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Car Heist 1.1.5

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About Car Heist

CarHeist adds a Modulercar with a TimedCrate, that can only be hacked whiles driving ,to your server



CarHeist.use     -   gives the ability to a player to use spawn command



/smc  --  spawns a Heist Car



  "1. Auto spawn Cars": true,
  "2. Hack time in minutes (Clamped between 1 and 15)": 5.0,
  "3. Use Armoured Cockpit": false,
  "4. Use Armoured Passanger seats": false,
  "5. Time between hacking broadcasts (in seconds)": 60.0,
  "6. Dont hack in Safezone or Building Privlidge": true,
    "7. Drop Hack Crate if Car Breaks": false

Lang File

  "NoPerm": "You dont have Permission to use this command",
  "CarSpawn": "Heist Car Spawned at ",
  "CarHacked": "A Player is Hacking Heist Car at ",
  "CarFullHacked": "Heist Car Fully Hacked at ",
  "CarPlayerSpawned": "Heist Car spawned by <color=green>{playername}</color> at "


Current AutoSpawn Monuments

  • Outpost
  • Launch Site
  • Missile Silo
  • Water Treatment
  • Trainyard
  • Power Plant
  • Military Tunnels
  • Ferry Terminal
  • Excavator
  • Airfield

More to be added soon



the auto spawn will spawn a car at a random monument every time CargoShip Spawns and will announce to server

if that car is still there at next cycle it will be deleted and spawn a new one at random monument again



@Chill Roleplay and the Chill Roleplay Servers for the original idea


Me Trying the plugin and failing


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