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Anti Helibombing 1.1.8

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About Anti Helibombing

This plugin prevents collision damage to players helicopters within safe zones such as Outpost, Bandit Camp, etc by "Helibombing". There are options for helicopter spawn protection timer or to simply block all collision damage within safe zones. If you get helibombed while under protection, just stay seated and ride it out. You will not die as the heli will not blow up!


What is Helibombing?

Helibombing is a form of griefing, where players crash their helicopters into others to make them crash and blow up, often killing the other player in the process. This can be abused within Safe Zones, where players would otherwise be protected from damage by others.


How does it work?

Block all damage, does just that. Regardless of any other config options, all collision damage in safe zones is blocked.

Collision cooldown timer. Any collision that happens inside a safe zone will provide protection for the specified time even if the player gets knocked out of the safe zone.

Spawn protection timer. Gives newly spawned helicopters at safe zones protection for a set time, giving players a chance to take off and fly away from the safe zone safely. If a player without spawn protection bombs another with, only the attacking player will take damage. (Note: Block all damage option must be disabled to use spawn protection.)

Kick player option. When enabled, any player who is involved in a number of collisions over the collision threshold will get kicked from the server.

There is also an config option to block crush damage from Scrap Heli to players within safe zones, where other players fly their Scrap Heli and land it on top of players to kill them.

Helicopter collisions within Safe Zones are logged by the plugin. Use the universal chat/console commands to see if certain players are helibombing regularly.



Limitations within the game means the plugin cannot differentiate collisions between other vehicles, terrain, monuments or buildings. It also cannot recognise who was the aggressor and who was the victim of helibombing, both pilots (players) involved will be logged regardless. Use the logged data with caution before taking action against players, likewise keep this in mind if deciding to use the auto kick option!



antihelibombing.admin (to use commands)

antihelibombing.blacklist (players heli will always take damage, for very naughty boys 🤣)

antihelibombing.kickprotect (protect players from auto kick)


Easy Config

Block ALL heli damage in Safe Zones (overrides spawn protection)

Use collision cooldown timer (prevent damage outside Safe Zone due to collision inside)

Collision cooldown time (seconds)

Use heli spawn protection cooldown timer

Spawn protection cooldown time (seconds)

Kick players who break the Safe Zone collision threshold

Safe Zone collision threshold (example: 20)

Block crush damage to players from Scrap Heli in safe zones

Clear player collision data on wipe

Use chat prefix

Chat prefix



/ahb <Steam64ID> (View logged collision data for that player)

/ahb.clear (Clear all player data)

/ahb.clear <Steam64ID> (Clear all logged collision data for that player)

(For console commands remove the " / " prefix.)


Shout out to Oblivion! (Don't hate me! 🤣)

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