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About Picklock

Is a simple but interesting plugin to add lock picking to the game!




The picklocks can be used to open door locks and code locks (can be edited in the configuration).
It is possible to change the time and probability of opening the door with a picklock (can be edited in the configuration).
It is possible to change the spawn of picklocks in the crates if it is necessary.
If you want to open the door with the picklock you need to go to the door, take the picklock in the player’s hands, and press the middle button of the mouse. The process of breaking the door will start.


Console commands

givepicklock {STEAMID} {AMOUNT} - gives the player with {STEAMID} a certain number of picklocks ({AMOUNT} pieces) in his inventory


Plugin Config

"Lock Opening Time [sec.]"
"Lock Opening Probability [%]" (be careful raising this very high as you're increasing the easiness of how players can pick locks which may impact server population if it's super easy)
"Distance from player to the lock [m.]"
"Do you want to open the door lock using the picklock? [true/false]"
"Do you want to open the code lock using the picklock? [true/false]"
"Open only the locks of the Raidable Bases plugin? [true/false]"
"Open the door after breaking the lock? [true/false]"
"Setting up of the picklock appearance in crates"

  • "Prefab"
  • "Minimum"
  • "Maximum"
  • "Chance"


Contact me in Discord: KpucTaJl#8923


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