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Helicopter Rendering Fix 0.0.1

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Once Global Rendering finally gets released this plugin will be mostly useless, however it will at least render players properly and they won't pop into existence. It will also help a lot with the issue of players held items re-equipping when flying too fast (aka flying into an unloaded area that then gets loaded).

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About Helicopter Rendering Fix

Basically this plugin fixes the rendering bullshit that is Rust when it comes to flying vehicles (Attack Heli, Scrap Transport Helicopter, and Minicopter). View video below for an example of what it actually looks like in game. In my opinion, this is something that should have happened much sooner given how drastic of a improvement it is. ALSO this plugin unintentionally almost entirely fixes the issue of having players equipped items re-equip while flying to fast, which is a result of flying into an area that is not loaded yet, then gets loaded.

Code Speak: Plugin projects forward a position based on the players speed and direction as a result, it loads that area in front of the player which allows them to see players, buildings, animals, etc. To prevent overloading the network, it has a (by default but configurable) 1 second delay between each update (each render). The distance forward it projects is also configurable for servers who have faster or slower helicopters.

NOTE: The speed of Minicopters is increased on this server, so keep that in mind. However, it also goes to show how much it can improve visibility.


Default Config:

  "The minimum speed required for this to take effect. (Increasing this will make it so the helicopter needs to be faster to trigger this effect)": 20.0,
  "Distance forward to render.": 3.75,
  "The minimum amount of time before attempting to load the area in front of the player.": 1.0,
  "The value required to load the area in front of the player. Determined by speed.": 37.5


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