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SvPedestal - Safe zone 0.7.0


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About SvPedestal - Safe zone

A great plugin for donation services!

The plugin issues an access card to the secure zone of the server, after activating which, it is teleported to a small 2 * 2 database, where it can store its resources!

1. The base is created high in the sky (900 meters) in a random location

2. The base is completely invulnerable, it cannot be destroyed by other players from the ground!
3.The plugin does not depend on other plugins
4.The name of the map, the name of the sleeping bag, the height of the base construction and much more are configured!

The database model is sewn into the code, it cannot be changed through the configuration file, pay attention to this when buying.

The plugin supports English

The plugin was created for my server, where I actively use it for donation services.


dropzone steamid


  "Settings": {
    "Permission": "svpedestal.use",
    "Height spawn zone": 900.0,
    "SkinId Cards": 2560602174,
    "SkinId sleepbags": 1102195403,
    "ItemId": 609049394,
    "Name sleepbags": "Zone",
    "Chat Tag": "[SV_ZONE]",
    "Name Cards": "ZONE_CARD",
    "Font size": 16,
    "Building Grade": 4,
    "Time teleport": 10,
    "Effect teleport": "assets/prefabs/locks/keypad/effects/lock.code.denied.prefab"



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