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About Blue Tears

Excerpt from the interrogation materials:
Survivor 1352, call sign Kimmi:
"Do you remember how it all started?"
"Yes, it's hard to forget. It was an ordinary March day, nothing foreshadowed trouble. I went to work as usual, I was working at a supermarket by the river then. On this day, we were supposed to bring a large batch of pickles, you know, in such yellow-brown jars..."
- "Get to the point"
"Yes, I'm sorry, I'm worried. I was standing at the service entrance and looking at the waterfall near the river and suddenly everything stopped - the water froze. I felt something coming at me from the left and turned in that direction. There was a huge black mass above the cosmodrome, it was growing rapidly. And some objects were circling around her. I didn't understand what it was at first... but then...(Crying)"
- "How did you survive? Where are your colleagues?"
"It was self-defense.. Honestly.. I ran towards the port, there was an entrance to the subway, until I ran out of food I was there..."
- "How many people did you kill?"
"That day?"
- "In general"
- (Silent) "What will happen to me now?"
- "What happened that day will seem like an easy walk for you. You stay on the island."

For which plugins do I provide configuration files?

Defendable Bases





Size: 2700к

Prefab Count: ~35к

Custom monuments:

Frozen Castle
• Cannibal village
• Fishermen's village
• Luminous Lily
• Railway station
• Charonda City
• Mothballed Plant
• Crystal Factory
• Star Waterfall
• Pagoda
• Several places for the building of base
Improved fishing villages (processing plants and market)

Monuments from Facepunch:

• Launch Site
• Water Treatment Plant
• Outpost
• Bandit Camp
• Satellite Dish Array
• Arctic Base
• Junkyard
• The Dome
• Lighthouse
• Oil Rigs [2/2]
• Underwater Labs
• Harbor [2/2]
• Ranch
• Oxum's Gas Station
• Abandoned Supermarket


How can I view the map?

You can do this in our Discord server by submitting a request for an invitation to our servers. There you will be given the rights of an "administrator" and without any difficulties you will be able to fly around the map and fully familiarize yourself with it.   


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