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About Custom Magazine

This plugin will add multiple extended magazines to your server


Facepunch just released the extended magazine into the game, which adds 25% to the capacity of ammo that it can originally hold

With Custom Magazine's, you can now add several types of extended magazines! By default, you can now also add 50%, 75%, and even 100% capacity increases! At 100%, this will double any weapons capacity! You can change those capacity increase percentages in the configuration, remove them, or even add your own! You can configure spawning of these items in standard Rust crates!

Console commands (RCON only)

givemagazine {skinid} {steamid} - This is the console command to give an extended magazine from the plugin configuration with a Steam Workshop SkinID ({skinid}) to a player using their SteamID ({steamid})


Plugin Config

en - example of plugin configuration in English

ru - example of plugin configuration in Russian


My Discord: KpucTaJl#8923

Join the Mad Mappers Discord here!

Check out more of my work here!

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