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About Triangulation

Welcome to a new arctic event where players will need to brave the arctic biome to deal with packs of aggressive feral animals!



The event begins with a chat warning explaining that scientists studying the arctic area of the island have been attacked by vicious animals and need to quickly be evacuated. Since leaving in such a hurry, they left their drilling rig behind, which extracts a lot of profitable resources, currently the location of the rig is not known. Players are able to find and use this rig, since it is left unguarded, but first they have to find it's location. The team left behind three signal receivers at different locations on the island. The player needs to scan each of them sequentially. This won't be as easy as it sounds, utilizing the signal receivers seems to be a big part of what is aggravating the packs of animals nearby that led to the attack. The animals seem so crazed by the signal receivers running that they will attack and try to destroy them when the players use them to triangulate the location of the drilling rig. Players should protect the receivers if they have any hopes to retrieve the location of the rig, they will need to use all three receivers to find it. The rig will need quite a few batteries to run, players should loot these after running each scan. To incentivize keeping these scanners running, loot is provided with each successful scan of the area. The more health each scanner has upon completing the scan the more batteries will be received as a reward. The more batteries are in the rig, the longer it will run and the richer the reward will be in the end.

In the plugin configuration you can change almost anything you can think of, the loot in each location, the signal receivers and drillig rig parameters, timers, attack waves, animal configuration, and almost any customization you can think of will be found in the config file. Put on some warm clothing and head out to meet the new challenge!


Dependencies Required


Dependencies (optional, not required)


Chat commands (only for administrators)

/tstart - start the event
/tstop - end the event


Console commands (RCON only)

tstart - start the event
tstop - end the event


Plugin Config

  • en - example of plugin configuration in English
  • ru - example of plugin configuration in Russian



void OnTriangulationStart() – called when the event starts

void OnTriangulationEnd() – called when the event ends

void OnTriangulationWinner(ulong winnerId) – called at the end of the event, where the winnerId is the player who did more actions to complete the event

void OnTriangulationReceiverSpawn(Vector3 pos, float radius) - called when the signal receiver spawn on the map

void OnTriangulationDrillSpawn(Vector3 pos, float radius) - called when the drilling rig spawn on the map


My Discord: kpuctajl

Join the Mad Mappers Discord here!

Check out more of my work here!

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