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Heli Wars 1.0.7

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About Heli Wars

HeliWars is a Death Race style Event for your Server

with race catchup speed boost  and rockets or c4 to fight other players

TruePVE supported



  • heliwars     -    manualy starting event (admin only)
  • hwtop        -    view leaderboard of wipe
  • jhw             -    join event
  • lhw             -    leave event
  • heliwarsconfig  -  ingame config settings (admin only)


Player Inputs

  • primary Fire     -  Shoots rockets     (only active after reaching first waypoint)
  • secondary Fire  - Drops suspended C4 behing you (only active after first waypoint)
  • reload               - Detonates droped c4's ( if setting is on)



HeliWars.use      -    gives player ability to use open event command


Video Demo





  "1. Event Settings": {
    "Auto Spawn Event (false will disable spawn commands)": true,
    "Min Players requered to start Event": 2,
    "Time to enter Event in minutes": 1,
    "Auto Spawn Timer Minimum (in minutes)": 120,
    "Auto Spawn Timer Maximum(in minutes)": 180,
    "Ping System  - use on event players": true,
    "Ping System  - min amount of players to start ping": 3,
    "List of Monuments to Exclude (Prefab Name  ex. assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/fishing_village/fishing_village_a.prefab    or  fishing_village)": [
  "2. Heli Settings": {
    "Use Set amount of ammo (if false - ammo will refill on a player elimination)": true,
    "Start Ammo ammount": 500,
    "Use Remote controlled C4 (Detonate with Reload Button)": true
  "3. Prize Settings": {
    "Give Random Item in list (false will give all)": true,
    "Give Random Command in list (false will give all)": true,
    "All Custom Commands": [
      "GiveRank {playerid} VIP",
      "GiveRank {playerid} VIP+"
    "All Prize Items": [
        "Item Amount": 2000,
        "Item Short Prefab Name": "scrap",
        "Item Skin ID (0 = Default)": 0,
        "Item Display Name (empty = Default)": ""
    "Winner Prize  : 0 None , 1 = Item , 2 = Customcommand , 3 = Item + Customcommand": 1
  "4. External Plugin Settings": {
    "Chat commands to block in event": [
    "Console commands to block in event": [
  "5 HeliWars Chat Commands": {
    "Chat command to start HeliWars": "heliwars",
    "Chat command to enter HeliWars": "jhw",
    "Chat command to leave HeliWars": "lhw",
    "Chat command to see HeliWars LearderBoard": "hwtop"
  "6. Debug Settings": {
    "Enable Debug? (enabled will start event without notify and no limit on entry)": false



Lang File


  "alreadyenteredMessage": "You have already Entered, please wait for admin to start event",
  "notinlistMessage": "You have not entered the Event to leave sed Event",
  "enteredeventMessage": "You are now entered the HeliWars event , Wait for Admin to start",
  "lefteventMessage": "You now left the HeliWars event",
  "capreachedMessage": "Event is full!",
  "WinnerMessage": "<size=14>Congratz to <color=green>{playername}</color> for winning the HeliWars!!</size>",
  "EventOpenTooltip": "HeliWars Now Active!!!!",
  "EventopenMessage": "<size=20>HeliWars Event is now open to join . use <color=green>{commandjoin}</color> to enter and ,<color=green>{commandleave}</color> to leave..And to see LeaderBoard <color=green>{commandleaderboard}</color> .You got {timetoevent} min's</size>",
  "GoGoMessage": "<color=green><size=20> Go! Go! Go!</color></size>",
  "jointimerMessage": "<color=green><size=18> The Admin started the Event</color></size>",
  "eventalreadystartedMessage": "Event already started, you cant join in , Sorry!",
  "MINPlayersEnterd": "Min Requered Players to Enter not met ",
  "QuePlayersText": "Queuing Players!!",
  "EventActiveText": "Active!!",
  "EventStatusText": "Event Status :",
  "PlayercountText": "Player Count :",
  "YouKilled": "You killed <color=#FFD700>{playername}</color>",
  "KilledBy": "You Got Killed by <color=#FFD700>{playername}</color>",
  "Joinbutton": "Join HeliWars",
  "Rejectbutton": "Reject HeliWars"




We would like to thank Noobhub & Meinrust Community's for the help in testing


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