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Clear Groups 1.2.0

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About Clear Groups

Clear Groups is a simple plugin that allows admin to remove all players from specific groups with a single command.

In the configuration file you can:

  • Specify which groups you want to be able to clear.
  • Toggle to ignore admin.
  • Set the command for clearing the group(s).
  • Set the command for clearing the data file.


Default groups and commands:

  • Clear groups - /cg
  • Clear data file - /clrcg



  • "cleargroups.admin" - Allows admin to clear the data file and clear the selected group(s).
  • "cleargroups.use" - Allows anyone with this permission to clear the selected group(s) but not clear the data file.


Default Configuration File:

  "Group Names": [
  "Command to manually clear groups": "cg",
  "Command to delete clear groups data": "clrcg",
  "Remove Groups (True/False)": true,
  "Ignore Admin (True/False)": true,
  "Clear Data on wipe (True/False)": false


Default Data File:

  "RemovedFromGroup": []


For support: Contact me here or on Discord: Gt403cyl#0244


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