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Found 14 results

  1. Version 2021.02.13


    A piece of the factory from Escape From Tarkov, redesigned as a 1v1 arena. \\\_____________________________INSTALLATION_____________________________/// Drag & Drop (place it under the terrain or set the time to night in that area.)
  2. Version 2021.05.29


    A rusty old soviet satellite. It was used to track down the U.S.A in the cold war. \\\_____________________________INSTALLATION_____________________________/// Drag & Drop Gently adjust above terrain and apply the height & splat. (Suggested splat count: 10x (click on "apply splat 10 times")) Then place it on the terrain until you feel it comfortable. \\\_____________________________DIFFERENT TYPES_____________________________/// There are 7 types of satellites. 1. Satellite (not crashed) 2. Satellite with loot (crashed) Loot: CCTV 3. Satellite with loot (crashed) Loot: Computer Station 4. Satellite with loot (crashed) Loot: Solarpanel Blueprint 5. Satellite with loot (crashed) Loot: Spacesuit 6. Satellite with loot (crashed) Loot: Targeting Computer 7. Satellite with no loot (crashed)
  3. Version 2021.09.15


    Electricity 2x Green Security Door 3x Blue Security Door 1x Red Security Door 2x Fuse - Loot 1x Toolbox 2x Oil Barrel 2x Junk Barrel 3x Food Crate 6x Yellow Crate 3x Military Crate 2x Elite Crate 1x Hackable Crate - AI 7x Patrol Scientists (You can change the AI types) - CCTV I. SSENTRANCE II. SSCAFETERIA III. SSXAEA12 IV. SSSTORAGE V. SSARMORY Space Station - Empty [2053] Space Station - No Scientists [2260] Space Station - Scientists [2278] Drag & Drop (You can place the monument at any height, tutorial in readme.txt) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Primary screenshot by https://codefling.com/raul-sorin-sorban
  4. Version 1.0.0


    MLRS prefab with colliders for mappers.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Train prefab with colliders for mappers.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Don't miss out! Come grab this bundle of all my available prefabs listed for a cheaper, limited price for only one month! In this bundle you will receive : RP - Two New York Plaza RP - Itzthatkyguy Skytower RP - Supermarket RP - Bookstore RP - Police Station RP - Fire Station RP - Modern Apartment Unit RP - Modern Mansion RP - Gas Station Note : These are standalone prefabs. For further detail and screenshots, see my individual prefabs listed under my profile!
  7. Disguise


    Version 1.0.3


    Prefab Count: 2005 (Very Good!) Loots: 13 Normal Crates | 3 Elite Crates | 8 Barrels + spawned Required Keycards: Green | Blue | Red Approachable by: Foot | Helicopter & Air Balloon | Car | Train | Metro .---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Tested Optimized Detailed (more details in the future) NPCs by Default (can be placed) '---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------' 1. Drag & Drop and position it! >ENLARGE< 2. Replace the white cube >ENLARGE< 3. Convert to group (if prefab has been modified and to prevent theft) >ENLARGE<
  8. Version 1.0.2


    The resources that you pick up from the ground (the resource type is specified in the configuration) can give you any item that you specify in the configuration file Configuration file Setting from which selected item the item you specified will fall out Setting up the chance of falling out Setting the maximum number of dropped items Setting the minimum number of dropped items
  9. LordxDonut

    PVP Planet

    Version 1.5.1


    This map is a 2500 size map. It was designed with PVP in mind. With all the popular monuments added. It can also work for smaller PVE or RP servers. No Islands. Launch site is centered on the map. There are many custom ziplines. Bandit and Outpost are combined. AirWolf is Located at Outpost aswell. There are both Oil Rigs and all the Underwater monuments. Street powerlines were removed and car wrecks to improve performance. There is a ring railroad track included. Full Subway system. Multiple mountains with flat tops. This is a budget map for those who cant afford higher end/ expensive maps. But just want some cool features. Rust Edit is Required to use this product.
  10. Version 1.1.61


    Workbench crafter is a new crafting system, instead of the current way of staying AFK next to workbench waiting for the craft to finish now you can leave that task to the workbench and go to PVP with your teammates. Depends on: Image Library Features: Craft panel has easy to use GUI and perfectly blends with Rust native UI. Crafting task & storage saved when server restart and will finish craft upon server startup. When destroying Workbench all the loot will be dropped. Allow craft menu access in building privilege only. Open craft menu anywhere. Auto Craft items. Link loot boxes with workbench for an easy way to craft. A permission and Chat command to open UI instead of pressing "E" to open the craft menu anywhere. Permissions Permission use: WorkbenchCrafter.use. Permission no crafting time: WorkbenchCrafter.nocraftingtime. Permission use anywhere: WorkbenchCrafter.useAnywhere. Update 1.1.5 Video Config { "Permission use": "WorkbenchCrafter.use", "Permission no crafting time": "WorkbenchCrafter.nocraftingtime", "Permission use anywhere": "WorkbenchCrafter.useAnywhere", "Settings": { "GUI color": "0.6 0.6 0.6 0.3", "GUI color (when using /workbench command)": "0 0 0 0.9", "Allow craft menu access in building privilege only (true or false)": true, "Don't allow using /workbench when building blocked (true or false)": true, "Crafting time multiplier": 1.0, "Storage slots(0 no limit)": 0, "Default stack size": true, "Custom stack size": 1.0, "Maximum items crafting in queue": 8, "Include default blueprints": false } }
  11. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Explore the wrecked airship and gain the loot from the twisted bunch of wood and steel. Prefab Count: 560 Loot: Two Normal Crates Basic Crate Food Crate Fuel Crate Want help with a product or just to hang out? Come join my discord! https://discord.gg/96SRSyc7nT
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple RPG wooden house pack with two detailed RPG homes for any roleplay rust servers. This pack has a leather shop and a house for those who need a rest. 1000+ prefabs per building. No complex instructions, place and play. You may also purchase a license to resell these prefabs on your own maps maps below. As always, please enjoy! Special Thanks to Raul Sorban!
  13. Version 2021.12.07


    The prefab is currently compatible for the current gamemode(s): Hide&Seek (I recommend playing it at night for more fun!) . . . If you buy this product before end of the year (2021), you will get the following products & prefabs for FREE: Combat Mania [PvP] ~Collection One~ Combat Mania [CTF] ~Collection One~ Combat Mania [Monument] ~Collection One~ MBASE1 MBASE2 MBASE4 MBASE5 MBASE6 MBASE7 MBASE8 MBASE9 MBASE10 MBASETOWER . . . CCTV ID: COBALT2923 - Location: (46.3, 18.7, -73.2) ID: COBALT5683 - Location: (49.7, 15.4, -96.6) ID: COBALT7666 - Location: (60.6, 15.7, -122.8) ID: COBALT7743 - Location: (90.1, 12.2, -83.9) ID: COBALT8239 - Location: (42.1, 21.5, -7.3) ID: COBALT2070 - Location: (89.0, 42.0, 39.2) ID: COBALT1350 - Location: (131.1, 21.6, -38.0) Combat Mania [H&S] ~Collection One~ [758] Drag & Drop --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Primary screenshot by https://codefling.com/disguise Where the journey begins -Ventura Designs- Discord CCTV_IDs.txt
  14. Version 2.1


    Welcome to the SpaceX Launch site, this is a smaller/cooler replacement to the launch site. You can explore the inside of the Starship, it has 7 accessible floors, 2 elevators, and 1 main loot room. You will need a green and red key card and 1 fuse to enter all areas of the launch site. Bradley is patrolling the outside of the Starship. +Radiation zones good replacement for the current launch site. Prefab Count 904 Please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. If you have any problems you can contact me on discord DocNorris#5423


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