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About UMapMarkers

UMapMarkers is a powerful and versatile server map marker system designed for Rust, utilizing the game's built-in map markers. Create and manage custom map markers with ease, enhancing your server's gameplay experience.

Plugin Configuration

Configure your custom map markers using the following structure:

  "MapMarkers": [
    "WorldPosition": {
      "x": 0.0,
      "y": 0.0,
      "z": 0.0
      "Icon": 0,
      "ColourIndex": 0,
      "Label": "My cool custom marker",
      "Radius": 0.0,
      "RadiusColor": null
    "WorldPosition": {
      "x": 150.0,
      "y": 0.0,
      "z": 150.0
      "Icon": 2,
      "ColourIndex": 3,
      "Label": "Custom marker number two 234?",
      "Radius": 1.0,
      "RadiusColor": "#ff0000aa"


umapmarkers.use - Grants access to the /marker command.


/marker add <key name> <icon id> <color id> <radius> <radius color> <display name> - Adds a marker at the player's position.

/marker remove <key name> - Removes a marker by its key name.

/marker addconfig <icon id> <color id> <radius> <radius color> <display name> - Adds new marker into config at player position.

Marker Icons and Colors

Choose from a variety of icons and colors to personalize your map markers:


Icon IDs:

Point: 0
Dollar: 1
Home: 2
AirDrop: 3
Target: 4
Defence: 5
Death: 6
SleepingBag: 7
Sleep: 8
Gun: 9
Ore: 10
Crate: 11

Color IDs:

Yellow: 0
Blue: 1
Green: 2
Red: 3
Pink: 4
Cyan: 5

API Functions

private string API_CreateMapMarker([CanBeNull]BasePlayer player, Vector3 position, int type, int color, string text, float radius, string radiusColor, bool custom) 
// Creates a map marker. If you set player arg to null, then marker will be shown to every player on the map. Returns created marker id.

private void API_RemoveMapMarker([CanBeNull]BasePlayer player, string markerId, bool custom) 
// Removes a map marker.


Need help or custom plugin for your server?
Contact me using Discord: metangerine


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