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Launch Pad 1.1.5

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About Launch Pad

Launch Pad   is a plugin that gives players a PAD to launch and deploy Parachutes at height

Note : there is a few times that this will not work . almost all you get a message . but when on building block (PAD placement blue) rust overrides this code and a normal pad spawns without warning you, looking into that)



LaunchPad.use     ---    gives player ability to use PAD

LaunchPad.spawn  ---  allows player to spawn pad with chat command



launchpad  <playername>    --- gives player the PAD






  "1. Max Launch hight": 200.0, // normal hight deploy (can never be mor that 900
  "2. Use pad only once": false,
  "3. Return Pad to player after Launch": true,
  "4. Always full health Parachute": false,
  "5. Use chute health Limit": false,
  "6. Chute heath limit": 50.0,
  "7. LaunchPad SkinID": "2478929353",
  "8. Allow quick release of parachute": true, // pressing primary fire will stop launch and deploy Chute
  "9. Quick release Max hight": 500.0  // if player dont release it will auto release at this hight (can never be more than 900),
  "A. Allow ParaChutes to be Persistant": true


Lang File

  "NoChute": "You dont have a Chute Equiped",
  "NoPerm": "You dont have the Permission to use this"



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