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Price Revision!
I believe this product should be cheaper than originally posted for, as my goal is not really to make bank on my products, its to give these plugins at a fair price given their originality, complexity, time taken to create, and functionality.

For this reason, I believe a price of $1.99 is more fair than a price of $2.49.

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About Gib Remover

This plugin allows you to remove the gibs from almost everything in the game whenever it gets destroyed. It is also fully customizable for the best server/user experience.

Note: I personally recommend just using default config unless you want certain things to have gibs while not wanting certain other things to have gibs.
Default Config:

  "Remove ALL gibs from destroying/removing something. (Including something decaying)": true,
  "Remove gibs from exploded entities.": false,
  "Remove gibs from ent killed entities.": false,
  "Remove gibs from entities killed by cargo driving through base.": false,
  "Remove gibs from modular car being killed.": false,
  "Remove gibs from modular car being hurt.": false,
  "Remove gibs from inflatable things (Innertube/boogie board).": false,
  "Remove gibs from loot containers after being looted fully by a player.": false,
  "Remove gibs from loot containers killed by Patrol Heli/Bradley.": false,
  "Remove gibs from entities when using a hammer to demolish them.": false,
  "Remove gibs from entities when not enough Stability.": false,
  "Remove gibs from tool-cupboard when placing in another building privilege zone.": false,
  "Remove gibs from entities when their ground is missing.": false,
  "Remove gibs from traincars when they die.": false,
  "Remove gibs from barricades blocking the train (EX: the blockades in tunnels underground).": false,
  "Remove gibs from boats when the pool they are in get destroyed.": false

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