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Rust Wipe Tool Master


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About Rust Wipe Tool Master

Rust Wipe Tool Master is a tool for server owners or admins who run their Rust server on Windows based machines, be it locally or on a server, that want to save some time on wipe days.

4 easy steps:

#1 - Simply enter the location of the server identity you wish to wipe.
#2 - Get the list of files for plugins installed on your server with the "Get Plugin Files" button.
#3 - Select which files you wish to delete for the wipe.
#4 - Click "Wipe Server" and confirm.

Your server is now wiped, simply change your map size or seed as you like and boot up your server.

Disclaimer: There are files that will show up on your list that if you delete it could break your server, know what files you are deleting and what they are for.

Any comments, suggestions or if you need help, message me!


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