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About Whitelist

Just a simple Whitelist plugin to limit who may join your server if you want to keep it private.

Leave the config as generated and join the server to start setting up with commands.

To setup in-game (default commands):

1- Leave all settings as they are generated upon plugin loading.
2- Join the server as Owner / Moderator, your Steam ID will automatically be added to the whitelist file.
3- Grant the permission "whitelist.admin" to anyone you want to have control over the whitelist.
4- Enter the command "/addwlist 123456789" replace 123456789 with the steam64ID of the players you want to have access.
5- Enjoy your private server.

Removing players from the whitelist is the same as adding, just with the command "/removewlist 123456789".


- whitelist.admin - Allows anyone with this permission to run any of the plugin commands.

Chat Commands:

- /whitelist - Enable / disable whitelist.
- /addwlist someothersteam64ID - Adds that player to the whitelist.
- /removewlist someothersteam64ID  - Removes that player to the whitelist.

Console Commands:

- wlist <add/remove> <steamid>
- wlist toggle <enable/disable>

Default Config:

  "Change Commands": {
    "Disable / enable whitelist": "whitelist",
    "Add players to whitelist": "addwlist",
    "Remove players from the whitelist": "removewlist"
  "Main Options": {
    "Whitelist Enabled": true,
    "Auto Enable Whitelist on new wipe": true
  "Connection denied message": "Sorry this server is whitelist access only, Contact the server admin to gain access.",
  "Discord Prefix": "Whitelist: ",
  "Discord WebHook": "https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/228383668-Intro-to-Webhooks"


Default Data:

  "WhitelistedPlayerSteam64ID": []


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