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Auth Toggle 1.1.1

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About Auth Toggle

Auth Toggle allows your admin, moderators and staff members to instantly toggle between their authority role and the player role while logging each swap to discord as well as a data file to keep accountability in check!

**************** NOTE: When granting permissions be sure to apply the permission to the specific player, NOT a group as it will not allow them to regain their permissions. ****************

In the configuration file you can:

  • Specify which groups the authorized player will be put into when they toggle in and out of their authority role for each. (Admin/moderator/staff)
  • Specify your Admin Role display name as well as the Admin player role display name (includes chat, permissions, console, team/clan).
  • Set the commands for each group.
  • Specify a list of commands to run for Admin/Mods when they toggle to and from authorized roles.
  • Add your Discord webhook to log each time the person toggles roles. (If you do not wish to use the Discord logging feature then leave that line as is in the config.)
  • Choose to work with other plugin features. (true/false options)

Default groups and commands:

  • admin toggles to default - /tadmin
  • mods toggles to default - /tmod
  • staff toggles to default - /tstaff


  • "authtoggle.admin" - allows admin to toggle groups.
  • "authtoggle.moderator" - allows moderators to toggle groups.
  • "authtoggle.staff" - allows staff to toggle groups.


Default Configuration File:

  "Chat Prefix": "<color=#32CD32>Auth Toggle</color>: ",
  "Discord WebHook": "https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/228383668-Intro-to-Webhooks",
  "Admin Player Group Name:": "default",
  "Admin Group Name:": "admin",
  "Moderator Player Group Name:": "default",
  "Moderator Group Name:": "mods",
  "Staff Group Name:": "staff",
  "Default Group Name:": "default",
  "Admin Command To Swap Groups:": "tadmin",
  "Moderator Command To Swap Groups:": "tmod",
  "Staff Command To Swap Groups:": "tstaff",
  "Change name as Admin: True/False": true,
  "Admin name to use:": "IamAdmin",
  "Admin player name to use:": "yournamehere",
  "Empty Admin inventory on disconnect: True/False": false,
  "Use Vanish: True/False": false,
  "Use AdminRadar: True/False": false,
  "Use Godmode: True/False": false,
  "Auto run Admin commands: True/False": false,
  "Admin Commands to run when toggled to Admin:": [
  "Auto run Moderator commands: True/False": true,
  "Moderator Commands to run when toggled to Moderator:": [
  "Auto run player commands: True/False": true,
  "Admin / Moderator Commands to turn off when toggled to Player:": [


Default Data File:

  "AdminSwapped": [],
  "ModsSwapped": [],
  "StaffSwapped": []


Default Lang File:

  "ToPlayer": "You have swapped to player mode and have been placed in the",
  "ToStaff": "You have swapped to staff mode and have been placed in the",
  "ToModerator": "You have swapped to moderator mode and have been placed in the",
  "ToAdmin": "You have swapped to admin mode and have been placed in the",
  "SwappedToPlayer": "{0} ({1}) swapped to player mode.",
  "SwappedToStaff": "{0} ({1}) swapped to staff mode.",
  "SwappedToModerator": "{0} ({1}) swapped to moderator mode.",
  "SwappedToAdmin": "{0} ({1}) swapped to admin mode.",
  "SwapDenied": "{0} ({1}) tried to toggle {2} authority without permission.",
  "Pradar": "Please disable AdminRadar before swapping.",
  "PGround": "Please get safely on the ground before swapping roles."


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