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Furnace Full Smelt 0.0.2

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About Furnace Full Smelt

This plugin makes it so all ore slots in a furnace are smelted when the furnace is on. Also allows for dynamic smelting speed based on how many slots are used.

DynamicSmeltingSpeed (default: false) - Allows you to dynamically change how fast the furnace smelts ores by increasing smelt speed when less slots are used. For example, if 1/5 slots are used, the one slot will smelt 5x as fast. If 3/5 slots are used, each slot will smelt 3x faster. If all 5/5 slots are full, each slot will smelt at (1x) vanilla speeds. For clarification, regardless of how many slots are taken, the furnace will always produce the same amount of output in a given time.

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