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The Walking Dead 1.0.6

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About The Walking Dead

The "Walking Dead" plugin was developed to add an extra challenge to the Rust game world. It introduces zombies into the game, which appear when specific scientists are defeated. Upon their demise, a gravestone spawns, begins to smoke, and zombies emerge.

Features and Configurations:

The plugin allows for the activation of zombies in the game world when certain scientists are defeated. The plugin's configuration includes settings for various NPC types, including the number of zombies to appear, the duration of the smoke effect after the NPC's death, and whether this feature should be enabled. The plugin also enables the creation of smoke effects and gravestones at the NPC death locations to enhance the atmosphere. Zombie entities are randomly placed around the NPC's death location to make the gameplay varied and exciting. There is an automatic cleanup function that removes NPC bodies after a short delay to maintain server performance.

Default Configuration:

The default configuration includes predefined settings for various NPC types and their zombie parameters. For example, you can set how many zombies should appear, how long the smoke effect should last, and whether the feature should be active for specific NPCs. The default configuration also includes predefined smoke and zombie prefabs.

Installation and Usage:

- Upload the "Walking Dead" plugin to your Rust server and place it in the appropriate folder.

- Restart the server or manually reload the plugin.

- Customize the configuration to your preferences to define the desired zombie effects and NPC types.

- Enjoy the game and experience the added excitement when NPCs are defeated, and zombies appear.

This plugin offers a unique and thrilling addition to the Rust game world by enriching the survival experience with unexpected challenges and encounters with the undead. "Walking Dead" can make the gameplay on your Rust server more exhilarating and add a new dimension to survival.

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