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Heli Belt System 1.0.0

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About Heli Belt System

This plugins adds a belt system usable for minicopters.

Using /belt by a player enables the belt and disables the spacebar key press to get off the minicopter.

By entering /belt again belt is disabled and player can dismount from the minicopter.

All the configuration is saved in a datafile so it persists during the complete wipe.



1) Get the permission in console for an admin 

o.grant user <Username> HeliBelt.admin

2) ingame type /beltclear to clear file.

3) Ready, players can use belt!



/belt -> Open to all command. Toggles Belt On /Off

/beltDefault -> Only users with HeliBelt.admin permission granted. Displays the default value for belt when a user doesnt have his own value.

/beltclear -> Only users with HeliBelt.admin permission granted. Clears the belt configuration file data.


Next updates:

- Button in minicopter to turn on pressing E.

- Belt for other vehicles, configurable by admin.

- Belt for passenger.

- Belt sound when turn on / off.


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