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About WBResearchBlock

Making researching through workbenches impossible by simply disallowing the workbench to be opened so players are forced to find the item they want to learn first.

Features :

  • Blocks opening the workbench panel.
  • Can have bypass set for each workbench tier wb1 wb2 wb3 or all through permissions
  • Crafting functions as normal.
  • Get a popup notification with info (gametip) when blocked.
  • Simple config just for prefix and chaticon.

Permissions :

  • wbresearchblock.bypas : To allow bypassing all workbench tiers and it can be used for researching as normal
  • wbresearchblock.usewb1 : To allow bypassing the block for workbench1
  • wbresearchblock.usewb2: To allow bypassing the block for workbench2
  • wbresearchblock.usewb3: To allow bypassing the block for workbench3

Commands :

  • /wbrblock Shows the info you define through language file why the workbenches are blocked and any other info it might suit the needs.


  "Main config": {
    "Chat Steam64ID": 0,
    "Chat Prefix": "[<color=green>WBR</color><color=yellow>Block</color>] "

Localisation :
English language file included to use a different language just make a new file in the language folder.

  "ChatInfo": "Researching through Workbenches is blocked you can still research some items through the research table!",
  "NoPermission": "Research through workbench is blocked!\nCheck <color=green>/wbrblock</color> for more information!"


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