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Found 5 results

  1. NooBlet

    UAV Drones

    Version 1.1.4


    Adds UAV Function to in game Drones All that needs to be done is set Drone Identifier to " UAV" and then something unique ex. "UAVnoob" remember you don't want others to control your drone so when you open ComputerStation , all your teammates(and your own) drowns with the UAV in identifier will be displayed, and when you have the perms the drone will ping all players near it(other players red and teammates green) Remote UAV . you need a RFtransmitter and a Computer station in inventory then setting RF to FREQ 9992 (to be config soon) will remote deploy computerstation. CONFIG { "CustomSoundPrefab": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/invite_notice.prefab", "DroneRange": 500.0, "Pingfrequency": 9.0, "PingPlayersinsidebases": true, "PingRange": 150.0, "PlayPingSound": true, "TeamMatesGetSound": true, "UseCustomSound": false } LANGUAGE FILE { "Pinged": "You are being <color=red>Pinged</color> by a UAV Drone!!!!" } Videos Preview
  2. Version 1.2.3


    Let your players shop from the safety of their own bases. Give them the ability to place & pickup their own drone Marketplaces, plus they look cool! With all the necessary configurable options, players will love this on any type of server, PvP or PvE. Features. Support for Friends, Clans, Teams Works with rewards shops like Server Rewards, Economics etc. Force on foundation (optional) Pickup by hitting a terminal with a hammer or chat command Allow multiple marketplaces (optional) Allow players to craft (optional) Configurable crafting cost More control with optional permissions Drop item if building underneath destroyed (optional) Lose condition on pickup (optional) Checks for space before placing (prevents clipping through structures) Config option to add vending machines to Marketplaces Option to block damage to attached vending machines Important Note: Rotate attached vending machines by hitting with a hammer. In-Game Commands (Remove / Prefix in F1 Console). /marketplace.give (give to self) /marketplace.give <PlayerName> or <SteamID> (give to player) /marketplace.craft /marketplace.pickup (Or hit a terminal with hammer) /marketplace.clear (Clear ALL stored marketplace data) /marketplace.clear <SteamID> (Remove marketplace data for player) Console/RCON Command. marketplace.give <PlayerName> or <SteamID> (give to player) marketplace.clear (Clear ALL stored marketplace data) marketplace.clear <SteamID> (Remove marketplace data for player) (Use console command in reward shops or give custom skinned item) Permissions (Optional). personalmarketplace.admin (Required for give & clear commands) personalmarketplace.deploy personalmarketplace.pickup personalmarketplace.craft API: Plugin devs can prevent conflict with this plugin by utilizing the following: Interface.CallHook("MarketplaceCheck", skinID) (where skinID = the skinID of the entity you are checking e.g. entity.skinID) Returns true if the given entity's skinID matches an item used by this plugin (deployable wooden box item, or Marketplace entity) or null if it is not. Plugin devs can use this to prevent conflict with their plugins if dealing with large wooden boxes or other items which maybe be Marketplace related, now or in the future. How to Place. As there is no deployable marketplace item in Rust, the plugin uses the large wooden box planner to help guide and align the Marketplace where you want to place it. Keep in mind the marketplace is a very large item, so it is only a guide to help align it. Make sure to place it far away from where you stand and from buildings, if there is not enough room you will not be able to place and you will get a chat message to tell you this. If you don’t get the position right first time, no worries, just pick it up and try again until happy with the placement. Use caution if marketplace condition is enabled, picking up the marketplace too many times will cause it to break and it is NOT repairable! Marketplaces are better placed in the middle of a 3x4 or larger foundation for best placement (see below image), but can be placed on open terrain or floors if allowed as such in the config: Inventory item: Custom Icon (to use in reward shops etc): https://rustynuts.gg/pmicon.png
  3. Version 1.0.4


    This plugin adds personal helper drones to your server that can collect resources, buy items from vending machines, shoot from turrets and drop grenades at enemies, and the player will be able to fly on them! You can create a huge variety of drones and give them as an item or using a command. IMPORTANT! By default drone's max control range is limited by 500. To increase it, you can use drone.maxcontrolrange command in the server console. IMPORTANT! At the moment, the bot can: Attack enemies from turret Attack enemies by dropping grenades from the bag Buy items in vending machines Collect resources for player Be an inventory for player's loot Be a vehicle for player You can customize: Controls Which button will assign tasks to the drone Which button will open the inventory Which button will be used to mount drone Button range Displaying 3D arrows above the target Arrow display duration GUI Update rate Panel layer Panel position, also the second and third positions of the panel to use with other 'Personal' plugins Panel colors Shortcut buttons Drones Item setup Item name Item skin Can player pickup drone back Command setup Can player spawn this drone using a command Permission to spawn Spawn cooldown Short name to spawn this drone Can player pickup drone back Drone movement Altitude Movement YAW Obstacle detection Forward obstacle detector Distance to detect an obstacle How many meters to fly up if obstacle is detected Rear obstacle detector Distance to detect an obstacle How many meters to fly up if obstacle is detected Addons Inventory Add inventory to the drone? Inventory capacity Blacklist Seat for player Spawn invisible seat for player? Turret Add turret to drone? Default weapon Grenade throwing feature Enable this option Throw delay Distance between drone and enemy to begin throwing Purchase in vendings Enable this option Block buy in safezone vendings? Block buy in non-safezone vendings? Max distance to buy (currently limited to 200, working on solution) Resources collect Allow drone to loot crates and boxes Allow drone to loot resources (wood, stones etc.) Allow drone to loot owner's corpse (drone will collect items from corpse and deliver them back to player) Rates for resources Min distance to pickup Drone's marker Simple marker Enable simple marker Radius Alpha Display name Main color Outline color Special delivery drone marker Enable this marker? (works only in 1-2 squares, otherwise it disappears) Death marker Enable death marker Display name Radius Outline color Main color Alpha Duration Drone's max health Min fly height Kill drone if in water Disable collision damage Video: If you have enabled turret for drone, you need to install these plugins: https://umod.org/plugins/drone-turrets https://umod.org/plugins/better-turret-aim Personal NPC and Personal Animal interfaces are fully compatible with Personal Drone By default, the plugin has 2 localization files, for Russian and English Commands: Console commands: pdrone.item {STEAM_ID} {SKIN_ID} {AMOUNT} - gives the drone as an item if the corresponding one is found in the config Chat commands: /pdrone - spawns an available drone or destroys an existing one /pdrone vending - asks the player to place a marker on the map so that the drone will fly to the nearest vending and buy an item there /pdrone follow - follow the owner Configuration: { "Control setup": { "Which button will assign tasks to the drone, attack/fly to point, etc. (MIDDLE_MOUSE, SECOND_MOUSE, E, RELOAD, SPRINT)": "MIDDLE_MOUSE", "Button to open inventory if it exists (MIDDLE_MOUSE, SECOND_MOUSE, E, RELOAD, SPRINT)": "RELOAD", "Button to mount drone if this option enabled (MIDDLE_MOUSE, SECOND_MOUSE, E, RELOAD, SPRINT)": "E", "Range of action of the assignment button": 25.0, "Display 3D arrows over a target/point?": true, "Arrow display duration": 2 }, "GUI setup": { "How many seconds to update the GUI?": 6, "Panel layer (Hud, Overlay, Overall, Hud.Menu, Under)": "Overlay", "Panel position": { "type": "RectTransform", "anchormin": "1 1", "anchormax": "1 1", "offsetmin": "-170 -104", "offsetmax": "-10 -10" }, "Second position of the panel (used if the player has a personal bot/animal)": { "type": "RectTransform", "anchormin": "1 1", "anchormax": "1 1", "offsetmin": "-335 -104", "offsetmax": "-175 -10" }, "Third position of the panel (used if the player has a personal bot and a personal animal)": { "type": "RectTransform", "anchormin": "1 1", "anchormax": "1 1", "offsetmin": "-500 -104", "offsetmax": "-340 -10" }, "1 panel color": "#7f8c8d", "2 panel color": "#bdc3c7", "Health bar color": "#2ecc71", "Shortcut buttons": [ { "Text on button": "Land Drone", "Executable chat commands": [ "pdrone land" ] } ] }, "Drones Settings": [ { "Drone item": { "Item name": "Personal Drone", "Item skin": 2824523761, "Can pickup?": true }, "Command spawn": { "Can player spawn this drone using a chat command? (/pdrone {name})": true, "Permission to spawn": "personaldrone.drone1", "Spawn cooldown": 3600.0, "Name of this drone preset to spawn": "drone1", "Can player pickup this drone after spawn?": false }, "Drone Movement": { "Altitude acceleration": 30.0, "Movement acceleration": 30.0, "YAW acceleration": 5.0 }, "Obstacle Detectors": { "Forward obstacle detector": { "Obstacle detect distance": 5.0, "How many meters to fly up if an obstacle is detected": 5.0 }, "Backward obstacle detector": { "Obstacle detect distance": 5.0, "How many meters to fly up if an obstacle is detected": 5.0 } }, "Addons": { "Inventory Addon": { "Add inventory to drone?": true, "Inventory capacity": 12, "Black list of items that cannot be put into the inventory of the bot": [ "rocket.launcher" ] }, "Seat Addon": { "Add invisible seat for drone's owner?": true }, "Turret Addon": { "Add turret to drone? (more settings in DroneTurrets plugin's config)": true, "Default weapon shortname (not necessary)": "" }, "Grenade thrower Addon (requires inventory)": { "Enable feature to throw grenades to the target? (player will be need to put the grenades to drone inventory)": true, "Throw cooldown": 1.0, "Distance between target and drone to start throwing": 5.0 }, "Purchase in Vending Addon (requires inventory)": { "Purchase in vending enable? (requires inventory)": true, "Block buy in safezone vendings?": false, "Block buy in non-safezone vendings?": false, "Max distance to buy (currently limited to 200f, looking forward for solution)": 200.0 }, "Loot Collect Addon (requires inventory)": { "Can drone loot crates?": true, "Can drone pickup collectibles? (sulfur, metal, wood etc.)": true, "Collectibles pickup rate (shortname:rate)": {}, "Min distance to pickup": 5.0 } }, "Death marker": { "Show marker on drone's death position?": true, "Display name on map": "Drone's death marker", "Marker radius": 0.35, "Outline color (hex)": "00FFFFFF", "Main color (hex)": "00FFFF", "Alpha": 0.5, "Duration": 20 }, "Drone max. health": 1000.0, "Minimum fly height": 10.0, "Kill in water?": false, "Disable collision damage": true } ] }
  4. Fruster

    Drone Event

    Version 1.0.7


    Adds drones to your server. Drones can attack with grenades, you can destroy drones, they have loot. Drones spawn near monuments, also you can add custom spawn points. Features: Easy to set up. Excellent customization options in the config. You can customize the monuments where the drones will spawn. You can customize the contents of the drone in the config file: you can set up a list of items that will be inside you can choose drop chance (1 - 100%) you can choose skins for items You can also customize the health and respawn time of the drones. Commands(admin only): dreshowpoints - displays all spawn points on the map dreshowdrones - displays all drones on the map dreshowzone - displays nearby areas with drones drerespawndrones - respawn all drones on the map forcibly dreremovedrones - removes all drones from the map dre_removepoint - removes custom spawn point (you need to be close to it) dre_addpoint - adds a custom spawn point (at the place where you are). You can also enter the command with arguments: /dre_addpoint "name" "flightRadius" "use" Config file: { "Minimum respawn time(in minutes)": 15, "Maximum respawn time(in minutes)": 30, "Drone health (hits amount)": 2, "Monument settings": [ { "name": "gas_station", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": 17.0, "y": 30.0, "z": 0.0 }, "use": true }, { "name": "supermarket", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": 0.0, "y": 15.0, "z": 0.0 }, "use": true }, { "name": "warehouse", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": -5.0, "y": 15.0, "z": 0.0 }, "use": true }, { "name": "water_treatment", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": -60.0, "y": 20.0, "z": 0.0 }, "use": true }, { "name": "junkyard", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": 0.0, "y": 15.0, "z": 0.0 }, "use": true }, { "name": "lighthouse", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": 0.0, "y": 35.0, "z": 40.0 }, "use": true }, { "name": "sphere_tank", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": 60.0, "y": 30.0, "z": 40.0 }, "use": true }, { "name": "harbor_1", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": 20.0, "y": 15.0, "z": 90.0 }, "use": true }, { "name": "harbor_2", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": -100.0, "y": 20.0, "z": -20.0 }, "use": true }, { "name": "desert_military_base", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": -15.0, "y": 20.0, "z": -5.0 }, "use": true }, { "name": "excavator", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": 65.0, "y": 20.0, "z": -10.0 }, "use": true }, { "name": "swamp", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": -10.0, "y": 30.0, "z": -15.0 }, "use": false }, { "name": "radtown_small", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": -5.0, "y": 30.0, "z": -5.0 }, "use": true }, { "name": "water_well", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": 0.0, "y": 30.0, "z": 0.0 }, "use": true }, { "name": "mining_quarry", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": 0.0, "y": 25.0, "z": 0.0 }, "use": false }, { "name": "satellite_dish", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": -40.0, "y": 25.0, "z": -20.0 }, "use": false }, { "name": "cave_small", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": 0.0, "y": 30.0, "z": 0.0 }, "use": false }, { "name": "cave_medium", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": 0.0, "y": 30.0, "z": 0.0 }, "use": false }, { "name": "cave_large", "flightRadius": 30, "offset": { "x": 0.0, "y": 35.0, "z": 0.0 }, "use": false }, { "name": "airfield", "flightRadius": 25, "offset": { "x": -75.0, "y": 20.0, "z": 0.0 }, "use": false }, { "name": "launch_site", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": 0.0, "y": 20.0, "z": 130.0 }, "use": false }, { "name": "powerplant", "flightRadius": 25, "offset": { "x": -75.0, "y": 20.0, "z": -40.0 }, "use": false }, { "name": "trainyard", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": -70.0, "y": 20.0, "z": 0.0 }, "use": false }, { "name": "arctic_research_base", "flightRadius": 25, "offset": { "x": 10.0, "y": 15.0, "z": -25.0 }, "use": true }, { "name": "ice_lake", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": 0.0, "y": 20.0, "z": 0.0 }, "use": false }, { "name": "military_tunnel", "flightRadius": 15, "offset": { "x": 20.0, "y": 25.0, "z": -15.0 }, "use": false }, { "name": "power_sub_big", "flightRadius": 10, "offset": { "x": 0.0, "y": 20.0, "z": 0.0 }, "use": false } ], "Drop items list": [ { "name": "metal.fragments", "dropChance": 100, "minAmount": 50.0, "maxAmount": 300, "skinID": 0 }, { "name": "metal.refined", "dropChance": 100, "minAmount": 5.0, "maxAmount": 10, "skinID": 0 }, { "name": "scrap", "dropChance": 100, "minAmount": 10.0, "maxAmount": 20, "skinID": 0 }, { "name": "techparts", "dropChance": 50, "minAmount": 1.0, "maxAmount": 2, "skinID": 0 } ] }
  5. Version 1.19


    Prefabs: 1904 This is a fully recreated compound with a bunch of additions including all the features from the bandit camp. Includes All original features of the compound All vending machines from the bandit camp A custom casino with the gambling wheel, slot machines, card games and bar Drone marketplace A garage with a vehicle lift Airwolf vendor Stables with vendor 5 recyclers 3 repair benches 1 refinery 6 slot machines 1 Gambling wheel 2 Card game tables 1 Vehicle lift Bandit camp NPCs Mission NPCs and a few extra sentry turrets


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