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Horse Breeds 1.1.0

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About Horse Breeds

Allows players to change the breed of the horse they are currently riding.

  -- Allows players to use chat command /horse <breed type>

  -- Allows players to use the commands for free


Chat Commands
/horse {breed type}


Console Commands
horse {player} {breed type}


Breed Types
(can use either number or name with commands)
0 - Appalosa
1 - Bay
2 - Buckskin
3 - Chestnut
4 - Dapple Grey
5 - Piebald
6 - Pinto
7 - Red Roan
8 - White Thoroughbred
9 - Black Thoroughbred

For more information about Breed Statistics, visit this page at Rust Labs: https://rustlabs.com/entity/horse#tab=breeds;sort=0,0,1



  "Use ServerRewards": false,
  "Use Economics": false,
  "Use Item as Currency": false,
  "Item Short Name": "scrap",
  "Horse Breed Costs": {
    "Dapple Grey": 20.0,
    "Red Roan": 20.0,
    "Appalosa": 30.0,
    "Bay": 30.0,
    "Buckskin": 30.0,
    "Pinto": 30.0,
    "Chestnut": 40.0,
    "Piebald": 40.0,
    "White Thoroughbred": 50.0,
    "Black Thoroughbred": 50.0


Setting up for use with a Server store (i.e. ServerRewards /s store)
It is recommended to set the command price in the store settings as 0, and change the pricing in the HorseBreeds.json config. This way it will not charge a player for purchasing a command when not mounted on a horse. If both settings for ServerRewards and Economics are set to false, then the commands will be free to use.


Examples of Commands
Player Chat Commands
/horse 8  -- changes current horse to a White Thoroughbred
/horse pinto  -- changes current horse to a Pinto
/horse red  -- changes current horse to a Red Roan

Console Commands
horse ilakskil black  -- changes ilakskil's horse to a Black Thoroughbred and charges the corresponding amount if ilakskil does not have horsebreeds.bypass
horse ilak 4  -- changes ilakskil's horse to a Dapple Grey and charges the corresponding amount if ilakskil does not have horsebreeds.bypass

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