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Found 7 results

  1. Mals

    Lights On

    Version 2.0.26


    Automate devices and light sources to turn on and off depending on the time of day and toggle them from anywhere using the provided chat and console commands. You can also configure lights to consume no fuel when on and each type is easily configurable in the config file. Permissions lightson.allowed Granting that to a group or player allows them to toggle the lights for the entire server (Admin level). Example: o.grant group admin lightson.allowed Console Commands lights on - Turn on specified lights (either all for all entities or a specific name) lights off - Turn off specified lights (either all for all entities or a specific name) lights check - Check the lights after reloading the config to allow changes without reload There is a second parameter where you can specify a portion of the light source short name to force all of them to the on or off state ignoring the config. Example: lights on fireplace -- Turn on all fireplaces regardless of the config settings Chat Commands /lights on - Turn on specified lights (either all for all entities or a specific name) /lights off - Turn off specified lights (either all for all entities or a specific name) /lights check - check the lights after reloading the config to allow changes without reload There is a second parameter where you can specify a portion of the light source short name to force all of them to the on or off state ignoring the config. Example: /lights check candle -- Turn on all candles if the the flag is appropriate for the time of day Configuration The settings and options for this plugin can be configured in the LightsOn.json file under the oxide/config directory. The use of a JSON editor or validation site such as jsonlint.com is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors. Console Output set to false will stop messages (other than errors and night toggles) from logging in to the console. These can be set in the JSON, which lets you determine what is turned off and on automatically: BBQs BoomBoxes (deployed and portable) Campfires Candles Cauldrons Ceiling Lights CCTVs Deluxe Christmas Lights Elevators Fire Pits Fireplaces Flasher Lights Fluid Splitters Fog Machines Furnaces Hobo Barrels Heaters Igniters Industrial Lights (Lamps) Lanterns (which include Chinese Lanterns, Tuna Can Lamps, Lanterns, and Jack'O Lanterns) Laser Detectors Laser Lights Mixing Tables Neon Signs Reactive Targets Refineries RF Broadcasters RF Receivers Searchlights Simple Lights Siren Lights Smart Alarm Smart Switch Snow Machine Spooky Speakers Storage Alarms Strobe Lights Telephones Vehicle Lifts Water Pumps Water Purifiers Electric Water Purifiers Valid values are a - always on, d - on during the day only, n - on during the night only, i - do not process this entity. To avoid automatically turning off active processing, there is protection you can set to true for the following: BBQs Campfires Cauldrons Fire Pits Fireplaces Furnaces Hobo Barrels Mixing Tables Refineries If there is anything inside these (including fuel), they will not have their state changed. You can still force them off by the name. For example: /lights off furnace Additional control parameters: Console Output Check Frequency (10-600) Dusk Time (0-24) Dawn Time (0-24) Use Zone Manager Plugin Boom boxes On (to toggle them to play) Notes Exciting New Feature: Now, with optional instant cooking, fuel can be optional, cook anything in anything, and no burnt food. New configuration for instant cooking, optional fuel, and cooking anything. Simple toggle on, and it will instantly cook the contents. The most over-powered cooking in Rust. If you use this feature, you do not need to set Protection to true, as it will not be needed. Cooking includes all "oven" functions (food, ore, and crude oil). New Feature: Players can toggle on/off any light that is not electric based if it is empty. Useful for cave bases and emergency lighting. Note: if the item is set to ignore, you can't do this. Note: the timed process will turn it back on/off the next time it runs. Quick Hack for players to note: placing any items in an "oven" with protections set to true will prevent the light source from being toggled by the plugin. So you could turn on/off an oven and then place a single stone (for example), and it will stay in that state. Note Ovens include furnaces, cauldrons, BBQ, campfire, fireplace, fire pits, oil refineries, and hobo barrels. Operators, please note the protection flag now has two uses. Hopefully, this is acceptable. A big thank you to Wulf and k1lly0u for their awesome lights plugins. If you need fine-grained control of lights, they are both superior options. If you want fuel use for lighting, then AutoFuel is an awesome choice. My understanding of lights came directly from reading these plugins, and they inspired me to make this low load and slightly more inclusive of entities plugin. If it generates lights or effects, I tried to include it. I include a lot of non-light devices (Water Pumps, Fog Machine, Snow Machine, Spooky Speakers, Strobe Lights) to allow operators to have fun with players. I am open to suggestions to improve this plugin as long as it does not hurt performance. I use it on my PVE server, and it has a lot of lights. By using "always on" the load of the lights is light on the server. It can still be brutal on the client due to the graphics load. Night Toggle (turning the lights on and off is reasonably efficient, but can spike server load). It is nice for role-playing, but use "always on" if you want the best server-side performance. This plugin is not designed to support user-level permissions. The only permission is for admin access. This is to minimize the overhead for efficient processing. There are alternatives with permissions if you want it as a VIP perk. Please do not ask for player permissions. It will not be added. If the server lights are on (either via "always on" or the night toggle is on) and you place a light source you have selected to be on, it is turned on when placed. This avoids having to periodically turn the lights on to catch newly placed lights. This alters fuel requirements to zero through the methods it is using to toggle the lights since you are removing player agency around fuel usage. Note: Furnaces etc., turned on will not process their contents. Just look active and produce light. You are giving free light, but not free processing (unless you activate InstaCook). Simply turn them off and back on for normal processing. It is important to let players know this, as they may initially be confused or frustrated. Since this plugin is toggling animation flag states (where ever possible), it allows things like hobo barrels to light up with no fuel in them. It does some "hacky" flag settings to avoid needing fuel in other light sources. It is not elegant, but efficient. If you want free fuel, NoFuelRequirements or AutoFuel are good solutions, this plugin tries to avoid altering the fuel level in entities other than hats and jack o lanterns. I only add fuel where the toggle of animation state trick is not working in that use case. It is best to set any item being processed by another plugin to ignore to avoid conflicts. Hats and Jack O Lanterns usually require at least one fuel in them to allow players to toggle them. Toggling Lanterns (which includes Jack O Lanterns) with the commands do not need fuel. If you are using the commands to turn a light source on, and it is already on, it is not altered. If you are turning a light source off with the commands, and it is already off, it is not altered. Toggling lights on should not mess up processing content, as their state is not changed. It will mess up processing if you toggle off and then back on for an entity that processes things (grills, furnaces, refineries, campfires, fire pits, and fireplaces). Since I added the Night Toggle feature, I also added Protection for light sources that also process contents. I would recommend you leave these to true. Doing so will not turn these off when dawn happens. That is, to avoid annoying players by interrupting their processing. The side effect is they will always appear if they are set to automatically turn on in the configuration. Choose carefully what you will configure to be controlled if you plan to use the off command or Night Toggle. If you are going to use the off command, I recommend you do not include Furnaces, Grills, or Refineries, as it will stop processing if they are in legitimate use. If folks tend to cook in campfires, fire pits, and fireplaces, you may want to skip them as well if you plan to use the off command. Honest, I normally just turn items not normally used to do processing on and leave them on, as it has the smallest server load and will not annoy players. It is important to consider the consequences of turning things off or toggling them on and off. Check Frequency controls how often the plugin checks for the night or to toggle the lights in seconds. It has a relatively small load unless there are lights to process. If you want the lights on at a very precise time, then a lower number (more frequent check) will help increase the accuracy. I like to light up all the hobo barrels on the map to give a nice effect. That is why I originally wrote this. It should cover all light sources, please let me know if any are missing. I will do my best to ensure this keeps functioning as entities keep changing. The light source name tries to match, so "a" would match all light sources with "a" in their name. Use "all" to force all lights server-wide regardless of the configuration setting. Support for Zone manager via adding zones to \oxide\data\LightsOn-Zones.json Example: ["supermarket_1","supermarket_2","gas_station_1","miningoutpost_1","miningoutpost_2","supermarket_3","gas_station_2","gas_station_3","miningoutpost_3","sphere_tank","launch_site"] LightsOn.json
  2. Version 1.0.0


    ComTimer is a plugin that runs console commands after an amount of time. Good for automating events quickly and easily Set the commands you want to run into the config list. Set a timer upper limit and a timer lower limit and the plugin will pick a number between and countdown... on completion it will run a command from the list and start the whole process over again. any command that you can run in rcon you can run with this. Configuration Default configuration is as follows: { "Command List": [], "Upper Time In Seconds": 500.0, "Lower Time In Seconds": 200.0 } Setting a single command: { "Command List": ["say Welcome to the server"], "Upper Time In Seconds": 500.0, "Lower Time In Seconds": 200.0 } Setting more then one command: { "Command List": ["say Welcome to the server","callheli","giveall scrap 1"], "Upper Time In Seconds": 500.0, "Lower Time In Seconds": 200.0 } Works well with plugins like CustomHeliTiers if the plugin doesn't have its own spawn timer: { "Command List": ["callheli 1","callheli 2","callheli 3","callheli 4","callheli 5","callheli 6"], "Upper Time In Seconds": 500.0, "Lower Time In Seconds": 200.0 }
  3. Version 2.3.0


    This script will install a Rust Server on your Windows machine all within one file. The following things are supported and handled by the script: SteamCMD Installation Release and Staging Branch Support Custom Map Support - With the choice of adding the RustEdit DLL during install. Oxide Support (Release Branch Only) Defining an admin post install Creation of StartServer.bat, UpdateServer.bat, and WipeServer.bat files based on user values. How to Use Launch the RustServerInstaller.bat file. Follow the listed prompts. Be sure to use actual file paths (Ex: C:\RustServer) Note: If you do not specify a value for something, the default value will be chosen. For assistance, please open a support case here on Codefling or message me on Discord: lilciv#2944 This script heavily depends on the use of cURL. The following OS versions are supported out of the box: Windows 10 (builds after 17063 - run winver to ensure you're up to date) Windows 11 Windows Server 2019 For Windows Server 2016, 2012R2 and Windows 8/8.1 support, you need to install cURL. (see https://curl.se/download.html) Alternatively, you can use my Powershell edition for older operating systems found on my GitHub - this will work on all of the operating systems listed above. FYI: If you use any sort of Antivirus program that manages SSL certificates, you will need to disable it for this script to run properly. Kaspersky and Bitdefender seem to be two common ones causing issues. Note: If you change your Server Identity name after running the script (the default is "RustServer") - you will need to adjust two lines in the WipeServer.bat file: Line 17 (cd /d server/identity) - change the identity name to your new one. Line 30 (cd /d server/identity) - change the identity name to your new one. Note: It is not recommended to move the install directory of your server after the script has run, as the UpdateServer.bat file will no longer function as expected. While you can manually update the file to reference the new directory, it is generally easier and recommended to run the script from scratch to complete a fresh Rust Server install, and then copy over your server and oxide folders, ensuring your identity name remains the same. Custom Maps One thing to note about using Custom Maps: Custom Maps MUST have a direct downloadable link, meaning the link must immediately start the map download. For example, https://www.dropbox.com/s/ig1ds1m3q5hnflj/proc_install_1.0.map?dl=1 is a direct download link. For Dropbox links, ensure that the end of the link has "dl=1" and not "dl=0" How To Join Your Server To join your new server, you'll need to type one of the following commands into the Rust F1 console: If your server is hosted on the machine that you are running Rust from: client.connect localhost:ServerPort An example of what you would type when using the default Server Port of 28015: client.connect localhost:28015 If your server is hosted on another machine in your local network: client.connect MachineIP:ServerPort An example of what you would type when using the default Server Port of 28015: client.connect How To Let Others Outside Your Network Join To let others outside your local network join your server, you will need to forward the UDP Server Port to your server machine. Along with this, in many cases you will need to allow the required ports through the Windows Defender Firewall. While every Router/Firewall is different, please watch SRTBull's video explaining the process. YouTube Overview Video By SRTBull
  4. I'm looking for a plugin that handles spectate : I want the plugin to have a pre-set time, changeable by command. It needs to move to the next player to spectate after a set time. Optional extra : Ignore players who are AFK/ otherwise not moving around. 2nd Optional extra: An onscreen button that records a demo when pressed and stores the file with the format [Playername][Date][Time].dem
  5. Version


    Rust Wipe Tool Master is a tool for server owners or admins who run their Rust server on Windows based machines, be it locally or on a server, that want to save some time on wipe days. 4 easy steps: #1 - Simply enter the location of the server identity you wish to wipe. #2 - Get the list of files for plugins installed on your server with the "Get Plugin Files" button. #3 - Select which files you wish to delete for the wipe. #4 - Click "Wipe Server" and confirm. Your server is now wiped, simply change your map size or seed as you like and boot up your server. Disclaimer: There are files that will show up on your list that if you delete it could break your server, know what files you are deleting and what they are for. Any comments, suggestions or if you need help, message me!
  6. Neko

    Auto-Wipe Script

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a script that can be used to automatically wipe your servers on a set schedule, changing either your seeds or level URL. You may need Administrator privileges on the system to setup & run this script depending on your server's setup. Files Batch script which turns on/off your server and deletes your chosen data/map/bp files Executable which will handle changing the seed/levelurl seeds.txt file which stores all your seeds/levelurls which will be randomly chosen every wipe (the name can be changed later) Requirements Rust Server(s) setup in a standard way on a Windows dedicated server. Administrator privileges on said Dedicated server. File editing software (Notepad++ works) Rust server(s) running as a service (you can use NSSM to set this up) Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (64 Bit, 32 Bit) How to Setup Open auto-wipe.bat Enter your server's service name Replace the example paths with the plugin and map file paths you want to be deleted on wipe Note: Using *.db will delete all .db files in the folder Open config.json in Notepad++ Replace the example server config path with your own server.cfg location Replace the example seed / txt file with the path of your own seeds.txt or levels.txt file (the name of the file does not matter) Note: Make sure to use double \\ just like in the example provided or it will not work! Optional: Change the value of replacement from server.seed to server.levelurl if you wish to change the server levelurl each wipe. Choosing your "Replacement" value This can be anything that you wish for the code to look for, but it is necessary that the seed or levelurl is the last thing on the line and it is separated by a space. For example, if you wanted to change something where the line started with +server.seed you can change the replacement property to match this. For most standard setups and usages, the default of server.seed will be sufficient. Open Task Scheduler in Windows Click Create Task Select "Run whether user is logged on or not" Select "Run with highest privileges" In the drop-down box select "Configure for Windows Server 2016" (may be different depending on server version) In the "Triggers" tab click "New..." and select your schedule In the "Actions" tab click "New..." and select the auto-wipe.bat file In the "Conditions" tab deselect any power options Populate your seeds.txt file If you're using levelurls, the same will apply just with different values Open seeds.txt (you may have called it something else) in Notepad++ Go to https://just-wiped.net/search-rust-maps and search for some seeds using your map size. Put each seed or levelurl on a new line Save the file Perform a Dry-Run Whilst your server is online with no pop, manually run the auto-wipe.bat to ensure that it is working as expected. If not, please go through all of the steps again and make sure you read everything! It is very common to forget double backslashes in the config file, or to have a typo in one of your file paths. This is a general method to setup your auto wipes, each setup will be different so you must ensure you adapt and change ALL file paths to match your setup and desires. I cannot aid you in making your server into a service, though it is highly recommended for all servers to do so as it will make your setup safer and more relaible. There are numerous tutorials available on YouTube if you desire to do so. If you have time, and would like to help better this product, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/pvssvoM3KxEPAxVj9.Thank you.
  7. Version 1.0.1


    Simple plugin that prints server rules with a custom icon on command. Add the Chat Icon of your choice in the config file and change your rules in the SimpleRules.json in the oxide/lang/en folder. Reload the plugin and you're set. Thanks to @Death @Nivex @KillYou for helping out! Permission simplerules.use Config { "Chat Icon (SteamID64)": 0, "Use Chat Prefix": true } Lang File { "Rules": "1.)No Griefing.\n2.)No Door Camping.", "No Permission": "You do not have permission to run this command!", "Prefix": "<color=#55aaff>[Server Rules]</color> \n" }


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