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About No Free Spray

This Harmony Plugin prevents ALL players who own the spray can from being able to use ONLY free spraying with the spray can. This means it still allows both the reskinning of entities, and allows the spray images (the ones similar to CS:GO). It will only prevent the use of the free spray, the one that allows a user to draw with the spray can.

This means for servers who disabled the Spray Can because it was allowing players to spray things they shouldn't now can enable it! 

My next goal is to make it so staff (BasePlayer.Developer/BasePlayer.Admin) are allowed to use it if they own it, but regular players are not, so long as its possible.

Just place this plugin in your plugins folder like any other plugin. This plugin does use harmony, but does so while still remaining a .cs file. As such, it needs to be placed in the plugins folder. DO NOT put it into the harmonymods folder, as it will not work.

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