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About Me

  1. Version 1.1.0


    Upload Manager Bot connects to all your rust servers together to support mass uploading via discord. This bot works with Linux and Windows. However, please note that you will need FTP to be set up to connect to your windows server. This bot supports labeling your servers either Modded or Vanilla as you may need to upload plugins to specifically categorized servers. This bot also downloads your file locally in a uploads for history and logging. Requirements: NodeJS Rust servers which support FTP/SFTP Setup Guide / Support: This bot requires a small amount of knowledge on how to edit configs and how server connections work. Included in the download is a brief file on what field is what in the configuration files, and for further support please reach out: PotatoAnimation#6969 or https://discord.gg/repulsionrust Future Plans: Creating Custom Server Types More in-depth setup guide Undo option afterwards
  2. Version 1.0.5


    RUST AUTO WIPER Rust auto wiper is an advanced but simple-to-set-up Discord bot that makes your server wipes 100% automated! Features: 100% automates the server wipe process. Start map votes for the next wipe automatically. Manage wipes of as many servers as you need. Dynamically update server details on the wipe. (ex: server title, description) Deletes a selection of files and folders on the wipe. (ex: plugin data files) Sends wipe announcements. Updates server on the wipe. Set up wipe reminders. Information: This advanced server wipe system covers 100% of the wipe cycles on all your servers. The real power of this tool is that it's running separately from the server, this makes managing server files much easier when the server is offline. with this tool, you don't need batch files or other crap to get your server(s) wiped. This tool also uses cron intervals to determine the exact wipe dates and times. *Note: This tool must be run on a Windows VPS/Server* Configuration: (This example shows 1 server, but you can set up as many servers as you want) module.exports = { token: '', // Your Discord bot token rustMapsApiKey: '', // the rustmaps.io api key guildId: '984577959648174121', // the id of the discord server you want to use the bot in logChannelId: '1102195648683585616', // the id of the channel where the bot should log all actions dbdAccountId: '', // your dbd account id (get this by typing /license display in the support server) debugMode: true, // if true, the bot will log all actions to the console servers: [ // in this list your can add as many servers as you need { server_identifier: 'server1', // the unique identifier of the server. (used for internal purposes) server_name: 'Test Server', // the name of the server server_ip: '', // the ip of the server server_port: 28015, // the port of the server server_queryPort: 28017, // the query port of the server server_rconPort: 28016, // the rcon port of the server server_rconPassword: '', // the rcon password of the server server_modded: true, // if the server is modded or not (if plugins are used) wipe_Interval: '0 20 19 1/1 * ? *', // the interval of the wipe. (generate interval at http://www.cronmaker.com/) wipe_bpWipe: false, // if the wipe is a bp wipe or not files_serverRootPath: 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting', // the path to the main server folder. (where your start.bat is located) files_savesFolderPath: 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\server\\rsm', // the path to the saves folder. (where your map file is located) files_serverCfgPath: 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\server\\rsm\\cfg\\server.cfg', // the path to the server.cfg file files_startFilePath: 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\start.bat', // the path to the start.bat file files_oxideFolderPath: 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\oxide', // the path to the oxide folder files_excludeSafeFiles: ['logs', 'cfg', 'Log.EAC.txt'], // save files that should not be deleted on wipe. (always exclude cfg) files_deletables: [ // file paths that should be deleted on wipe. (use absolute paths) 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\oxide\\data\\Shop.json', 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\oxide\\data\\Referrals.json', 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\oxide\\data\\StaticLootables_data.json', 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\oxide\\data\\VanishPlayers.json', 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\oxide\\data\\Kits', ], vote_autoStart: true, // if the vote should start automatically vote_channelId: '1098325670687416331', // the id of the channel where the vote should be posted vote_StartAt: '0 0 19 1/1 * ? *', // the interval when the vote should start. (generate interval at http://www.cronmaker.com/) vote_endAt: '0 10 19 1/1 * ? *', // the interval when the vote should end. (generate interval at http://www.cronmaker.com/) vote_maps: ['1000_1', '1000_50000', '1000_1000'], // the maps that should be voted for. (always format the map name like this: 'mapSize_mapSeed') vote_mapCount: 3, // the amount of maps that should be voted for. the maps from the list will be randomly selected vote_multiple: true, // if players can vote for multiple maps update_dynamicTitle: true, // if the title should be updated dynamically update_serverTitle: 'Test Server wiped on {wipeDate} test1', // the title of the server. placeholders: {wipeDate} update_dynamicDescription: true, // if the description should be updated dynamically update_serverDescription: 'Test Server wiped on {wipeDate} test1', // the description of the server. placeholders: {wipeDate} // embed placeholders: {serverName} {mapSeed} {mapSize} {mapImage} {mapUrl} {wipeDate} {nextWipeDate} {nextBpWipeDate} {nextVoteDate} announcement_autoAnnounce: true, // if the announcement should be posted automatically after a wipe announcement_channelId: '1098325694930497607', // the id of the channel where the announcement should be posted announcement_content: '@ ping roles', // the content of the announcement. (can be used to ping roles) announcement_embedTitle: '{serverName} just wiped!', // the title of the embed announcement_embedDescription: '**Join Server:**\nSteam: steam://connect/{serverIp}:{serverPort}\nF1: `client.connect {serverIp}:{serverPort}`\n\n**Planned:**\nNext wipe: {nextWipeDate}\nNext BP wipe: {nextBpWipeDate}\nNext vote: {nextVoteDate}\n\n**Map:** [rustmaps.com]({mapUrl})', // the description of the embed announcement_embedColor: '#038CB5', // the color of the embed. (must be a hex color) announcement_embedImage: '{mapImage}', // the image of the embed announcement_embedFooterText: 'Server just wiped!', // the footer text of the embed announcement_embedFooterIcon: '', // the footer icon of the embed announcement_embedThumbnail: '', // the thumbnail of the embed announcement_embedAuthorName: '', // the author name of the embed announcement_embedAuthorIcon: '', // the author icon of the embed announcement_embedUrl: '', // the url of the embed reminder_autoRemind: true, // if the reminder should be posted automatically before a wipe reminder_Interval: '0 15 19 1/1 * ? *', // the interval when the reminder should be posted. (generate interval at http://www.cronmaker.com/) reminder_channelId: '1098325694930497607', // the id of the channel where the reminder should be posted reminder_content: '@ ping roles', // the content of the reminder. (can be used to ping roles) reminder_embedTitle: '{serverName} is about to wipe!', // the title of the embed reminder_embedDescription: 'Make sure to vote for the next map!', // the description of the embed reminder_embedColor: '#038CB5', // the color of the embed. (must be a hex color) reminder_embedImage: '', // the image of the embed reminder_embedFooterText: 'Server is about to wipe!', // the footer text of the embed reminder_embedFooterIcon: '', // the footer icon of the embed reminder_embedThumbnail: '', // the thumbnail of the embed reminder_embedAuthorName: '', // the author name of the embed reminder_embedAuthorIcon: '', // the author icon of the embed reminder_embedUrl: '', // the url of the embed }, ], }; Support: You can get support at my Discord server by clicking HERE!
  3. Version 1.5.4


    This plugin adds extra useful commands usable in a specific discord channel with a specific discord role, that gives access to an admin panel to do specific commands on players inside the server. Features : Gives access to a players list with a search interaction embedded in the buttons Gives a list of certain commands that you can use on each player (Kick, Ban, Mute, Unban, Unmute) Configurable to add each command's reason of command (If you're kicking a player you can put Toxicity or Warning as a reason for it) With each command that allows timed punishments like ban and mute, you are given access to 5 durations depending on the command. Adds a /auth command to DiscordCore that redirects to /dc join. Gives access to a search command in-game that shows different information about players. Optional : Gives access to a deauth admin command to unlink players from discord. Gives access to a link admin command to link players using their steamid and discordid. Gives access to buttons like Economics and Timed Permissions (configurable) Gives access to customizable buttons for commands on players (configurable) Permissions: DiscordAdminPanel.emberban allows player to use the /ember.ban command (Only functional with Ignore Ember set to false and Ember loaded) DiscordAdminPanel.emberunban allows player to use the /ember.ban command (Only functional with Ignore Ember set to false and Ember loaded) DiscordAdminPanel.auth allows player to use the /auth command DiscordAdminPanel.deauth allows admins to use the /deauth command to unlink players (Only functional with changing certain settings in DiscordCore or using DiscordAuth) DiscordAdminPanel.link allows admins to use the /link command to link players (Only functional with changing certain settings in DiscordCore or using DiscordAuth) DiscordAdminPanel.search allows admins to search for players details (SteamID and DiscordID) In-Game Commands: /search <steamID/DiscordID> : Searches for player details like SteamID, DiscordID, and his discord name. /auth : uses "/dc join" command from DiscordCore (Only usable if DiscordCore is loaded) /deauth <steamID/DiscordID> : Unlinks a player from discord (Only functional with changing certain settings in DiscordCore or using DiscordAuth) /link <steamID> <DiscordID> : Links a player with discord using their steamID and DiscordID (Only functional with changing certain settings in DiscordCore or using DiscordAuth) Discord Commands: !players : Shows a list of online players on the server !search <steamID/DiscordID> : Gives an extended search on players details !deauth <steamID/DiscordID> : Unlinks a player from discord (Only functional with changing certain settings in DiscordCore or using DiscordAuth) !link <steamID> <DiscordID> : Links a player with discord using their steamID and DiscordID (Only functional with changing certain settings in DiscordCore or using DiscordAuth) Discord Interactions: When using !players, a list of online players will show up as interaction buttons. Once you use one of the buttons, an extensive search will show up and will give you more interaction buttons to use different commands on the searched player. Kick Command shows reasons after clicking on it : Similarly Ban Command and Mute Command shows periods then reason : (Reasons are configurable) Timed Permissions shows the roles then the period of time: (Both configurable) Economics shows the available commands then the amount : (amount is configurable) Configuration : { "LogFileName": "DiscordAdminPanel", "Bot token": "BOTTOKEN", "Embed's color": "#ff0000", "Show Clan Tag (Make sure clans is loaded)": false, "Show Oxide Groups": false, "Show Server Armour Profile (search)": false, "Show Team Info (search)": false, "Timed Permissions": { "Use Timed Permissions (true/false)": false, "Oxide Groups to give": [ "VIP", "Admin" ], "Time to give (Use 'd' for days, 'h' for hours, 'm' for minutes, 'wipe' for using wipe period)": [ "24h", "7d", "30d", "Wipe" ], "Discord Role ID (Can be left empty to use the first role id)": "" }, "Economics": { "Use Economics (true/false)": false, "Economy Amount (Use '.' for decimal)": [ "1500.5", "3000.3" ], "Discord Role ID (Can be left empty to use the first role id)": "" }, "Ban": { "Time to give (Use 'd' for days, 'h' for hours, 'm' for minutes, 'wipe' for using wipe period)": [ "24h", "7d", "30d", "Wipe" ], "Ban Reasons (One Word)": [ "Cheat", "Script", "OverToxicity", "Abuse" ], "Ignore Ember": true, "Ember Global (Only usable if ember is loaded)": false, "Discord Role ID (Can be left empty to use the first role id)": "" }, "Mute": { "Time to give (Use 'd' for days,'h' for hours, 'm' for minutes, 'wipe' for using wipe period)": [ "1h", "24h", "30d", "Wipe" ], "Mute Reasons (One Word)": [ "Toxicity", "Racism" ], "Discord Role ID (Can be left empty to use the first role id)": "" }, "Kick": { "Kick Reasons (One Word)": [ "Toxicity", "Warning" ], "Discord Role ID (Can be left empty to use the first role id)": "" }, "Custom": { "Use Custom (true/false)": false, "Use Confirmation (true/false)": false, "Custom Commands (Use '{player}' for player id, 'command name' 'command to send on console')": { "dogdoo": "dog {player}", "pacifism": "pf {player}" }, "Discord Role ID (Can be left empty to use the first role id)": "" }, "Link Commands": [ "link" ], "Auth Commands": [ "auth", "authenticate" ], "Deauth Commands": [ "deauth", "deauthenticate" ], "Search Commands": [ "search", "look" ], "logs": { "Log to console (true/false)": true, "Log to discord (true/false)": false, "Log Data Type (Embed/Simple)": "Embed", "Discord Extension Log Level (Verbose/Debug/Info/Warning/Error/Exception/Off)": "Info", "Delete message after command": true, "Delete message after interaction": true, "Log Discord Channel ID": "" }, "Discord Guild ID (optional if the bot is in one guild)": "", "Discord Role ID": "", "Discord Channel ID where the command can be used": "" } How to install : If you're using DiscordAuth as your link plugin, you can simply copy the plugin and use it as is. If you're using DiscordCore as your link plugin, and you want to use /link and /deauth commands, Follow these steps: 1- Open DiscordCore in Notepad 2- Search and replace : public void HandleLeave(IPlayer player, DiscordUser user, bool backup, bool message) with private void HandleLeave(IPlayer player, DiscordUser user, bool backup, bool message) 3- Search and replace : public void CompletedLink(LinkActivation activation) with private void CompletedLink(LinkActivation activation) 4- Search and replace : MJSU with Aimon 5- Save the file You can also load the plugin without any link plugin. Configure : Set Bot Token, ChannelID and RoleID in config. Reload Plugin. To Do List : Add logs to plugin. Add customizable commands in config. Add support for TimedPermissions. Add support for Economics. Make some infos in search command optional. You can suggest new functionalities or plugin ideas on discord : Aimon#9899 .
  4. Gt403cyl2

    Basic Info

    Version 1.2.0


    Easy to configure, minimalistic solution for your server to provide basic details such as your Discord link, rules and server pop. Default Commands: - /pop - Displays server pop, including separate counts for loading, queued, sleeping and currently online. - /discord - Provides your discord link. - /rules - posts the rules as specified in the config. - /website - Provides your website link. - /commands - Lists your server commands (listed in config) Default Config: { "Rules Prefix:": "<color=#32CD32>Server Rules: </color>", "Discord Prefix:": "<color=#32CD32>Discord Address: </color>", "Website Prefix:": "<color=#32CD32>Website Address: </color>", "Population Prefix:": "<color=#32CD32>Population: </color>", "Server Commands Prefix:": "<color=#32CD32>Server Commands: </color>", "Change Commands": { "Commands list:": "commands", "Rules:": "rules", "Discord:": "discord", "Website:": "website", "Population:": "pop" }, "Rules list:": [ "1. English preferred in chat.", "2. Have respect for all members of this server.", "3. No racism of any sort.", "4. Strictly no spamming chat of any sorts.", "5. No cheating, including ESP, Scripting, Aimbot ect.", "6. Bans can be appealed in Discord." ], "Server Commands:": [ "/shop - Opens shop.", "/bandit - Teleport to bandit.", "/outpost - Teleport to Outpost." ], "Discord Address:": "Come Join our Discord at: ", "Website Address:": "Checkout our Website at: " } Default Lang: { "ReportOnline": "Players Online: ", "ReportSleeping": "Players Sleeping: ", "ReportJoining": "Players Joining: ", "ReportQueued": "Players Queued: " }
  5. Version 2.4.1


    Simply the bot uses the integration of discord unix/epoch timestamps to count down your server(s) wipes in your discord automatically generating new timestamps as your server wipes, currently the bot allows monthly - (wiping at force) weekly, biweekly - (every 2 weeks) & Custom - (Multiple times a week) - as well as the full customisation of the embed in which the server info is held in (see above for example), the system is 100% automated once you create your servers/wipes. Countdown bot is coded in python utilising discord.py along with mongodb to store information Feature List : Create & Delete Wipes Fully customisable embed (Title, Description, Thumbnail, Footer, Embed Colour) Edit server information ie wipe-times or server descriptions Fully automated countdowns - autogenerates the next wipes Display server pop in the embed & last wipe Works alongside Force wipe, currently offering Monthly (force), Biweekly and Weekly wipe aswell as Custom - multiple wipes a week eg 2 Commands : (All showcased in pictures) !wipe - displays all servers and wipes to users !list - displays all embeds & serverids !create - allows you to make a new server / embed - followed by a number of questions !delete <server/embed> <id> allows you to delete servers & embeds !editeembed <id> - allows you to edit the embed id eg : thumbnail, description etc !editserver <id> - allows you to edit server information eg : wipe time, name, info Config: { "Misc":{ "Bot_Prefix":"!", "Bot_Token":"", "Server_Name":"Server Name Here", "Embed_Hex_Color":"#FFFFFF" }, "Mongo_Config":{ "MONGO_URL": "" }, "Discord_Config":{ "Guild_ID":0, "StaffRole_ID":0 } } Requirements Server with python 3.7 or above Pip packages listed - discord.py, aiohttp, motor,d nspython, python-dateutil, arrow, requests Suggested bot host 0.99$ -> https://serverstarter.host/ For any problems please msg me on discord : Skizzy#0037
  6. Version 1.0.3


    Your players will be able to publish images at any time on your discord server using the polaroid of the game and thus its location the name of the server on which the player will play. Plugin language : EN , FR Image format for sending: 854x480 (limited due to rust) Type of format for sending: .png Contents : SendPhotoDiscord.cs SteamAvatar.php ( create your own steam avatar download server 'This file is not required for operation plugin!' ) Coupons ( 26-08-2022 / 30-09-2022 ) : ( Grocery Store + | 35% ) | ( Gas Power Station | 40% ) Commands : /photo ( Spawn polaroid ) Permissions oxide : oxide.grant group default SendPhotoDiscord.use oxide.grant group vip SendPhotoDiscord.vip Permissions carbon: carbon.grant group default SendPhotoDiscord.use carbon.grant group vip SendPhotoDiscord.vip Install : rust\oxide\plugins\SendPhotoDiscord.cs Config : rust\oxide\config\SendPhotoDiscord.json { "List Channel Discord (webHooks URL) Max (8) !": { "1": { "Url webHooks": "follow the tutorial", "Name": "Channel 1" }, "2": { "Url webHooks": "", "Name": "Channel 2" }, "3": { "Url webHooks": "", "Name": "Channel 3" } }, "Url avatar ( https://exemple.com/?id={SteamId} )": "", "Enable location": true, "Enable server name": true, "Enable map name": true, "Enable server ip": true, "Enable comments": true, "The minimum limit of letter to comment": 3, "Photo limit per player": 3, "How long should the player wait": 600, "Photo limit per VIP players": 1, "How long should the VIP player wait": 10, "Save photos to inventory": false, "Block instant camera in Recycler": true, "Allow spawn command in chat": true, "Command spawn": "photo", "The text ( Localization )": " > :triangular_flag_on_post: Location : **{PositionPlayerCordinat}** \n", "The text ( server name )": " > :mega: Server : **{NameServer}** \n", "The text ( map name )": " > :map: Map : **{NameMap}** \n", "The text ( server ip )": " > :desktop: Ip : **{IpServer}**:**{PortServer}** \n", "The text ( comment )": "\n {CommentairePhoto} " } Tutorial webHooks : restart the plugin for any modification of the SendPhotoDiscord.json file oxide.reload SendPhotoDiscord
  7. Version 1.0.2


    Polls: Free - Made by Murder#0845 Bot Features ➤ Up to 10 poll answer options ➤ Slash command and chat command capabilities ➤ Limit poll command to a role ➤ Custom poll embed colour (set it at the top of bot.py) ➤ Detailed error checking and prevention Overall the bot is basic, but it works reliably! Any more features you want, DM me on discord, Murder#0845 Commands ➤ poll - Create a poll with up to 10 options! Slash and Chat command capabilities Config { "Bot Token": "BOT TOKEN", "Polls Access Role ID": 0000, "Guild ID": 0000 } Setup This bot is super simple to set up, simply follow these steps: ➤ Upload all files in "Murder Free Polls Bot.zip" to your bots hosting. ➤ Fill out details in the config,json file. ➤ Turn the bot on (If your using online hosting, press "Start") ➤ Enjoy the bot For the simplicity of setting it up on your end, ensure you have all Privileged Gateway Intents which can be toggled at the Discord Developers Portal Simply click the toggle on the right-hand side for the bottom three options on that page, i would recommend un-toggling the first option, "Public Bot" as this will allow anyone to add your bot to there server, and this bot is a server specific bot. Support Notice If you need support I more than welcome you to reach out to me on discord. My discord is: Murder#0845 and I am open for any questions or inquiries! Thank you for reading this description and I hope that you enjoy! Note: I will always be constantly updating and developing this bot, if you find any bugs or have any feature requests, feel free to DM me on discord (Murder#0845). - Murder
  8. Version 1.0.2


    This bot includes the features: Suggestions bot to turn text into suggestions in a specific channel. Link scanning bot with VirusTotal api checking with a log channel Quick admin replies with slash commands via /tabhelp /Search feature to query player data with integrations with SimpleLink Please reach out for questions, concerns, or suggestions! Leave a comment and rate this bot on codefling! This bot is light-weight and doesn't require many resources. It doesn't log anything, so you just need to deploy it and forget about it. The search feature is hidden to only you, so don't be afraid to use it in any channel. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTRUCTIONS: Fill out all the options in the config.json file. We've provided a file called 'colors' that has colors you can use for embed colors. Just plug one of those numbers into the colors option in the config. Make sure each link has a https:// behind it otherwise some of the features wont work as intended. If you don't require a certain feature, remove the cog from the cogs folder. You can leave the config options in the file, the rest will still function. If you don't have simple-link installed, it cannot query any API to pull links and that feature will not function. The suggestions feature just takes text that is put into that specific channel you entered into config and deletes the original text and replaces it with an embed with automated reactions and a thread. There is no command. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- REQUIREMENTS: SimpleLink - https://codefling.com/tools/simple-link-discord-steam-linking-system Discord Bot Token - https://discord.com/developers/applications VIRUSTOTAL API KEY: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/my-apikey SteamAPI key: https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey For some of the features like link_url, steam_group_link, and vip_webpage, you MUST provide links to each of these otherwise the bot will not respond to you. If you don't have them, it is a good idea to make them. PRIVELAGED INTENTS: In the developer portal for discord in the bot section of your applicated will be some checks for privalged intents. You need to select, presense, message, and server intents. Make sure they are on or the bot wont run. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Running the bot: DISCLAIMER: I will provide instructions and links to each thing, but you will have to read how to install it on your environment given the links I provide. WINDOWS: If you are on windows I have included a start.bat that will automatically run the startup and download all the requirements to run the application. You must install python on the windows machine. https://www.python.org/ftp/python/3.11.2/python-3.11.2-amd64.exe PEBBLEHOST: https://help.pebblehost.com/en/discord-bot-hosting/how-to-setup-your-python-based-discord-bot Pterodactyl: https://github.com/YajTPG/pterodactyl-eggs/blob/universal/egg-python--universal.json LINUX: The machine needs to have the latest version of python installed. If you are on linux then I'm assuming you can figure this out. https://www.scaler.com/topics/python/install-python-on-linux/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Version 2.1.5


    Clans for discord THERE IS CURRENTLY A TEST BOT RUNNING IN MY SUPPORT SERVER IF YOU'D LIKE TO TEST https://discord.gg/RVePam7pd7 Recently, some of the top servers have been making clan bots for their Discord which can drive a thriving Discord community which is one of the most important things for a Rust server. Having a thriving Discord community means you are able to hold onto those players for your servers. Users can make a clan, invite their friends, promote and demote their friends within the clan, and even if they wanted to disband the clan they can. You can set the bot to make a clan text chat, displaying clans separately from online members, give the leader a special role, ETC* The non admin commands are: - clan create - clan invite - clan promote - clan demote - clan info - clan kick - clan leave - clan disband The admin commands are: - clan edit - clan force disband - clan force kick member - clan force invite member All clans and everything are stored in a database that you provide, so the clan data cannot messed up VIA roles and what not. All the commands are slash commands for ease of use as seen in the attached photos. All commands are protected by user checks. So people cannot do actions for clans that they are not in unless they are given an admin role that is defined in the bot config. The bot is very simple to install The file also includes a readme.md file which includes the info that you need to know. Need support or want updates about what is coming to the bot? Join the support discord here https://discord.gg/RVePam7pd7
  10. Version 1.2.2


    Want to include raid schedules into your community server without blocking damages ? This is the perfect plugin for you ! Features - Set custom schedules for each day of the week, you can also set your timezone - Receive an alert on discord (using webhooks) each time a player is destroying another player entity out of the schedules - Run a custom command when a raid alert is triggered, commonly used to auto-ban raiders - Define which type of construction you want to protect - Ignore twig constructions if you want Permissions - tp2raider : Allow user to teleport on the latest raider detected by typing /tp2raider Dependencies None Language It supports different languages, EN by default, feel free to add your own translation. Support This plugin won't get you blacklisted from community by Facepunch. Join my discord if you need support or have any question => https://discord.gg/5EtKrhbqXa Demo
  11. Version 1.2.2


    This plugin is based on Hackable Crate Unlock. Hackable Crate UI adds a terminal-like user interface when a player starts unlocking a hackable crate. Firstly, a loading bar appears on the screen while login credentials (specified in the config) are sent to the player (either by chat or a note added to his/her inventory). When it finishes, a button can be clicked to "use the computer" and insert the username and password. After that, the player will be logged into the computer and has the possibility to access various functions, such as locking the crate (to prevent other users from looting it), reducing the hacking time, and seeing information about nearby players. Features Great user interface, which makes you look like a real h4x0r 1337. A lock function that makes impossible for players to loot the crate, except to the one who started the hack (or members of his/her clan). Accelerate unlock time by using targeting computers in your inventory or ServerRewards/Economics balance. View the name and distance from the crate of nearby players. This information can be extended with direction, health and active item. Highly configurable plugin, with three different permissions (see the config below). Set different unlock times for hackable crates depending on permissions. Set the maximum distance from the crate to be able to use the UI. Check the players with most hackable crates unlocked with /hc rank. Discord webhooks integration. Edits the message when crate is fully hacked or its unlocking time has been reduced, and deletes it when the entity is killed. Update 1.1.0: Function to view the content of the crate before it's unlocked. Update 1.2.0: Integration with ServerRewards/Economics. Set the price to use each function. and more! Permissions hackablecrateui.vip2 hackablecrateui.vip1 hackablecrateui.admin Commands /hc rank - Shows top 10 of players with most hackable crates unlocked. /hc clear - Wipes data file for /hc rank. Configuration Localization
  12. Version 1.1.3


    Map Voting is a Discord Bot that mainly utilizes RustMaps to get Map Information and then feeds it to the end user so they can vote on which map they would like on the server(s). Server Owners can easily setup map voting with easy to use commands. Map Voting Features - Start Map Voting Maps are added manually with either their seed/size or their Map ID (Custom Maps work!) or they can be added through a RustMaps share link. The end of a map voting session is set by the server owner on command initialization Channel of the map voting is also set during command initialization After command is used, you will be able to view the maps that have been added - Stop Map Voting Map Voting can be stopped at any time with a command - View Votes After map voting has been stopped, you will be able to view all votes until another one is started as shown in images - Presence Ability to change the bot's status, activity name and activity type with a simple command - Customization Yes and No reactions can be customized to be any Unicode emoji or any Guild emoji (bot has to be in the guild the emoji is from) You can customize the Embed Color, Author Name, Author Icon URL, Author URL Information If you have ANY questions just hop in the Discord and send me a DM. Join the Discord for Support - https://discord.gg/YbkvZWs3a4 (All suggestions are welcome for new features or changes) Setup 1 - Install Node and NPM (Node v16.17.1 & NPM v8.15.0) HIGHLY recommend installing Node v16 or else I'm pretty sure you will encounter issues 2 - Unzip Map-Voting.zip 3 - Open a terminal under the Map-Voting folder and execute the command: npm install 4 - Open config.json and fill in all the required information RustMaps API_Key (https://rustmaps.com/user/profile -> Api Key Button -> Copy) Discord BOT Token (https://discord.com/developers/applications -> Applications -> New Application -> Bot -> Create New Bot -> Reset Token) Guild ID (Enable Developer mode in Discord (https://beebom.com/how-enable-disable-developer-mode-discord/) and then right click on the Guild you will be using the bot in and click "Copy ID") 5 - Run the Bot (Recommend using PM2 for this) Configuration File { "RustMaps": { "API_Key": "" }, "Discord": { "BOT_Token": "", "Guild_ID": "", "Reactions": { "YES_Reaction": "", "NO_Reaction": "" }, "Embed": { "Color_In_HEX": "006B3C", "Author": { "Name": "Map Voting", "IconURL": "", "URL": "" } } } }
  13. Version 1.1.1


    Auth Toggle allows your admin, moderators and staff members to instantly toggle between their authority role and the player role while logging each swap to discord as well as a data file to keep accountability in check! **************** NOTE: When granting permissions be sure to apply the permission to the specific player, NOT a group as it will not allow them to regain their permissions. **************** In the configuration file you can: Specify which groups the authorized player will be put into when they toggle in and out of their authority role for each. (Admin/moderator/staff) Specify your Admin Role display name as well as the Admin player role display name (includes chat, permissions, console, team/clan). Set the commands for each group. Specify a list of commands to run for Admin/Mods when they toggle to and from authorized roles. Add your Discord webhook to log each time the person toggles roles. (If you do not wish to use the Discord logging feature then leave that line as is in the config.) Choose to work with other plugin features. (true/false options) Default groups and commands: admin toggles to default - /tadmin mods toggles to default - /tmod staff toggles to default - /tstaff Permissions: "authtoggle.admin" - allows admin to toggle groups. "authtoggle.moderator" - allows moderators to toggle groups. "authtoggle.staff" - allows staff to toggle groups. Default Configuration File: { "Chat Prefix": "<color=#32CD32>Auth Toggle</color>: ", "Discord WebHook": "https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/228383668-Intro-to-Webhooks", "Admin Player Group Name:": "default", "Admin Group Name:": "admin", "Moderator Player Group Name:": "default", "Moderator Group Name:": "mods", "Staff Group Name:": "staff", "Default Group Name:": "default", "Admin Command To Swap Groups:": "tadmin", "Moderator Command To Swap Groups:": "tmod", "Staff Command To Swap Groups:": "tstaff", "Change name as Admin: True/False": true, "Admin name to use:": "IamAdmin", "Admin player name to use:": "yournamehere", "Empty Admin inventory on disconnect: True/False": false, "Use Vanish: True/False": false, "Use AdminRadar: True/False": false, "Use Godmode: True/False": false, "Auto run Admin commands: True/False": false, "Admin Commands to run when toggled to Admin:": [ "", "" ], "Auto run Moderator commands: True/False": true, "Moderator Commands to run when toggled to Moderator:": [ "", "" ], "Auto run player commands: True/False": true, "Admin / Moderator Commands to turn off when toggled to Player:": [ "", "" ] } Default Data File: { "AdminSwapped": [], "ModsSwapped": [], "StaffSwapped": [] } Default Lang File: { "ToPlayer": "You have swapped to player mode and have been placed in the", "ToStaff": "You have swapped to staff mode and have been placed in the", "ToModerator": "You have swapped to moderator mode and have been placed in the", "ToAdmin": "You have swapped to admin mode and have been placed in the", "SwappedToPlayer": "{0} ({1}) swapped to player mode.", "SwappedToStaff": "{0} ({1}) swapped to staff mode.", "SwappedToModerator": "{0} ({1}) swapped to moderator mode.", "SwappedToAdmin": "{0} ({1}) swapped to admin mode.", "SwapDenied": "{0} ({1}) tried to toggle {2} authority without permission.", "Pradar": "Please disable AdminRadar before swapping.", "PGround": "Please get safely on the ground before swapping roles." }
  14. Version 1.1.0


    Using Discords Webhooks it sends an embed to discord notifying users of server wipes. * Different message support between FacePunch Forced wipes & Manually wiped * Includes Automation * Includes test console command * Includes Embed Setting Options * Coded for optimal performance Now requires RustMaps.com API key! Because they re-wrote the website forcing all users to sign in & make one, the day before wipe this month, lol. Notes: * When you see " [Discord Wipe Embed] Waiting on rustmaps retrying in 60seconds." It means exactly what it says... * It means it's waiting on the rust-maps website to generate the Image & will re-try posting the discord embed in 60 sec. Configuration { "Sets Console Command": "sendwipe", "Disable Auto Send (Requires you to manually use console command to send embed message)": false, "ConnectionInfo": { "DiscordWebhookURL": "", "ServerName": "[US] -10X No BPs [KITS/TP/PVP]", "RustServerIp": "", "DonationURL": "https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/darkcrow2nd", "EnableStaging": false, "EnableBarren": false, "RustMapsApiKey": "" }, "ForceWipe": { "AtEveryone": false, "AtRoleID": "", "EmbedHexColour": "#ffc348", "This will replace the Map Image if used": "" }, "Manually": { "AtEveryone": false, "AtRoleID": "", "EmbedHexColour": "#ffc348", "This will replace the Map Image if used": "" }, "Do not touch.": { "WipedTime": "Monday, 27 February 2023 16:42", "LastWipe": "Monday, 27 February 2023 16:42" } }
  15. Version 1.4.2


    The aim for this file is to remove the need for some of your Discord plugins and move it externally from your server so you do not have any server impact from those plugins. This offers you a TON of features all ran externally from your server, so no lag! No more dookie Discord extension FEATURES - Bot status = Player count on server (Can change status if the server has recently wipe and include just wiped in the status) - Global status bot = all your servers player counts combined into one - Dynamic server cap changer (Changes the max amount of players allowed on the server depending on the amount of players currently online and or the queue size) - Auto discord wipe announcements - Check players for private profiles - Check players for VAC, EAC, and Temp rust bans - Team and global chat logs - 2 Way chat (Send messages in game through discord) - Leave and join logs - Kill logs - Private message logs - Auto muting players VIA triggered key words - Manual staff muting through discord - RCON Console in Discord with message filtering - Send rcon commands through Discord - F7 report logs - F1 spawn logs - (SERVER) message logs The bot is very simple to install. The file includes a setup guide within it. All quite simple. Need support or want updates about what is coming to the bot? Join the support discord here https://discord.gg/RVePam7pd7 INSTALLATION VIDEO
  16. Version 1.0.6


    This plugin allows to be warned in case of deloot of the players. Only items deloots from corpses, or storage containers are considered #FEATURES All items in the game are loaded with their default rarity level When adding new items in the game, they are directly added You can configure a higher alert level according to the number of deloot quantities (stack) You can set up an alert on discord with the webhook. I advise you to leave a delay before sending the alert to 1 minute. To avoid false positives. The admin panel is only available for admins #INFO Each item is configurable You can display an in-game ath displaying all deloot items by zone. A color is assigned to each alert level (Low, Very Low, Moderate, Hight) When you wipe, the logs are cleared The plugin can work without image library, however not all images will be displayed When an item is delooted it is saved, if it is picked up it is removed For the functioning of the zones: - When an item is delooted it is assigned a zone name. This one will have the name of the box on the map. For example D15 followed by the zone id. D15.1, D15.2 ... - With the ath you can distinguish the name of the zone id in blue. From the admin panel you can consult all the deloot items in this zone with several options (teleport to zone, delete zone, restore all item destroyed in zone). Or you can delete or restore only the items you want. - All the plugin is configurable, ergonomic and designed to be as intuitive as possible. /cdeloot (for open panel)
  17. Version 1.0.1


    This python discord bot handler will allow you to display bans directly to your discord server, with it's high configurable capabilities, you can configure this to your liking! The product comes with: - A python code that will fetch your Battlemetrics ban and store them to a json file. - The main python ban handler. - Highly configurable config. - Written Guide too assist you understand the configuration. Features • NSFW Blocker / Inappropriate username blocker • Bans Displayer • Configurable Embed • Separate Python File to store all Battlemetrics ban to JSON file • Pterodactyl Integration • Custom Bot Status • Custom Ban REGEX Configuration { "Refresh Rate": 15, "API Tokens": { "BotToken": "", "Battlemetrics": "", "DeepAI": "", "Steam": "" }, "Discord Channels": { "Bans Channel": 0, "Error Webhook": "" }, "Discord Embed": { "Embed Title": "Ban", "Players Profile Picture (TopRight)": true, "Embed Color": "#FF0000", "Regex Ban Reason": "", "Timestamp": true, "Footer": { "Image URL": "", "Text": "" }, "Fields": { "Target": { "Enabled": true, "Display Title": "Target" }, "Expiry": { "Enabled": true, "Display Title": "Expiry" }, "Reason": { "Enabled": true, "Display Title": "Reason" } } }, "Battlemetrics Information": { "OrganizationID": 0 }, "Bans Database Method": { "Check All Bans": true, "[Information All Bans]": "Check all bans can be slow, and can cause small delays but is recommended if you would like to avoid having duplicate bans being sent!", "Page Size": 100, "[Information_PageSize]": "Min: 1, Max:100 | It is recommended you keep this at 100 and you run the transfer codes, to make sure all of your bans are storred!" }, "Bot Information": { "Bot Prefix": "!", "Customization": true, "Status": "dnd", "Custom Status": "{BanCount} Total bans!", "[Information]": "Available status: dnd/online/offline/idle" }, "DeepAI Integration": { "Enabled": false, "Profanitiy List": ["CussWord1", "CussWord2"], "Replaced Profile Picture":"https://imgur.com/yxrwNL4.png" }, "Pterodactyl Integration": { "Enabled": false, "Pterodactyl Node Status Change": "change this part" } } ( A written guide will be in the product files )
  18. Version 2.5.8-beta4


    SmartWarnings simplifies and streamlines your server moderation by providing means to consistently Warn your players for misconduct. Gone are the times when you leave manual notes at sleeping players, for this plugin creates a smooth but intimidating pop-up window displaying clearly to the player what they've done wrong and how to learn from it. From version v2.5.0 you can now extend highly customizable actions to trigger based on your custom warnings. The imagination is the limit! Rule enforcement has never been easier before. Features Easily dispatch warnings to players and clans with a simple chat command /warn cookiemonster "leave the jar alone you bastard" Booom done! /warn clan "C00KiEZ" "no cookiemonsters allowed in the jar!!" Maybe their collective brain power is needed to understand! Announces Warnings in public Global Chat (Enabled by default, can be toggled in config) Give your Players a sense of transparent justice by displaying the dispatched warning to everyone in public. This is beneficial as players will learn what not to do from other's mistakes! Offline Players can receive warnings, no problem! Displays a pop-up window with the warning IMMEDIATELY if they are online, or as soon as the player wakes up from sleep upon connecting. Create custom presets for common violations. Presets can be made for example to reflect the server rules, it can be configured so that your admins can type /warn joe rule1 and it will spell out the entire rule 1 in the warning. Presets can have an Expiration date which will remove the warning, allowing non-repeating offenders to be cleared if they're well behaving in the long term. Presets can have a Warning Point weight which will give them different severity that can influence when to trigger an Automatic Ban (if enabled). Automatically Ban players with X amount of Warnings or Warning Points (Disabled by default, can be toggled in config) With this feature Enabled a player will be Automatically Banned when reaching the configured Warning amount or Warning Points. For example, configure 3 warnings to be max and enable auto ban will ban a player when the third warning has been dispatched. Supports Temporary Autobans (Disabled by default, can be toggled in config) If you're the kind of type that believes in second chances, when configured it bans the player lets them know when they're welcome back! Optional feature: Clear the player's warning when autobanned (True by default), This can conveniently be set to False if you want the player to be instantly auto banned next time a warning is dispatched. Extensive Logging both File based and Discord! Every move is logged in the oxide/logs/SmartWarnings folder so that you can have full traceability. Optional feature: Configure Discord Webhook links to log Warnings and/or Autobans to Discord. Persist Warnings across wipes, when you don't want to be forgiving! Set "Clear all warnings on wipe" to false and warnings will not be cleared when a new wipe is detected. NOTE: This requires that you exclude/do not remove the oxide/data/SmartWarnings_Playerdata.json file, if you're using tools to auto wipe and it gets deleted, so will the warnings. Customizable Branding Set your Server Name and custom Warning Pop-up Icon to make this plugin match your server's style! (NEW in v2.5.0) Transparency of the pop-up window can now be customized in the config! (NEW in v2.5.0) VANILLA SAFE mode: Warning display in Chat instead of GUI pop-up Warnings will be dispatched through chat and freeze the player until they acknowledge the warning. No use of GUI allows it to be vanilla safe! Acknowledge notification is fully customizable! (NEW in v2.5.0) AUTOMOD: Fully customizable command actions on X warning points Define any custom command to be executed at X warning point. This allows you to integrate with any other plugin for example mute, jails or whatever really. For example: set to mute on 2 warning points, kick on 4 warning points, teleport to jail on 6 warning points. NOTE: AutoMod actions are triggered incrementally by total warning points added to the player. This means if you configure Mute on 1 point and Kick on 3 points and give the player a warning worth 4 points, the player will be both kicked and muted. AutoMod feature can conveniently be configured together with AutoBan feature, but keep in mind to set the point/warning thresholds to line up properly. I.e. automod actions should not be on higher point level than autoban, because then player will be banned already before any actions are executed. (NEW in v2.5.5) Battlemetrics Bans & Warnings integration AutoBans will sync with Battlemetrics, duration, reason and note will be added to give context to what banned the player. Warnings will add note to the player in Battlemetrics, so you can easily track their warning history even through the BM console! Warnings will add a flag to the player in Battlemetrics, so you can easily differentiate players in the list who have warnings and not through the BM console! Click here for guide how to set up Battlemetrics integration. (NEW in v2.5.8) MySQL Database Support (allows Multi Server Warning Sync) You can now configure the plugin to use a MySQL Database as its data source. This will allow Warnings to be synced across multiple Rust servers if they are configured towards the same MySQL database. Planned future features Your ideas & feedback? Commands /warn <player name or id> "reason OR preset" Dispatches a warning with a custom reason or preset Requires permission: smartwarnings.admin /warn info <player name or id, leave blank to see yourself> Shows the amount of warnings, warning points and the individual warning details in chat. Requires permission: smartwarnings.admin to see other players. Default permission can only see their own warnings. /warn clear <player name or id> <id or ALL> Clear a specific warning ID by specifying the warning number, or specify ALL to clear all player warnings. (NEW in v2.5.0) Requires elevated permission: smartwarnings.admin.canclear /warn clan <clan tag> "reason OR preset" Dispatches a warning with a custom reason or preset to an entire clan (Requires Clans plugin) Requires permission: smartwarnings.admin /warn unfreezeall Unfreezes all players who are currently frozen due to not acknowledging any warnings, really only needs to be used in any emergency scenario where the player would not be unfrozen normally (Please report these scenarios, this command is purely proactive and will be removed when its not needed anymore) Requires permission: smartwarnings.admin Configuration { "Warning Presets": { "spam": { "Reason": "§1 - Spamming", "Points": 1, "ExpirationDays": 3.0 }, "toxic": { "Reason": "§2 - Toxic behaviour", "Points": 2, "ExpirationDays": 7.0 }, "sign": { "Reason": "§3 - Inappropriate signage", "Points": 2, "ExpirationDays": 7.0 }, "grief": { "Reason": "§4 - Griefing", "Points": 4, "ExpirationDays": 7.0 }, "group": { "Reason": "§5 - Group Limit violation", "Points": 5, "ExpirationDays": 7.0 } }, "System Settings": { "Max Warnings": 5, "Default Warning Expiration time (Days)": 7, "Announce Warnings in Global Chat": true, "Show players who issued the warning": true, "Server Name": "MyRustServer", "Clear all Warnings on Server Wipe": true, "Use MySQL database": false, "Warning Popup - GUI Enable - Set to false to use only chat (SAFE FOR VANILLA SERVER)": false, "Warning Popup - GUI Icon": "https://i.imgur.com/oImKq4X.png", "Warning Popup - GUI Opacity": 0.85, "Optional: Send anonymous analytics data about plugin usage": true, "Config Version": { "Major": 2, "Minor": 5, "Patch": 8 } }, "MySQL Database Settings": { "MySQL Host": "", "Port": 3306, "Database": "", "Username": "", "Password": "" }, "Battlemetrics Settings": { "API Token": "", "Organization ID": "", "Server ID": "", "Banlist ID": "" }, "Autoban Settings": { "How many points until automatic ban (Set 0 for Disable)": 0, "How many warnings until automatic ban (Set 0 for Disable, Recommended: Same as Max Warnings)": 0, "How long to ban in minutes (Set 0 for Permanent)": 2880, "Clear the players Warnings on AutoBan (Default: True)": true }, "Discord Settings": { "Webhook URL - Post Warnings to Discord (Leave blank to Disable)": "", "Webhook URL - Post Autobans to Discord (Leave blank to Disable)": "" }, "AutoMod Settings": { "Mute on 2 warning points": { "PointTrigger": 2, "ExecuteCommand": "mute {0} {1}", "ClearPointsOnTrigger": false }, "Kick on 4 warning points": { "PointTrigger": 4, "ExecuteCommand": "kick {0} {1}", "ClearPointsOnTrigger": true } } } Language Configuration The plugin allows a comprehensive customization of all text output for your needs. Edit the oxide/lang/en/SmartWarnings.json { "NO_PERM": "You don't have permission to use this command.", "NO_MATCH": "Could not find a match for player name or steamid", "GUI_BUTTON_ACKNOWLEDGE_WARNING": "I ACKNOWLEDGE THIS WARNING AND WILL FOLLOW THE RULES", "GUI_HEADER": "You have received a warning", "GUI_ISSUEDBY": "<color=#FFFFFF>Warning issued by {0} at {1}</color>", "GUI_ISSUEDAT": "<color=#FFFFFF>Warning issued at {0}</color>", "GUI_WARNING_TEXT": "<color=#cc0000>Repeated violations may lead to temporary or permanent banishment from this server.</color>\n\n<color=#d9d9d9>You should review the server rules immediately by typing /info in chat and clicking on the RULES tab.\nTo remove this pop-up, acknowledge this warning by clicking the button below.\nIf you feel this was an incorrect warning please reach out to our Staff via Discord.</color>", "CHAT_ACKNOWLEDGE_TEXT": "<color=#00FF00><size=12>Warning Acknowledged: You're now unfrozen and free to go.\n</size></color><size=9>Please review the server rules by typing /info in chat to avoid getting warned in the future.</color>\n\nIf you feel this was an incorrect warning please reach out to our Staff via Discord.</size>", "ANNOUNCE_WARNING_TEXT": "<color=#DC143C>{0} has been warned!\nFurther violations will lead to disciplinary action.</color>\n<color=#A9A9A9>Reason: {1}", "ANNOUNCE_WARNING_ISSUEDBY": "\n\n<size=10>Warning Issued by: {0}</size></color>", "REASON": "REASON", "AUTOBAN_PERMANENT_MESSAGE": "AutoBanned: You were permanently banned due to reaching max warnings.", "AUTOBAN_TEMPORARY_MESSAGE": "AutoBanned: You are banned until {0} due to reaching max warnings." } For example to change is the detailed warning text: You can edit the GUI_WARNING_TEXT row in the language file. Dependencies & Integrations Requires: DiscordMessages for Discord webhook functionality. Integrates with EnhancedBanSystem, autoban feature will detect if the plugin is installed and issue a ban with it, if not it will use the native Rust ban functionality. OPTIONAL: Plugin Usage Analytics The plugin optionally sends analytics about your server (Oxide version, Plugin version, Plugin configuration, Server Name, OwnerID and ModeratorID) to gauge usage of the plugin and to improve support. You can toggle this feature in the configuration.
  19. Version 3.0


    Features: It displays the count of: active players, max players, joining players, queue It will not show the count of joining players if noone is joining, same for queue Refresh interval and activity type can be changed in the config This is a server plugin which means you are not required to buy a discord bot host for this Setup guide: Add Oxide.Ext.Discord.dll to yourserver/RustDedicated_Data/Managed https://umod.org/extensions/discord Go to https://discord.com/developers/applications and create a new application. Go to the bot section and click add bot. Copy the bot token and add it to the config file. Choose your desired picture and name for the bot. Go to the OAuth2 tab and click on bot. This bot does not require any extensions. Invite your bot to your discord server with the link between scopes and permissions. Repeat the steps until you as many bots as rust servers. If you have some questions about my plugins feel free to join my discord server. I can also help you to set everything up or add a custom feature for you. https://discord.gg/efVKDG6z6F you can also add me if you don't want to join my discord: Farkas#6006
  20. fermens


    Version 1.0.0


    Raid alert in # Game [UI] # Rust+ # Discord # VK.COM # Telegram Need mod: DiscordAPI (https://umod.org/extensions/discord) Attention, first you need to turn off the server, then install the mod Chat command /raid UI The menu is not distorted when changing the screen resolution Messages edit in oxide/lang Localization const bool fermensEN = true; // true - ENGLISH PLUGIN | false - РУССКИЙ ПЛАГИН // 35 line in .cs file SETTING UP ALERTS IN DISCORD How create bot: https://discordpy.readthedocs.io/en/latest/discord.html How copy ChannelID: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/206346498-Where-can-I-find-my-User-Server-Message-ID- SETTING THE ALERTS IN VK.COM "API from the group" a short beginner's guide To get this key, go to the group, select the "Community Management" item in the menu, then the "Work with API" item and click the "Create Key" button, check the box "Allow the application to access community messages", click "Create". The resulting key is inserted into the plugin configuration file, the column "API". Fill in the columns! "Token (https://discordapp.com/developers/applications)" "Channel ID, where the player will take the code to confirm the profile" SETTING UP ALERTS IN TELEGRAM Add bot @botfather via telegram, press /start Write /newbot Come up with a name and write in response, as well as specify in the plugin config Write /mybots, select your bot and click API Token, copy it and specify it in the plugin config Reload plugin, done CONFIG { "Server name, will using for alerts": "HaxLite X10", "VK.com": { "Enable?": true, "API": "", "Cooldown for sending": 1200.0 }, "Rust+": { "Enable?": true, "Cooldown for sending": 600.0 }, "In game": { "Enable?": true, "Cooldown for sending": 60.0, "Send game effect when notification are received": "assets/prefabs/weapons/toolgun/effects/repairerror.prefab", "Time after the UI is destroyed": 4.0, "UI": "[{\"name\":\"UIA\",\"parent\":\"Overlay\",\"components\":[{\"type\":\"UnityEngine.UI.RawImage\",\"material\":\"assets/content/ui/uibackgroundblur.mat\", \"sprite\":\"assets/content/ui/ui.background.transparent.linearltr.tga\",\"color\":\"0 0 0 0.6279221\"},{\"type\":\"RectTransform\",\"anchormin\":\"1 0.5\",\"anchormax\":\"1 0.5\",\"offsetmin\":\"-250 -30\",\"offsetmax\":\"0 30\"}]},{\"name\":\"D\",\"parent\":\"UIA\",\"components\":[{\"type\":\"UnityEngine.UI.Image\",\"color\":\"1 0 0 0.392904\"},{\"type\":\"RectTransform\",\"anchormin\":\"0 0\",\"anchormax\":\"1 0\",\"offsetmin\":\"0 0\",\"offsetmax\":\"0 5\"}]},{\"name\":\"T\",\"parent\":\"UIA\",\"components\":[{\"type\":\"UnityEngine.UI.Text\",\"text\":\"{text}\",\"fontSize\":12,\"align\":\"MiddleLeft\",\"color\":\"1 1 1 0.8644356\"},{\"type\":\"RectTransform\",\"anchormin\":\"0 0\",\"anchormax\":\"1 1\",\"offsetmin\":\"5 0\",\"offsetmax\":\"-5 0\"}]},{\"name\":\"U\",\"parent\":\"UIA\",\"components\":[{\"type\":\"UnityEngine.UI.Image\",\"color\":\"1 0 0 0.3921569\"},{\"type\":\"RectTransform\",\"anchormin\":\"0 1\",\"anchormax\":\"1 1\",\"offsetmin\":\"0 -5\",\"offsetmax\":\"0 0\"}]}]" }, "Discord": { "Enable?": true, "Cooldown for sending": 600.0, "Token (https://discordapp.com/developers/applications)": "", "Channel ID, where the player will take the code to confirm the profile": "401360615521648663", "Info text": "Enter the received code in the integration menu for raid alerts.\nChat command /raid\nEnter it in the game itself, not in the discord!", "Info text - line color on the left": 14177041, "Text on button": "Get code", "Reply after button click": "Your code: {code}", "Don't touch this field": "938118623707430983" }, "Additional list": [ "wall.external.high", "wall.external.high.stone", "gates.external.high.wood", "gates.external.high.stone", "wall.window.bars.metal", "wall.window.bars.toptier", "wall.window.glass.reinforced", "wall.window.bars.wood" ], "Telegram": { "Enable?": true, "Cooldown for sending": 1200.0, "Bot tag": "@haxlite_bot", "Token": "" }, "Menu UI": { "Background color": "0.07843138 0.06666667 0.1098039 0.9490196", "Strip color": "0.8784314 0.9843137 1 0.5686275", "Rectangular container background color": "0.8901961 0.8901961 0.8901961 0.4156863", "Button text color": "1 1 1 0.9056942", "Text color": "1 1 1 1", "Green button color": "0.5450981 1 0.6941177 0.509804", "Red button color": "1 0.5450981 0.5450981 0.509804", "Gray button color": "0.8901961 0.8901961 0.8901961 0.4156863", "Header text color": "1 1 1 1", "Error text color": "1 0.5429931 0.5429931 0.787812", "Text color of <exit> and <back> buttons": "0.5938045 0.5789595 0.5789595 1", "Rectangular container text color": "1 1 1 0.7843137", "The color of the text with hints at the bottom of the screen": "1 1 1 0.6699298", "Abbreviations and their colors": { "Abbreviation for telegram": "TG", "Telegram icon color": "0.5479987 0.9459876 1 0.4156863", "Abbreviation for vk.com": "VK", "Vk.com icon color": "0.5803922 0.6627451 1 0.4156863", "Abbreviation for rust+": "R+", "Rust+ icon color": "1 0.5803921 0.6013725 0.4156863", "Abbreviation for discord": "DS", "Discord icon color": "0.6313726 0.5764706 1 0.4156863", "Abbreviation for in game": "UI", "In game icon color": "1 0.7843137 0.5764706 0.4156863" } } }
  21. Version 1.4.2


    A very simple, yet nice ticket bot. FEATURES - All embeds can be customized - Add up to 10 different types of tickets - Edit the ticket buttons however you want - Require people to be linked to open different types of tickets - Support SimpleLink, Steamcord, and PlatformSync - Require people to have specific roles to open tickets - Have different questions for each ticket - Have different staff allowed or not allowed to see each type of ticket - Check your stats on tickets - A button to check the user's steam profile that opened the ticket - Check if the user who has opened the ticket has any bans on battlemetrics - Add or remove users from tickets - Ban or unban users from opening tickets - Deem a ticket a successful report or not - Transcript logging - Sends a user a DM when a ticket is closed - ETC* The bot is very simple to install. The file includes a setup guide within it. All quite simple. Need support or want updates about what is coming to the bot? Join the support discord here https://discord.gg/RVePam7pd7
  22. Xray

    Admin Toggle

    Version 3.1.13


    Installation Place the AdminToggle.cs file in /oxide/plugins/ Place the XLIB.dll Dependency in /RustDedicated_Data/Managed/ Grant yourself the default permission o.grant user YOURNAME admintoggle.master the .master permission selector needs to be adapted to what you called the permission setting for the mode Information AdminToggle Allows admins with permission to toggle between player & admin mode Reset Command Open f1 console & write at.fix - Reverts you to player mode (the hard way) (Permission, Priority, Toggle Commands) - Must be unique Core Mode Featues Unlimited custom modes Customizable permission name Priority system for modes Master mode Oxide group toggling Custom commands to toggle Restriction system to specfic steam ids a certan mode Mode Settings (admin) Require a reason to toggle Autorun commands on toggle Separated inventories Teleport back to toggle location upon exiting Revert auth to 0 on disconnect Blocked commands Custom outfit while in mode Notifications (global-chat notification, local-chat notification, popup notification, sound perfab notification & Discord embed Notification) Interface toggle button, pulsing panel, action menu Blocked actions Blocked plugins hooks Mode Settings (player) Autorun commands on revert Notifications (global-chat notification, local-chat notification, popup notification, sound perfab notification & Discord embed Notification) Blocked commands Blocked plugins hooks API Hooks void admintoggle_onAdmin (BasePlayer player) { /*Do something epic*/ } void admintoggle_onPlayer (BasePlayer player) { /*Do something epic*/ } API Methods bool IsAdmin(BasePlayer player); object[] GetMode(BasePlayer player, bool TrueMode = false); /* IF player.userID IS ASSIGNED ANY MODE RETURNS TRUE IF player.userID IS NOT ASSIGNED ANY MODE RETURNS FALSE */ bool isAdmin = AdminToggle.Call<bool>("IsAdmin", player.userID); /* IF player IS NOT ASSIGNED MODE RETURNS NULL IF bool IS SET FALSE RETURNS CURRENT MODE -- object[0] permission (string), object[1] priority (int), object[2] isMaster (bool) IF bool IS SET TRUE RETURNS HIGHEST MODE -- object[0] permission (string), object[1] priority (int), object[2] isMaster (bool) */ object[] getMode = AdminToggle.Call<object[]>("GetMode", player, false); Default Configuration (1 mode) Known incompatible plugins Server Armour
  23. Version 1.0.0


    Discord Core adds some basic connections between your RUST and Discord server. It allows you to display player count, Discord to Game chat and send message to server or connected players. Features Allows you to connect user's RUST account to Discord account. Allows to send private messages to connected players. You can grant discord/game role to players who connected accounts. You can create Discord to RUST chat and display messages from RUST in Discord channel. Can display your player count in bot status. Allows you to send private and server messages through API. Important Notice To make this plugin works, you need to have Discord Extension and pre-made Discord Bot. Full tutorial how to make it is available on Discord Extension web page. The bot needs to be connected to only one server! Commands /discord - Generates or shows your discord connection code. (Editable in config) How to connect? To connect your Steam account to Discord, you need to generate the code through /discord command and send the code as a private message to your previously created bot. For Developers void API_SendPrivateMessage(string userId, string message) - If player is connected, it sends private message to connected discord user. void API_SendMessage(string channelId, string message) - Sends message to channel on discord. Default Configuration (Version 1.0.0) { "BOT API Token": "Paste Token Here!", "Commands": [ "discord", "dc", "connect" ], "Show Player Count In Status": false, "Connect Granted - Discord Group ID": "", "Connect Granted - RUST Group Name": "", "RUST Chat - Discord Channel ID": "", "RUST Chat - Discord Output Format": "**{0}** » *{1}*", "RUST Chat - RUST Output Format": "<color=#aaee32>[Discord]</color> <color=#5c81ed>{0}</color> » {1}" }
  24. Mr. Abbas


    Version 3.3.9


    After that, not everyone can use You can use it by coming to our Discord and creating a support request by giving your server ip address. and port new This is a plugin for the game Rust that allows players to receive information about the server's Discord server. Discord support Click Features: A join message that can be toggled on or off in the configuration file. A chat command called "discord" that players can use to receive the Discord server's invite link. A permission system to control who has access to the "discord" command. Here's an explanation of the code: The plugin uses the Oxide.Core and Oxide.Core.Libraries.Covalence libraries, as well as the Newtonsoft.Json and UnityEngine libraries. The plugin's class is called "Discord" and inherits from the RustPlugin class. The LoadDefaultConfig method is used to load the default configuration values for the plugin. It sets the values of showJoinMessage and discordInviteLink based on the values specified in the configuration file. If the values are not specified, it will use the default values specified in the method. The LoadDefaultMessages method is used to load default messages for the plugin, which can be translated into different languages. In this case, it contains messages for "JoinMessage" and "NoPermission". The plugin uses the "Chat Avatar" configuration value, which is set to "0" by default The OnPlayerConnected method is called every time a player connects to the server. If showJoinMessage is set to true, the player will receive a message welcoming them to the server. The TurboRankCommand method is the implementation of the "discord" chat command. It checks if the player has the "discord.use" permission before allowing them to use the command. If they do have the permission, they will receive the Discord server's invite link. If they do not have the permission, they will receive a message indicating that they do not have permission to use the command. The GetConfig method is a helper method used to retrieve values from the configuration file. It takes a name and a default value as arguments, and returns the value associated with the name in the configuration file, or the default value if the name is not present in the configuration file. The Lang method is a helper method used to retrieve messages from the plugin's messages file. It takes a key and an array of arguments as input and returns the formatted message.
  25. Havens

    Social Link

    Version 1.1.2


    Social Link Checkout the new version of Social Link here A site that allows the user to link their Discord/Steam account and get perks or rewards. Table of Contents Introduction Motivation Features Getting Started Requirements Installation Setup CRON Job Scheduling Dashboard Configuration Introduction Social Link is a site that allows the user to link their Discord/Steam account and get perks or rewards. It's a simple service that checks whether the user is present in the Steam group or/and in the Discord server (it can also assign a Discord role automatically), then it can send custom commands via RCON (compatible with multiple server). This project was primarily made for Rust servers administrators. Features Steam authentication Discord authentication Steam group checker Discord Guild checker Discord role assignment Sends custom RCON commands Possibility of having multiple Rust servers or RCON commands will be sent Option to Enable/Disable Steam Group Check / Discord Auth / Discord role assignment / RCON Commands Admin dashboard Discord Webhooks logs Possibility for the user to de-authenticated Possible for the admin to de-authenticated a user Custom Discord/Steam oxide group name Customization of the site name, logo, design, links (Discord / Steam group / store) Checking all users if they are in the Steam group and/or in Discord (Automated and Manual). Getting Started Requirements Ubuntu or Debian Nginx PHP SQLite Composer Node.js with npm Supervisor VPS with at least 2 GB of RAM and 2 cores. Installation Download the source code. Go to directory: cd Social-Link Create a database file with: touch database/social-link.sqlite Install: composer install Rename or copy env.example to .env: cp .env.example .env Generate a new application key php artisan key:generate You can find your Steam API key here. Discord Login Setup: Create new application here Go on OAuth2 and add redirect (use this format: "https://domain.com/discord/callback") Vk Login Setup: Create new application here Go on Manage -> Settings and add Authorised redirect URI: (use this format: "https://domain.com/vk/callback") Before continuing, you must modify the ".env" otherwise the rest will not work. This information is essential to be modified in the .env, other information will have to be modified on the dashboard. DB_DATABASE= # full path to your db file "/path/to/project/database/social-link.sqlite" ADMIN_STEAM_ID= # The first user who will have the admin role (you will have the option to add another admin later). STEAM_KEY= # The steam API key to authenticate via Steam. STEAM_REDIRECT_URI= # The redirect URL (it must be in this format: https://domain.com/auth/steam/callback) # If you want to use Discord: DISCORD_CLIENT_ID= # CLIENT ID to authenticate via discord DISCORD_CLIENT_SECRET= # CLIENT SECRET to authenticate via discord (NOT THE TOKEN BOT) DISCORD_REDIRECT_URI= # Redirection URL (it must be in this format: https://domain.com/discord/callback) # If you want to use VK (VKontakte) (https://vk.com/apps?act=manage): VKONTAKTE_CLIENT_ID= # App ID VKONTAKTE_CLIENT_SECRET= # Secure key VKONTAKTE_REDIRECT_URI= # Redirection URL (it must be in this format: https://domain.com/vk/callback) Once you have completed the .env file: Setup database tables: php artisan migrate:fresh --seed Install Node dependencies: npm install && npm run prod Job Scheduling To send RCON commands and check all users if they are in the steam group and/or in the discord in the background, you need to install Supervisor or use a tools like Forge or Ploi. Setup CRON (Automatic Check) Open crontab: sudo crontab -e Append: * * * * * php /path/to/project/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1 "/path/to/project/artisan" becomes whatever directory you've set in your nginx config file Dashboard Configuration Now you have everything configured you must log in. Go to the homepage (your-domain.com) and click on Get Started. Once logged in, go your-domain.com/admin, then go to Settings & Servers and edit the information! How to update To update Social Link, keep the .env and the database/social-link.sqlite file and recreate a directory, put the contents of the archive and put back the two kept files then run this command: composer install && php artisan migrate && npm i && npm run dev


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