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UAV Drones 1.2.6

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About UAV Drones

Adds UAV Function to in game Drones


All that needs to be done is set Drone Identifier to  " UAV" and then something unique    ex. "UAVnoob" (Can be Changed via config)

remember you don't want others to control your drone


NOTE: all other RemoteConnections with the identifier starting with your prefix will be removed when leaving computerstation


so when you open ComputerStation , all your teammates(and your own) drones with the UAV in identifier will be displayed,

and when you have the perms the drone will ping all players near it(other players red and teammates green,NPC purple) 😄

UI to see Direction and buttons to toggle pings


Remote UAV . you need a RFtransmitter and a Computer station in inventory

then setting RF to FREQ 9992 (to be config soon) will remote deploy computerstation.




 UAVDrone.silent     -  Players with this permission can add a "S" at end of identifier to not alert pinged players

UAVDrone.admin     -   Players with this permission dont show up on pings

UAVDrone.use         -  Players with this permission can use UAV ability

UAVDrone.npc         -  allows players to ping Scientists




  "CustomSoundPrefab": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/invite_notice.prefab",
  "DroneRange": 5000.0,
  "IdentifierPrefix": "UAV",
  "Pingfrequency": 9.0,
  "PingPlayersinsidebases": true,
  "PingRange": 150.0,
  "PlayPingSound": true,
  "UseCustomSound": false,
  "UsePluginDroneLightSystem": true



  "Pinged": "You are being <color=red>Pinged</color> by a UAV Drone!!!!"







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