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Tugboat Not Safe 1.0.0

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About Tugboat Not Safe

Eject Tugboats from Safe Zones

This plugin will allow you to block the use of safe zones as anti-raid zones for Tugboats. For this, this plugin has 2 configurable and compatible operating modes both at the same time.


This mode will prevent players from accessing the safe zone of the fishing villages with a tugboat. To do this, the plugin will automatically turn the boat in the opposite direction, thus preventing it from entering the safe zone.


If the previous mode was not enough, since some players could find a way to end up entering with a tugboat, we have added another configurable mode that will allow you to damage the tugboats that are inside the area. In this way, the players will receive a notice to leave the zone and later the boat will be damaged according to the time specified in the configuration.


It does not use any permissions, nor chat commands.
Simply configure the settings provided by the plugin in the config to your liking.

Configuration Example:

  "Global Config": {
    "Debug": false,
    "Notice in the Chat": true,
    "Zone Radius": 75.0,
    "Show Zone Boundary": false,
    "Mode: Expulsion (Eject tugboats when they try to enter the fishing village)": true,
    "Mode: Damage (Gradually damage Tugboats within the fishing village)": true,
    "Warning Time Before Damage": 60.0,
    "Time Between Damage": 15.0,
    "Amount Damage": 100.0,
    "Time in seconds to eliminate a destroyed Tugboat (Only in Safe Zone) [0.0 = Decay Default Tugboat]": 20.0,
    "Effects Prefab": "assets/prefabs/npc/patrol helicopter/damage_effect_debris.prefab"


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