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Oxide Harmonizer 1.0.0

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This is a Harmony mod. It goes in the HarmonyMods folder.

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About Oxide Harmonizer

Simple QoL utility for Oxide that will automatically patch and unpatch Harmony patches contained inside plugin files when the plugin is loaded and unloaded.

This allows easy Harmony modding in reloadable plugins without having to copy paste 20+ lines of code into every single plugin that uses Harmony. After you install it, you can delete all the repetitive code and have simple reloadable patches.

Patching Harmony patches in plugins is done after OnPluginLoaded. Unpatching is done after OnPluginUnloaded. This utility takes care to not patch plugins that already create a HarmonyInstance and patch themselves, but if it can't detect it somehow, you may end up with double patching.

Note: this also disables Oxide sandbox automatically. You need to disable Oxide sandbox anyway to use Harmony regardless, so this is just for your convenience if you want to drag-and-drop this and start harmony-modding.

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