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Oil Rig Radiation 1.1.0

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Facepunch officially added radiation to the oil companies, with the same objective as this plugin. So it doesn't make sense anymore...

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About Oil Rig Radiation

Adds radiation when Oil Rig is complete.

Are you tired of your players staying in the Oil Rig?

What other players tell you that he hasn't respawned for several hours?

Would you like players to get kicked once they loot the hackalle box?

This is your plugin!


The operation of the plugin is simple, when a player opens the hackable box to loot it, a countdown will begin warning that the radiation is about to appear. (This time is configurable). Once this time has elapsed, the radiation will appear little by little until it reaches the established maximum.

The radiation will cease to exist once the Oil Rig spawns the hackable box.


It does not use any permissions, nor chat commands.

Simply configure the settings provided by the plugin in the config to your liking.

Configuration Example:


  "Global Config": {

    "Debug": true,

    "Notice in the Chat": true,

    "Notice in GUI": true,

    "GUI Duration": 15.0,

    "Time for Radiation (Seconds)": 100.0,

    "Alarm Sound": true,

    "Alarm Duration ON": 250.0,

    "Radiation Power": 100.0,

    "Radiation Scale Time (Seconds to reach 100% of setting)": 100.0,

    "Oil Rig Radius": 200.0,

    "Sphere Show": true




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