items in your hands"


Intro from West Coast Servers by @Neighigh

video for tests(intro vid coming soon)


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