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About Block Rust+ Abuse

This plugin removes the sending of map markers through the API, which prevents users from using services such as RustLink from tracking when cargo, crates, heli, or other things spawn or despawn from the map.

This should block the functionality of:
Abused tracking of Vending Machines
Abused tracking of the Bradley APC
Abused tracking of Oil Rig Crates
Abused tracking of Helicopters
Abused tracking of Chinooks
Abused usage of the Team Chat via 3rd Parties


This plugin also allows for the specific blocking/unblocking of:
-Explosion Markers (Downed Heli Locations, etc)
-Vending Machine Markers
-Patrol Helicopter Marker
-Crate Location Marker
-CargoShip Marker
-Chinook Marker
-Player Markers

Edit the boolean values within the plugin to toggle the above markers.

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