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The Red Button 1.0.8

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About The Red Button

Just a small plugin with a button to troll your players with A fun game . with some punishments on button press

punishments is set to random

just a fun way to troll your players




TheRedButton.use          (player with this permission can use the commands)


Chat Commands

 /button             -  Spawns button in player INV



  "1. Sign Picture URL": "www.noobhub.co.za/dont.png",
  "2. Timed C4 (false will be instant explosion": true,
  "3. Use map edge for swim location": true,
  "4. Broadcast Button Action to Server": false,
  "5. Custom Command 1 : Command": "giverank {0}",        // {0} is placeholder for SteamID
  "6. Custom Command 1 : Message": "{0} Just got a Rank",     // {0} is Placeholder for Player DisplayName
  "Bear": 3,
  "C4": 3,
  "Cactus": 2,
  "Custom Command 1": 0,
  "Fall": 4,
  "Landmine": 2,
  "Radiation": 2,
  "Scientist": 3,
  "Scrapheli": 2,
  "Slap": 4,
  "Swim": 3




  • c4 locked to player
  • slap player with -90 health
  • fall    TP player up in air
  • swim    TP player way out in ocean
  • bear    spawns 3 bears
  • scarecrow   spawns 3 scarecrows
  • radiation    makes plyer burn :d
  • landmine    spawns landmine under player
  • cactus      kills player with a cactus
  • scrapheli   drops heli on player
  • CustomCommand 1      what ever you want (consolecommand)


Future Plans


  • ability to pickup button
  • more punishments and ability to choice your own

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