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BetterTC 1.1.0

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About BetterTC


Fed up with the need to use multiple addons on my server for functions that players could execute from within the game, and considering the constant increase of new Skins for builds, I found myself dissatisfied with the limited supply of automatic upgrades on the market.

For this reason, I have reworked the most used TC-related features on my server into a single plugin, which has been enriched with ideas contributed by players and other Rust administrators.

All this under an attractive graphical interface, inspired by the item store of the game itself.







  • It allows players or simply the rest of the Staff to easily see which players are authorized in the locker. Except for the administrators themselves, if you activate it in the config. (I don't think any player needs to know that the admin was authorized in their locker to check something)
  • You can also allow authorizations to be deleted individually.



  • With BetterTC your players will be able to improve their builds to any level of improvement, but they will also be able to choose their favorite Skin (if you enable it) completely free of charge or offering it to the VIPS on your server.
  • Update system: I have added a small system that checks for new skins to automatically add them to the configuration. When you install the plugin for the first time and once you obtain permission from bettertc.admin, you must click on "Check Update" so that it performs an internal check and adds all the skins and options that exist to date.




  • Allows your players to upgrade the grade of their bases automatically by obtaining resources directly from the TC. As long as they don't have RaidBlock (if you use NoEscape of course).
  • You can configure different speed levels and costs depending on the player's permission from the plugin's own settings. That is, you can have players improve a building every 5 seconds for free and VIPs can improve every 2 or 1... Use your imagination!




Allows your players to repair their bases automatically by obtaining resources directly from the TC. As long as they don't have RaidBlock (if you use NoEscape of course).



It allows players to regret upgrading their huge base to metal and not being able to afford it anymore. Of course, it will charge them resources as if they improved it from 0.However, if you do not want to allow downgrade you can disable it from the config.



Allows players to disable auto-build buff effects and reduces headaches.However, if you do not want to allow them to disable this, you can disable it from the config.



  • The plugin's interface has been programmed so that it maintains its size regardless of the interface scaling settings of each player.
  • It has also been taken into account that perhaps not everyone wants to enable all options for their players. Therefore, the buttons that appear at the top of the TC have been programmed so that if a player does not have permission for a specific function, instead of leaving the space empty, the buttons adapt their position automatically.
  • The player list GUI and construction SKINS have also been prepared with a pagination system if necessary.



  • bettertc.admin Exclusive for Admin. It allows you to check if there are new skins to add. You will not appear in the list of authorized players if the option in the settings is activated.
  • bettertc.authlist Shows a button at the top of the TC to check which players are authorized.
  • bettertc.deleteauth Allows you to individually revoke an authorized player. You can give this permission to players if you want them to be able to delete individually.
  • bettertc.use It is the basic degree of use found in the configuration.
  • bettertc.vip It is the level of use for advanced that is found in the configuration. Depending on how you configure it, it makes players with this permission improve/repair/change skin faster. Or it simply costs them less resources.
  • bettertc.repair Displays a button on top of the TC to repair the build automatically.
  • bettertc.repair.nocost No explanation needed I think. (USE WITH CAUTION)
  • bettertc.reskin Allows players to change the skin of their build automatically. Imagine one day you upgrade your entire foundation to container and the next day you regret losing FPS and would like to leave it on normal metal.
  • bettertc.reskin.nocost No explanation needed I think.
  • bettertc.updefault Shows players the default upgrade options. Without SKINS.
  • bettertc.upskin Show players upgrade options with SKINS.
  • bettertc.upgrade Permission to evade blocking of all items.
  • bettertc.upgrade.nocost No explanation needed I think. (USE WITH CAUTION)



There are no chat commands. Everything is managed from the TC interface.



I hate plugins that don't include the texts in a lang file since my native language is not English. This plugin generates a lang file with the texts.




  "GUI Buttons TC - Color Default": "0.3 0.40 0.3 0.60",
  "GUI Buttons TC - Color Active": "0.90 0.20 0.20 0.50",
  "GUI Buttons TC - AnchorMin": "0.71 0.862",
  "GUI Buttons TC - AnchorMax": "0.947 0.892",
  "Alert Chat": true,
  "Color Prefix Chat": "#f74d31",
  "Show Admin Auth List": false,
  "Upgrade Effect": true,
  "Downgrade Enable": true,
  "Downgrade only Owner Entity Build": true,
  "Reskin Enable": true,
  "Cooldown Frequency Upgrade (larger number is slower)": {
    "bettertc.use": 2.0,
    "bettertc.vip": 1.0
  "Cooldown Frequency Reskin (larger number is slower)": {
    "bettertc.use": 2.0,
    "bettertc.vip": 1.0
  "Cooldown Frequency Repair (larger number is slower)": {
    "bettertc.use": 2.0,
    "bettertc.vip": 1.0
  "Cost Modifier for repairs": {
    "bettertc.use": 1.5,
    "bettertc.vip": 1.0
  "Items": [
      "ID": 1,
      "Enabled": true,
      "Short Name": "Wood",
      "Grade": "wood",
      "Img Icon": "https://img.rustspain.com/bettertc/wood.png",
      "SkinID": 0,
      "Color": false,
      "Permission Use": "bettertc.updefault"



For any problem, doubt, suggestion or assistance do not hesitate to contact me by Discord ninco90#6219

If you need me to configure everything from scratch, according to your tastes, for your server I can also do it for an additional fee. Although you should be able to configure everything yourself 😊 

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