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About Monument Owner

Never worry about your players fighting over a monument, make them compete for ownership! With this plugin you can configure several parameters then players can compete to claim a monument for a set time. There is enough configuration and options that this would work well for any server, whether PvE or PvP.



This plugin will automatically find Facepunch standard monuments, including Cargo Ship and Oil Rigs that are on the map, and which can be specified in the configuration. This will create a zone around each monument in which customizable rules apply for anyone coming to the monument, whether they become owner or not. You can also create a zone using coordinates anywhere on the map, and assign certain rules to it.

Chat Command (For all players)

/mocd - Displays all cooldowns for the player

/CreateCustomZone {name} - Creates a file for a custom zone in the Data/MM_Data/MonumentOwner/Custom Zones folder with the administrator position at the time of file creation

Console Command (RCON only)

mocdreset {SteamID64} - Resets all cooldowns for the player

Plugin Config

Ideas for updates that may be implemented in the future

Current ideas for the future of this plugin. These are things that I want to implement possibly. You can also write to us in Discord to suggest ideas or to vote for any that I share here.

  • Respawn loot, NPC, Bradley, etc. on command
  • Respawn loot when getting a new owner
  • Purchase of owner status through third-party plugins or through commands
  • Ownership retention for as long as there is fuel in Excavator or Quarries
  • Add plugin support for notifications and also add notifications via Rust GUI
  • Disabling and enabling zones while the plugin is running
  • Creating a zone by command


The answer true or false will tell whether there is a zone in this coordinate

private bool HasZone(Vector3 posMonument)

The answer true or false will tell whether the zone belongs to someone

private bool HasOwner(Vector3 posMonument)

The answer ulong will tell who the zone belongs to

private ulong GetOwnerID(Vector3 posMonument)

The answer true or false will tell whether the player can become the owner

private bool CanPlayerBecomeOwner(Vector3 posMonument, BasePlayer player)

Forcibly establishes the owner of the zone, bypassing checks on his ability to become the owner. The answer true or false will tell whether he was able to become one or the zone is occupied by another player

private bool SetOwnerID(Vector3 posMonument, ulong userID)

Deletes a zone. The answer true or false will tell whether he was able to do it

private bool RemoveZone(MonumentInfo monument)

Creates a zone for the desired monument. The answer true or false will tell whether he was able to do it

private bool CreateZone(MonumentInfo monument)

Translation assistance by Jbird.

Check out more of my work here JTedal's library.

Come see our whole teams work Mad Mapper Library.

Come by the Mad Mapper Discord for support, feedback, or suggestions!

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