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Rusty: Admin Tools 0.5.2

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About Rusty: Admin Tools

Introducing... Rusty: Admin Tools! A brand new plugin built to assist administrators with administration.


  • Pacify - Disables a player from causing damage to other players
  • Reflect - Disables a player from causing damage to other players & reflects that damage onto them
  • NoFarm - Disables a player's farming ability
  • NoMeds- Disable a player from using medical items
  • SkyFall - Drops a player from a large height

What's Upcoming:

  • DropIt - Forces the player to drop their entire inventory (coming soon)
  • Sit - Teleports and forces the player to sit in a chair so you can have a little chat with them (coming soon)
  • And many more commands!


rustyadmintools.use -- Be able to use the commands


In the event that you need help with this plugin, do not be afraid to make a support ticket or PM me on the site!


This plugin is in a very early beta and is not the final product. Expect bugs and changes. If you encounter any bugs, please contact me via the ways listed under SUPPORT and I'd be glad to fix them

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