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About Horse Lock

Horse lock is a simple plugin that locks horses to players for a certain amount of time as set in the configuration. Once a rider dismounts, they have a set time to mount again before the horse is unlocked to use by anyone. If an unauthorised player attempts to mount the horse before that time they will be denied. However, If a horse is kept within a players building privilege, that horse will remain protected from unauthorised use indefinitely (or until building privilege is gone).

Other config options allow friends, team and clan members to ride players horses and the horse can be configured to rear up if an unauthorised player attempts to mount a protected horse (just for fun).

This is a great plugin for PVE servers, but equally it can come in useful on PVP servers too.

No permissions and very few config options to worry about, so it couldn't be easier to set up.

Default Config:

  "Options": {
    "Use Friends Plugin (Friends Can Mount)": false,
    "Use Clans Plugin (Clan Can Mount)": false,
    "Use Teams Plugin (Team Can Mount)": false,
    "Custom Chat Icon (Default = 0)": 0,
    "Time Horse Locked After Dismount (Seconds)": 900.0,
    "Make Horse Rear When Unauthorised Player Attempts to Mount": true,
    "Use Chat Prefix": true,
    "Chat Prefix": "[Horse Lock]: "
  "Plugin Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 1,
    "Patch": 1


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