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Alpha Animals 1.0.2

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About Alpha Animals

Addon for my BackToTheWild plugin that can make the Alpha animals call for their pack and get aid.


Features :

  • Requires BackToTheWild plugin for the Alpha animal spawns
  • When a Alpha animal is killed it will call for their weaker  Omega who will come (too late) for its aid.
  • Simple configuration
  • Permissions for Gametip animal engagements
  • Permissions for Mapmarker system to see Alpha's on the map
  • Support for Economics
  • Support for ServerRewards
  • Chatnotifications when a alpha has spawned with Grid section through cfg

Alpha Animal Types :

  • Bear
  • Polar Bear
  • Wolf

Permissions :

  • alphaanimals.tipsimple : Simple Gametip message permisison
  • alphaanimals.tipfull : Full info Gametip message permission
  • alphaanimals.marker : To see the alpha mapmarkers if not set globaly
  • alphaanimals.economics : To be granted economics points on alpha/omega kills
  • alphaanimals.ServerRewards : To be granted ServerRewards points on alpha/omega kills

Configuration :

  • For the spawned Omegas the min and max hp values will be used


  "Plugin": {
    "Debug": true,
    "Chat Steam64ID": 0,
    "Chat Prefix": "[<color=orange>Alpha's</color>] ",
    "Anounce Alpha spawns": true
  "Map Marker Options": {
    "Update frequency (seconds)": 5.0,
    "Show to all? (true/false)": false,
    "Show Animals on map? (true/false)": true
  "Animals Marker Options": {
    "Bear Color (hex)": "red",
    "PolarBear Color (hex)": "green",
    "Wolf Color (hex)": "yellow",
    "Alpha": 0.7,
    "Radius": 0.15
  "Animals": {
    "Life Duration (minutes)": 5.0,
    "Spawn Radius": 12,
    "Bear Packsize": 2,
    "Bear settings": {
      "Min HP": 150.0,
      "Max HP": 250.0
    "Polarbear Packsize": 2,
    "Polarbear settings": {
      "Min HP": 150.0,
      "Max HP": 250.0
    "Wolf Packsize": 5,
    "Wolf settings": {
      "Min HP": 150.0,
      "Max HP": 250.0
  "Economics": {
    "Use Economics": true,
    "Alpha Bear points": 300.0,
    "Omega Bear points": 100.0,
    "Alpha Polarbear points": 400.0,
    "Omega Polarbear points": 150.0,
    "Alpha Wolf points": 200.0,
    "Omega Wolf points": 50.0
  "ServerRewards": {
    "Use ServerRewards": true,
    "Alpha Bear points": 300,
    "Omega Bear points": 100,
    "Alpha Polarbear points": 400,
    "Omega Polarbear points": 150,
    "Alpha Wolf points": 200,
    "Omega Wolf points": 50

Localization :
English language file included to use a different language just make a new file in the language folder.

  "EngageSimple": "<color=yellow>carefull This is a {animal}</color>",
  "EngageFull": "<color=yellow>carefull This is a {animal} {health} HP</color>",
  "KillAlpha": "You Killed a <color=green>{animal}</color> and <color=green>{packsize} Omega's</color> are summoned",
  "KillAlphaAll": "{player} Killed a <color=green>{animal}</color> and <color=green>{packsize} Omega's</color> are summoned",
  "KillOmega": "You Killed the <color=green>{animal}</color>",
  "EngageSimpleKill": "<color=yellow>You killed the {animal}</color>",
  "EngageFullKill": "<color=yellow>You got points killing the {animal}</color>",
  "AlphaAnnounce": "A <color=yellow>{animal}</color> was located around <color=orange>Grid {location}</color>"

Rust native API :

To remove the Omega Animals the following can be used in console

del omega
del omega wolf
del omega bear
del omega polarbear

Example call to see if a animal is a Omega :

        void OnEntityDeath(BaseAnimalNPC animal, HitInfo info)
            if (animal == null) return;
            BasePlayer attacker = info.InitiatorPlayer;

            if (attacker != null && animal.name.Contains("Omega"))
                Puts($"The animal was a {animal.name}");



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