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About Planter Box Events

Planter Box Events - this plugin will add unique farming events to your server. Players will need to keep an eye on their farms so that it doesn't go up in flames or the seedlings aren't destroyed by chickens.

If you have idea about other events that could be implemented, let me know in DMs or discussion section.


  "Chicken event properties": {
    "Damage per second": 1.5,
    "Chance to start event (range: 0 - 1, -1 to off event)": 0.1
  "Fire event properties": {
    "Damage per second": 2.5,
    "Chance to start event (range: 0 - 1, -1 to off event)": 0.1
  "Time interval in seconds between each attempt to initialize events": 60.0

planterboxevents.use - events will be applied to the owners of planter boxes with this permission.

How it works?



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