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About Supermarket Event

A new event that takes place at the Supermarket monument, made for beginners on your server






The event begins with a message in the chat that soon a merchant who sells valuable cargo will arrive at a Supermarket on your island. The merchant and their guards with trained dogs appear around the supermarket.

Players then have the opportunity to rob the Merchant in order to get all the Supermarket loot for themselves. As soon as the players begin to attack the Merchant, an armored helicopter arrives there with additional security and a Debt Collector. The Debt Collector enters the Supermarket and begins the process of collecting his loot and the Merchant for evacuation. If the player manages to kill all the guards outside the supermarket before the end of this process, then he can enter and loot.

There are several more guards, the Merchant and the Debt Collector waiting for the player. The Merchant and the Debt Collector need to be eliminated to get the most valuable loot that they wanted to evacuate. There are also several loot crates inside the Supermarket to be looted. If the Merchant and or the Debt Collector survive, they will fly away in the armored helicopter and the player will not receive the juicy loot they were dealing.

In the plugin configuration, it is possible to configure all timers, the guards outside the supermarket, inside the Supermarket, Debt Collector guards, and guard dogs patrolling outside the Supermarket. The Merchant and Debt Collector can also be configured as well. A list of all the loot crates inside the supermarket, map marker, event icons on the players screen, and more are all able to be adjusted in the config file.


Dependencies (optional, not required)


Chat commands (only for administrators)

/supermarketstart - start the event
/supermarketstop - end the event


Console commands (RCON only)

supermarketstart - start the event
supermarketstop - end the event


Plugin Config

  • en - example of plugin configuration in English
  • ru - example of plugin configuration in Russian



void OnSupermarketEventStart(Vector3 pos, float radius) – called when the event starts

void OnSupermarketEventEnd() – called when the event ends

void OnSupermarketEventWinner(ulong winnerId) – called at the end of the event, where the winnerId is the player who did more actions to complete the event


My Discord: kpuctajl

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