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About Boss Monster

This plugin adds to the game  a variety of NPC bosses with different abilities and a very adaptable configuration




Using this plugin you can add NPC bosses to any point on the map. You can set up any ability with the plugin configuration. If it is necessary, you can add multiple abilities to one boss.
Abilities are divided into two categories, ones take place in a certain radius from the NPC, and others are triggered by damaging from an NPC.
The map also displays the location of the actual bosses (their name and amount of health).
You can give any clothes and weapons for NPCs using the configuration.


Dependencies Required

NpcSpawn - available in included ReadMe


Dependencies (optional, not required)


Chat commands (only for administrators)

/WorldPos - displays the actual player’s location on the map (to set up in the plugin configuration the location of the NPC bosses)
/MonumentPos - displays the actual location of the player on the map relative to the nearest monument (to configure the location of NPC bosses in the plugin configuration)
/ShowPos <name> - shows all positions for NPC appearance depending on the type of NPC appearance
/SetType <type> <name> - sets a new value for the NPC appearance type
/SavePos <name> - saves to the configuration file a new position for the appearance of the NPC, depending on the type of appearance of the NPC
/RemovePos <index> <name> - removes from the configuration file the position for the appearance of NPC, depending on the type of appearance of the NPC


Plugin Config

  • en - example of plugin configuration in English
  • ru - example of plugin configuration in Russian


Contact me in Discord: KpucTaJl#8923

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