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  1. ilakskil

    Scarecrow kills

    Sorry, I never got the notifications of your replies and I had a hectic week! Looks like you got it though, I was using ZombieHorde by k1lly0u for that. It's set up to spawn scarecrows instead of murderers, no idea why, but that's how he set it up. I'll upload the new update and let you know if there's any issues.
  2. ilakskil

    Scarecrow kills

    This appears to only be a bug in v2.2.76. I reverted back to v2.2.75 and the issue went away. Noticed that sometimes when killing scarecrows it will give players a reward for a Player (pvp) kill. I checked the plugin (ZombieHorde) and it was spawning scarecrows. Even spawning in NPC Players would give NPC kill rewards. Must have something to do with the NPC update in the new version.
  3. ilakskil

    Keypad electric shock damage

    Just noticed that when players are trying to code raid, the electric shock from guessing wrong does not damage them.
  4. okay no worries, and thanks!
  5. Why was this thread closed? Players are still unable to use F1 Kill, and a self-damage flag is super useful.
  6. I was under the expectation that turning the Flag on for "SamSitesIgnorePlayers": True, will have player built sams not target anything, but they still are for me.
  7. No matter how I configure the file, SamSites continue to target players. I have it enabled in global flags, and I've tried everything with other settings for traps, turrets, and copters, but nothing seems to actually work. However, I do still want the static sam sites, the ones at launch, to target and kill people.

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