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Team Queue System 1.0.0

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About Team Queue System

This plugins allows a queue system based in teams and players online per team instead of general server queue.

You can define the amount of teams available, the amount of players connected per team allowed, and some more parameters to personlize the pluging to your needs.



All the commands are console commands.

  • createTeam <team name> -> Creates a new team in the configuration.
  • deleteTeam <team name> -> Deletes a team and all the players associated to it.
  • addPlayer  <steamID64>  <team name> -> Adds a player (steamID64) to the introduced team.
  • deletePlayer  <steamID64>  <team name> -> Deletes a player from allowed and from the team.
  • clearAllTeams -> Resets all the teams and all the player-team associations.
  • onlinePlayersEachTeam <int> -> Defines how many players online per team are allowerd.
  • adminbypass <on|off> -> Defines if admins and mods must have team configurations.


How to start

Team Queue System is a easy-to-start plugin.

After uploading the ".cs" file to the server, configure the main parameters.

adminbypass <on|off>


onlinePlayersEachTeam <int>


Now start creating as much teams as you wish.

createTeam <team name>


Once you have created the teams, start adding the players with their steamID64.

addPlayer <steamID64> <team name>


Players are now ready to connect to the server and teams are defined.


Once the max amount of online players per team is reached, additional team members will be unable to connect until a space is free in the team.


If you have any question, feel free to ask.

All the suggestions are welcome!


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