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Disable Sandbox 1.0.0

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About Disable Sandbox

Oxide has (finally) removed the sandbox, so this plugin is no longer necessary.


A helper plugin to quickly disable the Oxide sandbox with reflection, without creating files manually or restarting the server.

Once dragged into the plugins folder, the sandbox will be immediately disabled. You won't need to restart the server. However, if you launch your server and it loads all your plugins at once, you may need to reload the unsandboxed plugins to re-compile them if it's the first time your server is loading.

Why Disable The Sandbox?

Oxide's sandbox tries to block certain functions to make it a bit harder to run malicious code, but it also blocks developers from doing any actual modding outside of Oxide. The sandbox is also fairly pointless as it isn't secure. This plugin, and any others, can disable it trivially, even on shared hosting, which means it's just getting in the way.

This is why sites like CodeFling review plugins for security to make sure what you download isn't a virus. If you download a plugin from somewhere without moderation (CF, Lone, or uMod are all fine), it's not safe unless you verify it yourself---even with the sandbox on. Running random plugins from people you don't trust is the same as running a random `.exe` on your computer. Even "safe" sandboxed plugins can do nasty things to your server, like give hackers backdoor access to your RCON.

You can read more on how to disable the sandbox the normal way here.

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