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About MLRS Damage

A must have for PVE servers!

Allows you to modify the damage rate of the MLRS for Player bases, raidable/abandonded bases, and NPCs. Also allows you to adjust the cooldown timer of the MLRS.

Console Commands

  • mlrsdamage.damage <amount> - Changes damage multiplier amount.
  • mlrsdamage.cooldown <amount>   - Changes server cooldown timer for MLRS
  • mlrsdamage.pvp <true/false>   - Enable/Disable player pvp damage done by MLRS
  • mlrsdamage.pvpbase <true/false>   - Enable/Disable player base damage done by MLRS
  • mlrsdamage.raidable <true/false>   - Enable/Disable raidable/abandoned base damage done by MLRS
  • mlrsdamage.npc <true/false>   - Enable/Disable NPC damage done by MLRS
  • mlrsdamage.rockets <amount>   - Change total capacity of rockets able to be stored/fired by MLRS



  "MLRS Settings": {
    "MLRS Damage Multiplier": 1.0,                              // scale at which the MLRS does damage
    "Allow Damage to Player entities": true,                    // allow damage to player owned entities
    "Allow Damage to Players": true,                            // allow damage to players
    "Allow Damage to Raidable and Abandoned Bases": true,       // allow damage to Raidable or Abandoned Bases
    "Allow Damage to NPCs": true,                               // allow damage to NPCs on the map
    "MLRS Cooldown time (in minutes)": 10.0                     // cooldown timer for MLRS, default is 10
    "Total Rockets for MLRS to fire": 12                        // total number of rockets to shoot in a single barrage, default is 12


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